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How to make a tent for the children at the cottage: design options for all ages

How to make a tent for the children at the cottage: design options for all ages

Children love to retire to play in a secluded place,which may be in different parts of the country site. It is not always cover selected child, like an adult. Some parents with a shout at their children, while others - propose to build a hut, but where it is appropriate and safe. Construction of temporary shelters will certainly be interested in the young gardeners. Children having fun, get a first experience on the construction of the hut, which is sure to be useful to them in their adult life. Choosing a tent structure depends on the availability of materials and time for its construction. There are many variations on the device of the hut, from the classic methods used by man since ancient times, and ending with original ideas, inspired by the people of the surrounding objects and plants.


How to choose the right place?

Man, being in the wild, verycarefully chooses the place for the construction of temporary shelters. It is forbidden to build a hut near the mountain rivers, in the valleys, open meadows around the single standing trees, under the rocky slopes, etc.

In the country, of course, choose a place much easier. Typically, the construction put around fences, trees or dense forests, to protect the inhabitants of the hut from drafts. It is desirable that children could easily get to his hiding place, without leaving thus far into the garden. Caring parents' heart will tell you where it is best to make a house-tent for your favorite kid.

Options tents for middle-aged children

All tents can be divided into three groups:

  • freestanding structures (gable, lean-, wigwams);
  • Extra-shelter type (Shed, wigwams);
  • tents, dugouts, arranged in the recess.

If you were building a temporary shelter in the woods, thenyour choice of design would be due to the type of terrain, weather conditions, time of year. In the country's family usually spends time in the summer, so for the construction of a simple shelter is better to choose free-standing structure or ladders.

Hut-like building dugouts teenagersvacationers in the villages at the grandparents. Place tent-dug location in the vicinity of the village children are kept secret, but adults must always be vigilant to know where and what their wards, but do not show it to them explicitly. For garden version of the device-dugout shelter is not well suited.

Forest hut for an overnight stay

Forest hut, built by experienced travelers, and allow the night to wait out bad weather. For the cottages fit more simple huts construction

Option # 1 - gabled hut

For the construction of the frame construction ShalashnyIt needs two spears and a pole. From the dimensions of the shed will depend on the size of these elements. Spears vertically driven into the ground as long as they do not occupy a stable position. It will happen when the land would be one-third of their length. Then they are placed on a pole, in addition fix the junction element or wire ropes, if necessary.

If there were no suitable spears, theirreplace the two thick poles driven into the ground at such a bias, so that they crossed the top at the correct height from the surface. Place intersection is fixed with the help of available funds (wire or rope).

Driving gable frame tent

Driving gable frame tent provides a clear understanding of its devices. The compounds of elements of the framework should be strengthened sturdy ropes

Next, you need to pick up some zherdin(Thick branches of trees), which will serve as a support for the laying of natural roofing material (spruce limbs, twigs with leaves, ferns, reeds, hay, or straw). The exact amount of the side zherdin (rafters) depends on the steps of their installation. You can even put them right next to each other under a bias, so that they form a sloping wall of the hut. In this case, additional wall cover something else is required.

Usually side zherdiny located at a distance20 cm apart. If you wish to increase the frame transverse branches, which are attached to the side zherdinam. Then, the resulting produce crate stacking twigs or other material at hand, at the same time begin to work from the bottom. In this case, each successive number is partially cover the previous one, with the result that will provide reliable protection of the internal space of the hut from rainwater. In the same way construct and a rear wall of the hut, leaving open only the entrance to the shelter.

The main elements of the gable shelter construction

The main elements of the design gable hut. Instead, one of the spears can be used tree growing on the summer cottage

In the wild before entering dilutedfire and by installing the heat shield from the direct heat of live fire in the direction of the hut. In the country it is necessary to do so as a lodge typically used in the daytime. Resting place with a campfire adults settling in the country quite other purposes.

Option # 2 - single-slope hut

Building Shed hut passesfaster, because the amount of work and reduced substantially. Also, two spears and long poles mounted supporting frame structure. Then, perform all the steps on the device of a tent wall above. If you want to speed up the construction process, replace the spruce branches with canvas or any water-repellent fabric. Top covering material is fixed to the frame structure by means of ropes and the bottom fabric is pressed against a stump or a stone.

