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How to make bird feeders and waterers for chickens: a review of 5 of the best home-made constructions

How to make bird feeders and waterers for chickens: a review of 5 of the best home-made constructions

On supermarket shelves at any time of the year you canfind fresh fruits and vegetables. Not a problem today and buy chicken. Why, then, gardeners do not cease to grow their own crops and do not give up part-time farm. We are confident that each of the poultry farmers and gardeners will tell how products grown with their own hands, tastier, juicier and more environmentally friendly. But if you have a vegetable garden can even urban gardeners, the cultivation of chickens - not so simple. However, for our craftsmen and feeder for chickens with their hands - not a problem. It would be a desire, and information on the self-made fixtures, we will select for you.


Overview of various devices

Balanced and, most importantly,timely nutrition is necessary to ensure that chickens were healthy. But cases in modern humans a lot and follow the feeding time can not always. It is much easier if the feeding process will take place with the help of feeders, feed feed automatically. We offer several options of homemade feeders and drinkers for chickens. We will be glad if some of the proposed models make your life easier.

Feeder bunker type

Constantly aware of the hours of feeding poultry is very difficult. Given the fact that the farmer can get away for a day or two, the feeder hopper type are an indispensable thing

Option # 1 - you tube, layer!

The most ingenious invention, as a rule, are very simple. It is thus possible to consider the idea of ​​using to create the drinkers and feeders polypropylene pipes.

To gather the necessary adaptation will be required:

  • pipes of different diameters;
  • clutch;
  • connectors.

To attach a polypropylene tube part,which is called "connecting the knee." The resulting structure is placed in the henhouse. On top of the pipe feed fall asleep, and then close the upper end of the cover design. Feed by gravity enters the knee. As the consumption of chicken feed, in the knee, he will be added from the pipe. The tube is the product level will gradually decrease. A few days later you can pour in the new feed tube portion.

This feeder is good if the birds on the farmLittle. Otherwise, the knee can be replaced by connecting another pipe, securing it parallel to the floor. Take feed from a horizontal pipe chickens can through openings in it. Such a feeder not only saves time bird owners, but also a place in the hen house: it is conveniently located and does not bother anyone.

Polypropylene tube

So unpretentious looks trough a polypropylene tube. Agree that it is easier this elementary device is difficult to think of something

complicated feeders

Of course, if a lot of chickens on the farm, you can just do a lot of pipes for their feeding. But we will do easier and attach to another main pipe - horizontal, in which to make a hole

The disadvantage of such a device in one: the absence of constraints. Chickens can climb to the tube, stamped and spoil food.

Option # 2 - bunker-type device

If you buy an automatic feeder for poultryspecialty stores, you have to lay out a decent amount. The more that a few of these products is required for a large economy. Meanwhile, nothing complicated in the proposed designs do not. Let your money come in handy for something more important, and feeder make their own hands by following the instructions below.

Bunker from a bucket

Selecting menazhnitsu or portions of a dog bowl for the manufacture of a trough, not lose sight of the fact that its diameter must be greater than the diameter of the base of the bucket

It is necessary to prepare:

  • plastic bucket, which remained after repair;
  • sectional bowl for dogs or inexpensive menazhnitsa for vegetables, also made of plastic;
  • a sharp knife.

At the bottom of a plastic bucket to cut a hole in theaccording to the number of compartments in menazhnitse. The size of the holes should allow themselves to enter the stern freely menazhnitsu. Bucket and menazhnitsu must be connected to each other by means of screws.

Feeder from the bucket

Bird Feeder is better not to put on the ground and suspended. In this case, the probability that chickens will climb on it is minimal

Fodder is poured into the feeder, bucket closeslid. The trough may be placed on a horizontal surface or suspended so that the chickens could easily get food. Hung up the bucket handle in the right place, you can be calm, that for several days the chickens are fully secured food.

Option # 3 - elementary dining

For the construction of such feeders need very little time and very simple materials. Prepare:

  • container with plastic handle;
  • Rabitz;
  • a sharp knife.

