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patio area in the country: a step by step improvement with their hands + design ideas

patio area in the country: a step by step improvement with their hands + design ideas

an open-air living in the shadow of the plants -cozy corner on the site, where it is pleasant to retire from the bustle of the streets, enjoying unity with nature or socializing in good company. With the help of this element of landscape design as a patio at the cottage, you can equip in their area a kind of courtyard, where a good time, devoting his favorite activities or relaxation. The initial view of this corner for rest, widely available in the days of the Roman Empire, was a playground, fenced by high walls of the house. The modern version of the courtyard patio as protective structures involves the use of hedges, screens and fences. Solving equip on your patio area with your hands, it is important first of all to competently select a location for placement of the recreation area.


Choose a place in the arrangement of the patio

Traditionally, the patio area is given area at the back wall of the house.

Patio with three open walls

With this placement, one party recreation area becomes completely closed, and the other three - completely open or protected from the outside world grilles, screens or fences

It is very convenient to relax when in adjoiningpatio wall of a house, an additional output, in order not to bend around the building once again, going to the kitchen for a favorite treat, or at any time to hide from the weather.

Place in the patio, you can choose in our cozy shadycorner of the garden, which do not penetrate the noise and curious looks from the street. With the help of mobile screens and espalier and fixed fences and gratings, twined with flowering creepers, you can even on the outdoor patio in the garden create an atmosphere of security.

A cozy corner near the pond

Well, if the patio will be located in the vicinity ofartificial reservoir on condition that the air sultry noon on platform became more humid and fresh, thus providing a more comfortable environment for recreation

Shapes and sizes of the site will depend on itsdestination: everything for "paradise" is enough area of ​​2-3 square meters. meters, the company of 3-4 people will be comfortably accommodated in the patio area of ​​4 square meters. meter.

We select the optimal coverage

Since the patio is a paved area, then as a basis, it is desirable to use a dense coating.

The outdoor area features simple geometric shapes

Concrete slabs - the most economical and durable coating option for the site. Combining design with square and rectangular shape of the product gives an interesting effect

A more elegant design of the site can be obtained by using slabs of natural stone.

Coverage of natural stone always has a spectacular view

Broken sections of products, forming a curlicue, give the surface area of ​​special natural and sophistication

No less solid foundation can be obtained using paving slabs.

Intricate patterns of paving slabs

A variety of shapes and shades of paving slabs allows to embody any design decisions, laying out different designs and patterns

Garden parquet created based on a combination of wood wastes and polymers, has excellent performance and, unlike natural wood does not rot.

Garden parquet floor gives the atmosphere a patio home comfort

As the wooden cover for the opensites can be used as flooring, natural wood and modern building material decking that looks difficult to distinguish from real wood planks

Prepare the base and laid site

So, the first thing you need to preparebase. Place under the future site fenced with pegs. After that, a fenced area removed topsoil, recessed base of 10-15 cm. For leveling and construction of playgrounds recess filled with a layer of sand, with the aim of sealing which is used alternately with water watering and leveling the surface with a rake. The height of the sand "cushion" should be 1-2 cm above the ground level.

Stages of the construction site of the tiles

stacking coating technology depends onmaterials from which selection is stopped. In any case, the coating is placed on an incline of 1-3 degrees in the direction of the garden with a close fit between a products

Concrete slabs and paving tiles can be laiddirectly on the "cushion" of sand, filling in the cracks between the stones or tiles on top sprinkled with sand or mortar. Floorings made of wood provide for laying on wooden frame inserted into the panels of the boards.

When erecting their own hands grounds for patiocottage desirable to provide a lining drain groove width of 40 cm and a depth of 10-15 cm, which are fed to a common collection system. Raising the level of the patio surface at 1-2 cm above the relative level bordering the lawn will allow them to further facilitate the process of mowing the lawn trimmer or lawn mower.

To protect the area from the sun andweather over the area for leisure, you can make a translucent canopy and polycarbonate. An alternative to a fixed structure of the protective glass or polycarbonate may make tents - mobile constructions which, if desired, can be easily moved to any corner of the garden.

Construction patio

Patio can fence and hedges, aswhich may make tall shrubs and conifers. The original complement to the interior may make not only plants collected at different levels mixborders colorful, but also planted as soloists in planting pockets or floor vases.

Dekorativnolistvennye plants - adorn the patio

Dwarf conifers or evergreens planted in planting pockets unpaved courtyard areas, will keep the attractive and colorful patio throughout the year


Wanting to make the area closed to prying eyes, and the wind, as the protective structures can be used openwork lattice walls decorated with twine vines or climbing roses

Since one of the basic conditions for resettlementrecreation area is the view of the picturesque landscape, in addition to landscaping patio design must be present small architectural decoration in the form of a pond or fountain, miniature unusual sculptures, stone paths.

As plants for container gardening,that fill the surrounding space a pleasant aroma can be used: laurel trees, rosemary and lavender and tangerine and lemon trees. The walls of the patio can brighten pots with begonias, nasturtiums, petunias hang-downing, and lobelia.

Choosing garden furniture for the patio arrangement should be guided not only by its aesthetic appeal, but also the practicality and performance:

  • Aesthetic and "warm" wood furniture is not known for resistance to weathering.
  • Solid and sturdy wrought iron furniture is quite heavy, it is difficult to move.
  • Lightweight and durable wicker furniture - the best option, because the material used for its production is resistant to stress, the effects of solar radiation and humidity.
Garden furniture sets the mood of the whole composition

Deck chairs and benches, garden sofas and armchairs - it is these elements of the interior courtyard allow to give originality and individuality

Fireplace - a functional piece of furniture

An integral part of outdoor recreation is also a barbecue. Therefore, in the courtyard, it is desirable in advance take place under the arrangement of the hearth

The patio is pleasant to spend time inevening, enjoying the chirping of grasshoppers and crickets. Outdoors and comfortably take guests, treating the company a delicious dinner. And as friendly gatherings often ends after sunset, guarantee a comfortable rest in the evening becoming light.

A well-thought-out lighting will transform the patio in the evening

On the wall adjacent to the house, you can hang the lights, sconces, in flower beds - garden figurines with solar panels. Around the perimeter of the patio lights can be installed on poles or garden torches

Furnished our patio at the cottage importantly - seek not to flashy beauty, and to create an atmosphere of comfort, to feel in this man-made space is always comfortable.

Video tips to create a patio:

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