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How to set the lock on the gate or gates of the shaped tube

How to set the lock on the gate or gates of the shaped tube

Installing the lock on the gate - the final stageinstallation of the fence. We most often gardeners and owners of private homes set gate frame which is made of profile pipes - a robust design, which allows a beautifully decorated gate elements of forging. In addition, the profiled tube provides a ready room for a landing slot, and will not need to think about how it is more convenient to embed the castle. Mount Castle in the profiled pipe is simple - to cut slot and enough to make the necessary holes for welding will not have to resort in this case. Here's how to set the lock on the gate with their hands just for the design.

The gate of the shaped tube

Gates of the shaped tube is very common, we - a convenient and inexpensive option, and set the lock in such a construction it is possible in the home


Variety of designs locks

About what is better to put the lock on the gate, many owners think. Species locks of today, there are many, but the installation principle for the majority of them are common.

Thus, on the market:

  • Mortise and overhead. There is still the most widespread Mortice locks, aligning the groove, sawed grinder and rim locks, which requires drilling holes for fasteners.
  • Combination locks. Often used and combination locks on the gates,in this system it is convenient that the keys are not required. To enter you need to dial the code (which can be changed on request), and outside the lock is opened by pressing a button or lever.
  • Magnetic locks. Many owners choose as the magnetic locksconvenient and reliable. magnetic lock design has no moving parts, consists of an anchor plate is installed in the gate leaf and the electromagnet, which is installed on the box. To unlock this lock magnetic key is needed, the gate will open after applying it to the reader.
Combination lock

A code or a magnetic lock is also suitable for installation in profiled tube, this version is mainly for those who live in the house constantly


Alternatively, the gate may be set on the latch and on the inside, and use it as needed when you home to more quickly lock gate

Tools needed to work

To install the lock, you will need:

  • set of drills;
  • Bulgarian;
  • bit to fix screws;
  • screwdriver.

The kit should include lock componentsconnection box, the core, mounting plate, set of keys, coupling bolts, handles. When you purchase will not be superfluous to check whether all the components contained in the kit.

Krmplekt lock

Kit components for the castle. At the time of purchase, it is desirable to check whether all the elements are present, so that later during the operation did not have that kind of detail missing

The installation of the castle

Initially, the framework is applied to marking - markedspace for the lock, bolts and fasteners. For drilling is important to choose the right nozzle, the holes are not too big. Then you can start drilling holes.

When the holes are ready, proceed toInstallation of the castle. He should be well secured. Insert the core, anchoring it on the screws, then a square. After the square to be installed, mounted handle. Handles with straps are tightened with bolts. It often happens that the square and tightening bolts in length do not fit the profile pipe, since the lock is designed for installation in the door, the thickness of which exceeds the thickness of the pipe, which is made from the gate. Here and Bulgarian will need to give the right size and the square of the coupling bolt.

At the second gate leaf setmounting plate, fixing the lock, it will also need to pre-render the markup. When you install the mounting plate, it is necessary to check the operation of the lock. If constipation is difficult to turn, brush with oil.

Quality mechanism, located in the street,will always fall under the influence of aggressive media - the lock can ice up, the snow can get there from such loads much faster he wears and breaks. To lock properly worked and served longer protective metal pocket you can do for him that will prevent the ingress of liquids, as well as make the design itself more rigid and reliable. Pens in this case, too, will be established more clearly and firmly.


Practical lock gates installed in the profile tube. The design protects the internal mechanism from the weather, which prolongs the service life

Castle with a pocket

Lock with a thermowell installed successfully. Now the mechanism is protected more reliably, and the design itself has become more stable and durable

This brief guide forMost devices. Following it, you can without difficulty make constipation at their gate or gates without resorting to the services of specialists. Hopefully, this brief overview to help you understand the installation technology, as well as to choose the most suitable kind of lock. If you have any questions - please write in comments.

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