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How to make a tent for questioning: do portable place for summer holidays

How to make a tent for questioning: do portable place for summer holidays

Not every owner of a country houseopportunity to build on the gazebo area, which is pleasant to spend time enjoying your holiday. Perfect alternative to traditional gazebo tent will act to give. Comfortable design that will protect hosts and guests on a hot afternoon on the scorching sun or on a cloudy day with rain drops can be purchased at garden centers. However, for such a pleasure to have to lay out a decent amount. That is why it makes sense to try to build a tent to give their own hands, which is integrated into the existing architectural ensemble.


The main purpose of an awning for the garden -provide additional comfort for outdoor pursuits, whether noisy pastime in the circle of friends or a relaxing holiday at one with nature. A major advantage of tent is that it at any time without too much trouble can be moved to any convenient location, placed near a pond or a setting on the lawn in the garden. Tent quick to set and easy to clean. A lightweight folding design can and does take a car anywhere.

Depending on the size of the tent and the maindesign destination, it can be: fixed or pull-out, in the form of a spacious gazebo or a more compact tent. Tents may be 4, 6 or even 10 faces to form rounded or square polyhedral structure.

The tent for a family holiday

Garden tents and awnings - universal design, under the arches that can comfortably accommodate the whole company or a big family

Skins tents

Variety selection of models is extensive, ranging from simple options awning as pieces of fabric stretched between the trees, and ending with real tents "Sultan"

Regardless of the model, a mandatory partdesign is the presence of protective "wall" around three sides of the tent. They are made of a fabric material. The front wall of the tent halt transparent mosquito net to protect them from annoying flies, wasps and mosquitoes.

The right place - half the battle

When planning a garden arrangement of the tent or awning, it is first necessary to determine the seat of the future construction.

A cozy corner in the garden

The best option for holiday accommodation tent - an open flat area in the garden or directly near the house on a background of elegant flower garden

The platform, which is expected to be installedtent, you need to clear the plants and roots, debris and stones. The surface should be leveled and compacted as much as possible if necessary. When planning to build a simple lightweight design, it is sufficient to mark territory and to prepare cavities for placement of support posts.

At arrangement of the stationary structureIt needs to build a foundation and lay flooring. To do this, remove the target area 10 cm soil layer, align the bottom and line the "cushion" of sand. The sand watered thoroughly compacted. On the basis of the prepared conveniently spread paving tiles or wood flooring equip.

Options tents for independent production

Option # 1 - fixed awning with wooden frame

To build one of the easiest options for tent need:

  • Bars height 2.7 and 2.4 meters with a cross section 50x50 mm;
  • Wooden boards 30-40 mm thick;
  • The fabric for the canopy and walls;
  • Metal brackets and screws.

Mark territory, determine the place instillation pedestals. On-site installation of the supporting pillars dig with the help brace the pit depth of half a meter.

The construction of the supporting pillars

Columns can be simply set, covered with earth layer. But for a more robust design it is desirable to set the prepared holes in the pads from the rubble, and then fill with cement mortar

Before you begin to assemble the tent, with the aim ofprevent rotting wooden structure all the elements of cover paint or primer. For the arrangement of a pitched roof, on which will be free to drain rain, the front support legs do 30 cm higher than the rear. After complete solidification of the solution between the posts anchoring horizontal cross member, making connections with metal corners.

The frame is ready. It remains only to carve out and sew a cover for the roof and curtains for decoration of the side walls.

Decorative garden crate awning

If you plan to perform at the roof of the fabric material, and polycarbonate, it should be placed on top of cross rafters, which can also be manufactured from a bar section 50x50 mm

On the rafters stowed and secured crate, which by means of screws fasten the covering material.

Option # 2 - a metal gazebo tent

To install such a tent on vendingsite necessary on site location pedestals accommodate four concrete slab or disc with a hole in the middle. They will act as the foundation of the structure.

Garden tent with a metal frame

No less interesting will look and tent, having at the base of a metal frame. This design will not look visually bulky and fits perfectly in the landscape design of the site

In the opening set of disks or metal rods made of strong plastic tube. The upper ends of the rods are connected to each other by wire or clips, creating an arc-reliance.

After the frame is assembled, the upper edgeprisobiraem tissue and anchoring, primatyvaya it with twine or wire, at the junction of the frame arches. The tissue was then straighten and stretch the top of the bars. Prevent slipping fabrics allow additional straps that can be sewn on the inside of the tent in the places of contact with the frame. Around 3-4 racks can additionally pull the mosquito net, leaving free space for the entrance.

Option # 3 - Children's "house" for games

Do not be amiss to take care also about the mostyounger family members. For kids, we offer to build a special children's tent. This "house" is able to freely accommodate a small group of 2-3 fidgets.

Children's tent for games

Cute tent, made in bright colors and decorated with appliqués of fairytale characters, a favorite pastime of your kids

For the arrangement of such jewelery tent need:

  • Plastic wrap d = 88 cm;
  • 3-4 meters of cotton cloth or plaschevki;
  • Tape with Velcro;
  • Mosquito netting or tulle.

The width of the base of the lower cone isbe about 50 cm, and the details will depend on the length of the expected height of the tent. Between sew only a conical elements "A" components and "B". The unitary structure they are going with six ribbons sewn on equidistant distance along the edge, which is tied to the hoop-frame.

Plans for the main parts

From the selected piece of fabric is cut out four equal parts "A", which will hang the lower part of the structure, and the four parts of "B" to the top of the tent

At the junction of parts "A" and "B" post frill,made from a piece of fabric contrasting shades. To secure the tent-pin and hang it to the branches of a tree, designs dome equip loop ring.

For the manufacture of strips of ruffles requireda width of 18-20 cm. The strip is folded along a half, and is planned for these semicircles sizes. According to the planned contour stitched by frill, then cut away the allowances and wrenched out the strip. Make eyelets of cutting 30h10 cm fabric, which also add up in half lengthwise, and stitched by a gut-wrenching.

Building construction

For fastening tabs on the dome of the tent need to cut 4 small cone, which is inserted between the loop and stitched by together with details

As a "house" stands plastic framehoop, to which by means of sewn along the edge of ribbons hung "wall" of the tent. Sex for the tent are made of two cuts of fabric 1 m in diameter, which sostrachivaem each other, paving the foam layer and gut-wrenching. On the outer perimeter of the floor in several places sew Velcro tape.

The lower edge of the cross-linked to each other cones detail "A" Bakey sew and outline the space for pristrachivanie Velcro tape, with which to fasten the bottom of the tent.

Making children's tent

To outline the arrangement of the entrance hole sizes. From a mosquito net or tulle curtains to cut out and sew them on the inside above the entrance lap. At the entrance perimeter sew wide oblique Bakey of yellow cloth

Patterns for the application is made of the same fabric, gluing the elements together using adhesive webs. The walls decorate the tent applications, pristrachivaya them in a zigzag manner.

A video with examples of other structures

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