Schematic device pent hut

Schematic device pent hut improvised. As one of the supports is also used strong tree

Option # 3 - tent-lodge

Shalash, resembling an Indian wigwam, constructionvery simple. Draw the blue circle, which is enough space for children games. Then, on the edge of the circle dug a number of poles, the tops of which are connected at the top of the beam and securely fasten connection with tape, wire or rope. In this framework the construction process is complete.

Frame-tent tepee in the country

Frame-tent tepee in the country, erected in the spring, the plants were able to have time to grow and entwine its support columns of thick branches

We can only make something cover. You can go two ways.

  1. Plant about each branch-bearing curlyplants. Well suited for this purpose decorative bean, whose delicate green leaves combined with red and white buds. To hut as soon as possible and took a nice finished look, take care of plants growing seedlings selected in advance. If the plant perennials, you think about the formation of the shed walls will not have next year. This path is very long.
  2. You can speed up the construction of the lodge-hut byuse as a covering material bright colors of fabric. If there is such a colorful fabric, take any one-color canvas and paint it waterproof paint with your child. For tent-canvas tepee cuts out in a semi-circle whose radius is equal to the length of the side-supports zherdin. In the center and on the rounded edge of the fabric sew straps that attach directly to the zherdinam or pegs driven into the ground.

Lay fabric cloth frame made of branches is very inconvenient, so it is recommended to construct a frame structure of rigid PVC pipes.

Tent fabric - Quick Solution

Shelter from the bright fabric - quick solution for those who do not have natural materials in sufficient quantity

Option # 3 - wigwam of sunflowers

This tent will increase a child's eyes. As a framework of supports in this embodiment of the hut devices act sunflowers that planted in the spring on a circle drawn on the ground, leaving room for the entrance to the future shelter. The space inside the resulting circle is left free. The tops of the plants grown connect neatly wide rope, so it does not cut the stems of sunflowers.

In this case, do not even have to think about Coveringmaterial, because the sunflower leaves well with this role. "Paul" in a shack is lined from scrap materials. It is best to buy for this purpose at the store sporting goods camping mat, which is waterproof and does not miss the cold from the ground.

Option # 4 - Adjacent tent

When traveling ladders Shedhuts set around trees or rocky protrusions that serve as a support for the branches. On the dacha such tents can be erected as near trees. Reliable support for ladders, tent can serve as a fence or wall of one of the suburban buildings. The advantages of this design is a small economy "materials" and work performance speed.

Prefabricated huts for small children

To install the child shelter from the tissue will take a few minutes if all materials to prepare in advance. For such shelters need:

  • two-meter width of the canvas tightly woven four meters in length;
  • two vertical supports, spaced at a distance of two meters;
  • sturdy rope (minimum length of 2.5 m);
  • hooks, pegs for stretching canvases.

Rope pull in horizontal positionbetween two supports, firmly fixing it. Then, through the stretched rope throws textile fabric, aligning the ends on both sides. After hooks or pegs attached to the edge of the cloth ground. To this end, the fabric sewn metal rings or loops of a strong tape.

The original hut for children in the country

The original hut for the children at the cottage is arranged on sunny days to protect children at play from the scorching rays. Easily removed if necessary

And here's another option - a small tent for a littleGirls can be made from the hoop and fabric. Gymnastic hoop tissue adhesive qualities and the resulting structure is suspended from a tree, growing near her house, with the help of a strong rope. On the walls of a tent fabric sewn pockets in which a child can put their favorite toys and other little things.

If no hoop or a child my mother uses it for its intended purpose, it is possible to construct a circle from a piece of plastic pipe.

Mini-tent for girls

Such mini-tent will always be popular with girls who love to play in their houses, especially in the bright and cheerful

And finally, the easiest option for the village -bring down from boards in the frame, and beat him with a straw. Get cozy "nest" not only for children but also for adults, if they want to add a little romance in their relationship.

Romantic hut made of straw

Romantic hut made of straw, which fill up the frame, assembled from wooden slats. This shelter is cool during the day and warm at night

From the submitted designs can be selectedoption tent, suitable for the construction of your own hands. Turn imagination and try to build on his dacha unusual tent, where children will play with great pleasure.

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