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Ideas for arranging the children's playground in the country for one or more children

Ideas for arranging the children's playground in the country for one or more children

Have you noticed how quickly young children learnall the gadgets that fall into their hands? With the remote control or telephone has a two-year kid will understand, and to three years for them to shoulder Tablet control. Just a doll or just a machine - an ancient age. Children like mobiles that can move, talk, sing, or to give the music thing. And if such a prodigy to bring to the country and put in a normal sandbox, he or attract you to establish at least some kind of game, or goes out after 10 minutes in search of a more entertaining things. We chose the most creative ideas for the playground, which will help to take the child for at least half an hour, that adults could safely drink coffee or to work in the garden.


Games alone: ​​what to do with a baby?

All the ideas, which we shall discuss below,designed for children from 2 years. Before that age can not leave a baby even for 5 minutes, because it has not yet produced a sense of danger, and every pebble, step or decorative fence can cause injury.

On the basic attributes of the playground (sandbox,playhouses, swings) written in separate articles, and now focus on the more unusual, but not too difficult to design elements. Let's start with the ideas, designed to play a child, because in modern families, unfortunately, the phenomenon is much more common than 30 years ago.

"Easel Drawing": preserve intact the walls of the house

Craving for drawing in children is almost instinctive. Poor lying pen or felt-tip pen immediately appear in the hands of the young artist to decorate the house in places where parents do not even planned. Block this occupation of 2-3-year-old tomboy - that hit the wall peas. However, you can mute the desire, if you create a unique playground easel. Let your Malevich better off outside than surreptitiously draws on the walls.

you will need to create a wooden easelstable frame (like a portable blackboards), and the material on which the child will draw. The easiest way to make it a piece of tin, paint a dark color and provide crayons baby. You can also use the black self-adhesive film. It perfectly depicts the white chalk. But there is little danger: kids love to chew on crayons, so this easel is best to do for children from 4 years.

Drawing board

Nailed to the fence wooden board, pasted on top of the film, will entice the kids for a long time, especially if you offer them crayons and a water hose to wash Arts

The second option - to establish in the framework of plexiglass,where the child will be able to paint with watercolors. However, the tune that will have to be washed and the board, and the artist. But, again, this easel is designed for children from 4 years old.

Easel from plexiglas

On a glass easel can simultaneously draw two from different sides, and not only with watercolors, but also palms

And for the little ones to recommend to nailwall of the house a huge canvas of plaschevki cloth or leatherette (required in dark colors!). Buy baby very thick brush and teach dip in a bowl of water, and then draw on the kind of the poster. If you do not want to use the walls of the house, take two thick pieces of plywood, cloth upholster outside and connect with one hand corners of furniture to put an easel in a house. The kid can draw on both sides.

Drawing water

If you give your child in the hands of the handle, depicting water, the easel can be what you want the surface, from old sofas and finishing with tiles on the tracks

As a device for paint canact and the old marker. Remove the stem, fill the body with water, and shall describe the first water pen anywhere on the old paper to ink residues left. When she starts to paint only with water, to give the child. Let creates.

water board

The idea of ​​drawing water is widely invented by the Chinese, and easels of raincoat fabrics can be fastened on the street, as they are more than 2 meters wide
water handle

Fill a marker may be the prototype of the Chinese water pens if control rod, soak the tip in order to wash away the remnants of paint, and a bottle filled with water

"Water Stand": develops coordination of hands

Splashing in the water every kid loves. But leave him alone in the pool or even a basin of water can not. To take a child for a while, not really looking after them, create a water stand. For him, needed basis, such as wooden walls, Ryabitsev grid, etc., to which you will fix the capacity of all varieties -. Bottles of juice and shampoo, plastic jars, cups, etc. The bottle cut the bottom and attached to the stand upside down. and in traffic doing a few holes. The child will be poured on top of the water and watch as it follows rain. At the same time will develop coordination of movements, because to get a jet of water into the bottle, we need accuracy and a certain concentration.

water stand

For older children the attributes of the water on the stand can be mounted in several layers, but only one of a number of kids at their waist

pad arrangement ideas for several children

If the family has two or more children of similar age,For example, when come to her grandmother all the grandchildren, then they should take so that there was no competition and accidental injury. For example, a slide or swing for a few kids - a very dangerous projectile. In the desire to sit down first, each child will push each, and the case could end universal cry. Therefore embody such ideas playgrounds in the country that require cooperative gameplay.

Corner for the boys: create a car town

RC cars today have virtuallyeach boy sadikovskogo age. But apart from them - a bunch of robots, helicopters and other equipment, which should be applied in the country. interesting idea for the boy's playground willcar town. For him, it needs a smooth, preferably elongated space, divided into lanes (to organize competitions to see who will make it to the finish line). If there is a long platform, use the form of a circle or oval.

Children's road

Road Town can become not only a favorite place and all your boys in the neighborhood, but the girls are not averse to drive on the highways

The edges of the platform can be closed decorativefence (very low, so that children do not stumble in the game, but cars are not flying off the track). Near highway overpass make of the well-sanded boards and steep descent, where young drivers can run their cars and watch as they will swoop down on speed.

Road town

Car towns for radio-controlled cars have already appeared in some cities, well, you can re-create it within your garden

Corner for girls: the idea of ​​a secret room

If the family of one girl can bringfor them on the playground idea of ​​the secret room, which is simple enough design. It is necessary to create in a secluded place, for example, under the old tree or under a balcony (if on the ground floor) a closed space with the help of curtains. Girls love to play and whisper, hiding from everyone, but to ourselves to see what is happening around.

Around curtains decorate the tree as follows: digged around the perimeter of four bars and pull them twine or wire. The fabric is hung on pegs. Under the balcony is even simpler: hammered on the edge of the niche two nails, pulled the rope with hooks on it - tulle. Inside certainly outline the old blankets and pillows to make it where to sit, and put the box with their favorite toys.

Chamber of Secrets for Girls

Secret room for girls, you can create and boudoir-like, hanging tulle to a thick branch of a tree with a special round fastening with a hook

Group fun for children of either sex

No matter how the times change, but the game of hide and seek andcops and robbers is still popular with children. These fun can change the name, but the essence remains: who is hiding, and who is looking for, or one runs away, and the other catches up. To organize such a collective game, you need the appropriate attributes and decorations on the playground. To implement the ideas you need black film, a lot of scotch and wooden stakes. Of these, easily create a huge maze in which children can hide. The film is usually sold five-foot, and this height is sufficient, so that children could not see who is behind a nearby wall.

Driving labyrinth for playground

The diagram shows the location of black film blanks - this exit point, and the red dots - a support posts children's maze

Manufacturing technology:

  1. To mark up a rectangular or square area,the perimeter of which is calculated from the number of children. For children 2-3 5x5 meters suffice, if there are more, then the area is increased. The approximate location of the maze walls - in the photo above.
  2. On the outer wall of the maze - two outs, on internal - more.
  3. Buried underground river sand.
  4. In-Ground pegs, which will stretch the film. The distance between adjacent - not more than 2 m, the film does not sag.
  5. Tensioned film on adjacent pegs so that its edge turned around and pressed his support to the rest of the. Fasten wide tape.
  6. You can decorate the walls of different film funny smiley face, cutting them from the self-adhesive film. They are not afraid of rain, and the season will last properly.

If you can not find the film can sew wall old sheets, blankets or tissues from my grandmother's trunk, fixing them to the tree staple gun.

We hope these ideas will help you to organize children's holiday cottage is interesting and unusual.

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