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Making a wooden outdoor table for summer residence: a step by step instructions (+ photos and video)

Making a wooden outdoor table for summer residence: a step by step instructions (+ photos and video)

Roomy table set on a countrysite is a gathering place for all family members. During the summer, no one wants to be in the room, no matter how beautiful and cozy it is. Therefore, in good weather and breakfasts, and lunches and dinners are organized, as a rule, in the fresh air. The presence of well-equipped place simplifies this task and the lack of it - complicates. To each time not to make furniture out of the house into the street, we must once and for all to build a table to give their own hands by buying the necessary building materials. It is better to immediately worry about the benches, which will be convenient to sit at a table built. Design wooden table, equipped with two benches, pretty simple. Assemble and install the product on your site can be any cottager. However, an experienced master on this matter will take less time. After all, he need only look at the table schema. Cottagers, begins to engage in landscaping the site, have carefully read the instructions carefully and look into its contents.


Prepare a set of tools and system materials

Availability of tools, including electric, allow to carry out all operations quickly. Therefore, please be:

  • circular saw (can be replaced with a hacksaw on wood);
  • drill and 10-mm diameter drill on wood;
  • a hammer;
  • brush;
  • a spanner wrench to tighten the nuts (12-14);
  • building area;
  • measuring tape and a marker (pencil).

List of construction materials and fasteners:

  • Timber, namely four-meter board 11, a width of 100 mm, and the thickness - 50 mm. Six-meter boards need 8 units, while 4 remain "extra" meter to spare.
  • For fasteners required furniture bolts (galvanized) in the amount of 16 pieces, as well as nuts and washers.
  • Galvanized nails (about a hundred) of 3.5 to 90 mm.

To extend the life of a street table in the country, you need to buy an effective tool for Biosecurity elements wooden articles.

Step acquaintance with drawings

In the two figures presented below,is a schematic illustration of a wooden table in two projections (frontal and lateral). Before starting work, should examine these schemes in order to accurately understand the place each part in the assembly.

A schematic drawing of the holiday table: side view

A schematic drawing of a street wooden table for the garden: a side view. The table is equipped with two benches, which can accommodate 8 people

Details of the holiday table in the drawings are denoted by Latin letters:

  1. 4 table legs (the length of each part is 830 mm, given the 30-degree bevel on both ends);
  2. 2 seat support (parts length - 1600 mm);
  3. 2 support the table top (parts length - 800 mm);
  4. 14 two-meter boards needed for the deck on the table and seats;
  5. board-cross length 800 mm, which will serve as a desktop amp;
  6. 2 cross by 285 mm each for strengthening bench-seats;
  7. 2 amplifier design table, fitted figure drank (details length - 960 mm).

Stick to the dimensions given in theIf you are using dried and already planed wood. Otherwise, do not forget about the allowances that the processing of boards "go" in the chips.

Front view of a wooden table for the garden

Front view of a wooden table for the garden. Length countertops and benches - 2000 mm. The width of the table - 80 mm. Benches twice already (40 mm)

Technological stages of manufacture

Sawing lumber parts of the table

Cut using a circular saw or handsawWood desired number of elements of the table or from the four-meter six-meter boards purchased for the construction of garden furniture. Refer to the dimensions shown in the drawings, diagrams. First, cut two-meter parts for deck table and benches. This allows economical sawn timber available, minimizing the amount of scrap.

Important! To avoid errors when cutting parts for bokovinok, it is recommended to cut them by a pattern made in advance of the board according to the drawing. Although experienced masters of the operation seem a waste of time.

Where to start the assembly?

When you have finished cutting parts, you can startassembling our table. First mount the side wall, placing all the elements in accordance with the scheme-drawing. Use measuring devices to prevent warping of parts.