Capacity of plastic must be free fromcontents thoroughly washed and dried. Carefully cut out the front. We make an incision on the handle of the bottle, so that it can be hung on the grid, which is surrounded by a chicken coop. Just go to sleep in a bottle feed. It is important that the container is at the height, maximum comfort for the nursing bird.

Manger of the bottle

The trough is constructed in a matter of minutes. Well, if the coop is fenced grid, otherwise the piece of netting can simply pull in the right place

Option # 4 - plywood trough

Another variant of the feeder hopper type can bemade from sheets of plywood. From the veneer Scrollsaw high vertical walls and constructed drawer without front. The height of the trough is about 90 cm. With this size, it is possible to fill a large amount of food at once.

Food output must not get stuck. To do this, at the bottom of the box we put a piece of plywood so that he had a small slope to the front. Now the bulk feed will slide down to where will be available for the hens. The optimum slope using granulated feed is 20-25 degrees, and when feeding grain - 12-15 degrees.

Plywood trough

Plywood manger - the same simple device. Just take care of it more complicated than for products made of plastic. Antiseptic coating can help out, but the plastic is still more hygienic

The horizontal area in front of the slopingplane - a place in which to get food. A common problem with many homemade bird feeders is the lack of constraints, through which chickens can not get into the feeder, spilling food and food products to spoil his life. In this case the problem is solved by restricting the flanges. Front rim to do at least 6 cm, and the side - two times more.

Ready feeder

The advantages of this design are itscapacity and security. Using this device, you can be sure that the food is enough for a long time, it will be spent rationally, prosypletsya not and will not be spoiled

It remains to attach the front wall and the troughready. Feeder will last a long time, if it is carefully handle antiseptic preparations. Use for this purpose gun. Completed and even elegant appearance of the product will give the coating of acrylic paint. Collect all the items together, you can by using the screwdriver and screws.

Option # 5 - plastic devices

Food plastic - excellent material from whichcan be made comfortable drinkers and feeders are the same for chickens. The apparent advantage of these devices is their portability. They can be moved and placed in there, where it's convenient to the farmer.

To use is necessary to prepare:

  • two buckets of plastic;
  • two bottles of water that are used in everyday cooler;
  • polypropylene tube segment length of about 25 cm and a large diameter;
  • electric drill and the drill 20 and 8 mm in diameter;
  • electric jigsaw.

The buckets need to make holes withas to chickens freely falls short of water and food, but would not be able to climb inside. To get the same openings and accurate, you can use a template. Applying it to the walls of buckets and running his marker, get the contours of future openings.

Feeders and drinkers

In terms of aesthetic perception of the drinking and feeding bowls are very good. But they are still extremely functional

We outline the hole drilled in each holedrills of 8 mm diameter. For cutting out openings using jigsaw. For plastic suit and sawing wood and metal, but you need to choose a product with a small tooth.

From a piece of polypropylene pipes do twoLimiter: to feed and water. By this arrangement, the neck containers would not touch the bottom of the bucket, and it will be possible to control the supply of feed and water. Divide jigsaw tube into segments of 10 and 15 cm. Take a short piece and at a distance of 3 cm from the edge of the drill bit to 20 mm diameter are drilled three holes. The longest length of pipe is drilled hole also in the same drill, but at a distance of 5 cm from the edge. Next Scrollsaw jigsaw in a long interval segments, turned to the similarity of the crown with three prongs.

Ready devices

Very convenient that the buckets have handles for which these constructs can be transferred to the place of use. There you can either install the device, or hang them all for the same handle

Fill the container with water and food. In a bottle with feed limiter set long, and the one with the water, - short. Cover containers and buckets upside down. Devices are ready. It can easily and quickly be made and feeder and drinker for chickens with their hands from the materials that are easy to get. Thanks to the handle, convenient to carry both devices. This is the most hygienic and good option.

Video workshop: feeder made of bottles

Ways to make feeders get more. To correct this obvious injustice, we suggest you watch the video on how to make a very simple trough for chickens from plastic bottles that you can buy in any store.

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