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How to attach yourself to a wooden porch of a private home

How to attach yourself to a wooden porch of a private home

Porch - functionally significant elementthe architectural ensemble of the country house, which is in addition to the practical purpose serves an aesthetic function, emphasizing the beauty of the building. Addressing the front part of the building, private house porch can tell a lot about its owner: his tastes, with respect to its site, material prosperity. That is why many of us are trying to draw the facade so that it stands out against the others. And even if the owner of the construction phase is not able to attach a beautiful wooden porch to the house, he can always bring the desired later time.


Options porch designs

Porch of a wooden house is an annex in front of the building, which performs the function of the transition from the ground level to the level of the floor.

Wooden porch with stairs

Since the height difference between the ground floor and often reaches 50 to 200 centimeters, and even more, a porch equipped Laid steps of a staircase

The practical function of the porch is still inthat wooden outbuilding intended to protect the front door of house from rain and snow. And because adjacent to the front door is equipped with a playground and a canopy. Depending on the form and purpose of the steps may be one of design options, consider some of them.

Option # 1 - an outdoor area on the stairs

The outdoor area on the stairs

Compact platform with stairs adjacent to it stands an excellent complement the architectural ensemble of one- and two-story wooden house small size

Option # 2 - a platform with the partially closed walls

At arrangement of the porch, which is located on a small hill, low fences serve a protective function, protecting from falls and possible injuries.

Golf partially closed walls

On the porch, which does not exceed the height and half a meter, such handrails and partially closed walls serve more as decoration

Option # 3 - Porch closed execution

owners of country houses often Glazed porch, all equipped with the case, if they have the opportunity to build a more spacious Vered entrance area.

Porch closed execution

The space of the porch - veranda, furnished with comfortable garden furniture, allows you to receive visitors and enjoy a pleasant holiday in the fresh air

Self-construction of the wooden porch

Step # 1 - Building Design

Before embarking on the construction of the porch to the house, it is important to determine not only the size of the structure, but also consider the presence of steps, handrail height and general appearance of the porch.

Future Plans porch

Detailed design of the future construction, or at least drawing porch allows visually draw idea and calculate the necessary amount of material

a number of points should be taken into account when designing the structure:

  1. The width of the porch area should not be less thanhalf the width of the front door. Porch is placed on the same level with the first floor of the building. This should provide a stock of 5 cm from the site-level porch to the front door. This will avoid problems in subsequent deformation in the case of a wooden platform surface under the influence of moisture when opening the door. After all, according to the requirements of fire safety door should only be opened outwards.
  2. Number of steps calculated guidelineto ensure that when lifting people walked to the site of the porch leading to the front door of the leg, which started the movement. At arrangement of the steps in a country house usually do three, five and seven steps. The optimum size of the steps: 15-20 cm in height and 30 cm in depth.
  3. Wooden stairs leading to the porch, should be placed at a slight inclination of a few degrees. This will prevent the stagnation of puddles after rain or melting of ice in the cold season.
  4. It is desirable to provide shelter arrangement,protecting the main entrance of the precipitation. The presence of fences and railings will facilitate the rise and descent of the stairs, which is especially important in winter, when the surface is covered with a crust of ice. In terms of ergonomics, the most comfortable to human height handrail 80-100 cm.
  5. During the construction of the porch should also bekeep in mind that attaching an extension to the building monolithic, highly undesirable joining constructions "tightly". This is due to the fact that the house and the porch, having different weights, create different shrinkage. This can cause cracking and deformation at the joints.

Step # 2 - Preparation of materials and construction of the base

For the manufacture of the wooden porch of required materials:

  • Beam section 100h200 mm, for supporting pillars;
  • Boards 30 mm thick everything for the site and stages;
  • Reiki-section of 50 mm for the side racks and railings;
  • Antiseptics for surface treatment of wood;
  • Grout.

From building tools should be prepared:

  • Saw and jigsaw;
  • A hammer;
  • Level;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Fasteners (nails, screws);
  • Shovel.

The construction of any building structure begins with the laying of the base.

Construction of pile foundation

The best option tab reliable and durable support for the construction of the wooden porch of the house - the construction of pile foundation

Unlike traditional types of concretebases pile foundation does not require large financial costs for construction. In addition, it is quite easy to install: build a pile foundation can any landlord who owns the basic skills of construction.

Wooden beams, designed for poles,prior to installation should be treated with antiseptic compositions. This prevents rotting wood and extend the life of the structure. In the place of installation supports dig a pit depth of 80 cm, the bottom of which is lined with sandy "cushion".

Installation support legs

Line the bottom, set the vertical supporting columns, aligning them on the level, we check the height, and only then fill with cement mortar

The height of the piles should be calculated taking into account the fact that even after the remains of at least 5 cm on them lay down ground, the distance to the door.

Bay grout verticallyestablished supporting columns, wait until it is completely dry. Only then fix the extreme number of struts to the wall of the house with self-tapping screws. This will greatly increase the strength of the structure. Lags laid horizontally directly on the supporting pillars.

Step # 3 - manufacturing and installation stages kosoura

For the arrangement of the flight of stairs will need to make a special slant board - kosour or string.

Options ladders

The flight of stairs may have two designs: with embedded stairs or the carved ledges

With a special triangular patternsWe produce recesses for the bowstring. To produce such a pattern as possible and independently of the die cut blank cardboard. One side represents the horizontal curves of the future steps - treads, and the second vertical - riser. Number of steps depends on the size of the porch area and expected load, they will have to withstand.

Calculate the required number and sizesteps to carry out the board layout of the future profile of the string. As a basis for making better use of the string unedged timber, which is an order of magnitude wider than conventional edging boards.

To secure the bottom of the string you need to pour a concrete pad bearing. To protect the bottom step of lifting the pair with the top layer of the earth, it is desirable vystelit vapor barrier.

Construction of a concrete support pad

At this stage of construction it is also necessary to provide a device of the "cushion" for the removal of excess moisture

Bay bearing pad with cement mortar,We wait until the complete drying of the base, and only then proceed to the installation of a bowstring. On the pillars of their fix using screws or nails. The distance between the withs should not exceed one and a half meters.

Step # 4 - Build a wooden structure

Prepared by zapilivanija stringers, or elseusing the method of "thorn-groove", is attached to the lag site. To do this the board with grooves to fix the areal beam so that in the future withs spikes inserted into the grooves of the board.

Then proceed to the installation of a wooden floorsite. When placing the board, it is desirable to adjust them to each other most closely. This will continue to avoid the formation of large cracks in the wood desiccation.

Install the steps and risers

The final assembly step is to install wooden porch steps and risers

Laying begin with the lower stage, performing fastening means "thorn-groove", and further fixing them with screws. Please fasten the riser, and then at him tread.

The porch is almost ready. It remains only to make a railing and equip a canopy. To make the design more attractive and complete kind enough to cover the surface with varnish or paint.

Video clips with examples of devices porch

Video 1:

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