Collection bokovinok outdoor tables

Collection bokovinok street table is carried out on a flat surface. All items have a relation to each other is strictly according to the scheme

By placing a table leg at a right angle, putthey cross, and then grab the details of the nails. Then follow the markup bolt locations and drill holes for them. Tighten the bolts in furniture table legs to the horizontal elements of the countertops and design of seats.

Bond parts bokovinok table Furniture bolt

Bond parts bokovinok table Furniture bolt, to twist a wrench. Pre-drill bore holes for data fasteners

Connection sidewalls countertops details

This operation should be carried out with an assistant,who hold one of the side walls in an upright position until it is secure. Second sides, respectively, you hold yourself. On the upper part of the raised sides put one of the eight floorboards according to the marked-up lines that you have to put on the table top parts support in advance. Attach the board with nails. Then on the other side of the table just as another nail floorboard.

Assembling the frame wooden outdoor tables

Assembling the frame wooden street table is made with one or two assistants, adhere to the construction of side insertions until the bonding of boards countertops

After that the product will stand frameindependently, so the need for helper disappear. Do not rush to beat the other six boards countertops. Provide rigidity collected table structure by fixing the outer seats parts. Enough with each side to the beat-board support (horizontal offsets) benches for one two-meter piece.

Important! Professionals recommend when connecting wooden parts used clamp. So call a special tool to provide temporary fixation of connected elements in order to prevent their displacement during the driving in of nails or screwing screws.

Back-to-install countertops. Zagotovte several identical wedges with which you can make the gaps between adjacent table details the same. After fixing the boards with nails, remove temporary wedges. Through the resulting gap, gaps in the surface of the countertop can freely drain away rainwater. After a summer rain table and benches quickly dry out under the influence of sun and wind.

Assembling countertops holiday table

Assembling countertops holiday table held with gaps between adjacent elements. The uniformity of the gaps provided wedges, cubes, stuck between the planks

How to install the amplifiers?

To carry out the installation of all types of amplifiersdesign table and seats, it is necessary to turn the product upside down. So it will be easier to carry out adjustment of parts and their subsequent fixation. Place crossbar amplifiers according to the diagram in the middle of table tops and benches and nail them with nails. This item will prevent deflection of two-meter floorboards tables and seats. Angles amplifiers SPIL in order to save space. For the safety of all the people saw cut sand the sandpaper or sander. A pair of amplifiers with shaped neckline, echoing the shape of the cross countertops, nailed to it and to the sidewalls. See how this is done in the photo. In this case, it is easier to see once, than hundred times to read, how to do it correctly.

Mounting table amplifiers

The table is flipped and stacked on a flat surface countertops to fix nails to the cross member and the side cover his amplifiers with cutouts

If you plan to install on hot daysdacha table umbrella from the sun, the surface of the table top in the center of an opening for the rack. In this arrangement the cross table of the amplifier will have to change a little, shifting a few centimeters from the detail of the product center.

Processing table Bioprotective means

By bringing a wooden table to give, do not forgetcarefully handle all the details of the product Bioprotective composition. While some artists prefer to perform this operation until the construction of the assembly. In this case it is possible to miss the mark well the elements of the table from all sides. After assembly, some places are hard to reach for the penetration of non-lethal weapons.

To increase the aesthetic appealbuilt with his own hands outdoor tables you can use the color scheme added to Bioprotective means. Before this experiment, think and appreciate the beauty of the natural color of the wood. Otten texture of the wood lacquer can be applied to the surface of the table and benches in one or more layers. The paint will provide additional protection of garden furniture from premature wear and tear.

Drawing and coloring of the protective structure on the details of a wooden table

After applying a protective coloring and composition of the surface of the wooden table parts can not change the appearance of the product beyond recognition. Agree - it looks much more solid

Called guests, can boast of a masterpiece. After self-assembly is recommended for all to tell in great detail how to build a table at the cottage. After all the difficulties and ambiguities left behind. Now every step you feel easy and understandable. Do not stop there. In my cottage house, you can still build a lot of things, it would wish.

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