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How to make a bird feeder with your hands: the analysis of some of the best designs

How to make a bird feeder with your hands: the analysis of some of the best designs

How nice to have on your country siteenjoy the sounds of nature and listen to the lively chirping of birds of the family. To draw on a lot of these little helpers, which destroy all kinds of pests, should be prepared for them a small "gift" - the trough. Winter - a real test for the birds. Under a layer of snow it is difficult to find food to sustain vitality. Feeder will be the salvation of birds in the winter months when they are forced to flee not only from the cold, but also hunger. There are many options for how to make a bird feeder with your hands, allowing make the original design of the materials at hand.


What you need to remember in making any feeder?

The range of ready-made bird feeders is quite wide. But still much more interesting your imagination and build original and cute design of unnecessary scrap materials. In addition to the useful and exciting ways you can involve the whole family.

No matter what kind of structure will have a product, and that will serve as a manufacturing material, a good feeder for birds should have:

  • The roof, which helps to protect the food from the precipitation. Soaked snow or rain feed is quickly becoming unfit for consumption.
  • The wide opening allows the bird to freely penetrate into the trough and get out of it.
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes of manufacturing material, the use of which would create a bird feeder that is ready to serve for more than one season.

So you are not limited to wooden building material, in fact, you can make a bird feeder out of anything.

Feeders made of different materials

Outdoor bird feeders can be made of wood, juice pack, or dairy products, plastic bottles, boxes of any unnecessary

Make a classic bird feeder from a tree

Wooden bird feeder in the form of miniaturethe houses are made of waterproof plywood and boards. The presented embodiment relates to a variety of hopper feeders, in which the rations fed to the bird "dining room" portions, which greatly facilitates the landlord baby birds.

Making wooden trough

Design details are cut from the boards 20cm wide and 16mm thick plywood

Making wooden trough

The above drawing feeders for birds, made in exact proportions, will facilitate the production of the side wall structure

Instead of water-resistant plywood can be usedplexiglass, for which the fastening in the side walls must penetrate deep grooves 4 mm using a milling machine. The optimum size of the side wall made of plexiglass, is equal 160h260 mm. To fix the side panels to the end walls can also be used screws.

To connect the parts feeders for birds ofWood can be used as wood edges and glue, and ordinary screws. Product angles necessarily be sanded. For the arrangement of perches used round bar (el.8), which is attached to the edges of the rim into the drilled hole 10 mm.

Now it is possible to fix the roof. For this purpose, the left half of the roof is firmly fixed to the side walls. Separately fastened together right half of the roof and the horse. Only then with the help of furniture hinges both halves of the roof are collected into a single structure. Resulting in assembled products a gap between the bottom of Plexiglas and design allows you to adjust the supply of feed: one filling feeders can miss 2-3 weeks. Due to the transparency of Plexiglas is easy to observe the amount of food for birds.

Beautiful and functional design is almost ready. As a final touch, the product can be covered with a layer of varnish or paint.

Other original ideas

Variations of manufacturing false "messes" for birds set. The most common and easy to create a variant construction of the trough - from a plastic bottle or juice package.

MK to create bird feeders from a plastic bottle

Preferably, the volume of the vessel does notat least 1-2 liters, which will visit feeders and good cheer "goodies" is not just a small sparrow titmouse, but pigeons and other relatively large birds

At the top of the package slotted openingsfor threading the fishing line or string. fixing length should be 25-40 cm. On both sides of the container with scissors or a knife in front of each other are carried out two large entrances, allowing the birds to enjoy their meals freely. In the manufacture of simple design takes less than 15-20 minutes. The finished product is easily fixed with lace in a convenient location near the house and filled the bird's favorite treats.

Yet another option easy to manufacture from a plastic bottle feeders:

Here are some more examples of original designs:

Original hanging bird feeders

With a little imagination, it can be of the ordinary bottles create original bird feeders that will be a real decoration of the site

Variations hopper feeders

Easy to make and easy to care for variations in hopper feeders

Thinking through how to build a bird feeder,You do not have to "reinvent the wheel". Suffice it to recall examples of everything familiar since childhood and functional designs, showing little imagination, create an interesting by suspended "dining room", which will delight the family of attractive appearance and feathered guests delicious treats.

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