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The device improvised sliding gates: step by step installation guide

The device improvised sliding gates: step by step installation guide

The final step in the installation of the fence is a villainstallation of gates and entry. There are two basic types of gates - swing, consisting of two wings and sliding (sliding, sliding), which manually or via automation shifted along the fence. The second type is considered optimal because it saves space and does not create additional noise when opened. Consider how you can make a sliding gate with their hands to make sure that their design is quite simple, and installation does not take much time.


How are the classic sliding gates?

In order to move the gate smoothly and withouteffort is necessary to consider the installation of the foundation and each step of the installation of the main structure. No need to ignore the device of the foundation: it keeps moving element and fixed roller mechanism. The guide bar on which the moving rollers, fixed on two stable pillars. In order to eliminate the slightest failure fabric, used welding. roller coasters-carts are inserted into the beam, and the upper part fixed to the bottom of the gate. As a result, the gate easily shifted along the rail to one side. Now on the market you can find the automatic opening device with a remote control, so the entire mechanism can be upgraded and to make remotely controlled if desired.

Driving sliding gates

Driving the sliding gate: 1 - directing; 2 - roller mechanism; 3 - removable clip; 4-5 - two safety gear; 6 - fixing the upper bracket; 7 - adjusting platform

Step by step description of the installation design

Before starting work on the device foundationyou need to prepare for the opening goal - a place where you plan to place the homemade sliding gates. The narrower the gap, the less material needed for the device moving web. It is of great importance and weight of the structure, for the installation of heavy metal gates require more robust hardware than, say, for a web of carved wood.

Place for the foundation

Sliding doors can be rolled back as the left and to the right. Selection of hand depends on the availability of free space along the structure

Usually, by the time everything fence gateIt is already installed, and therefore ready to border elements - metal pipes, brick or wooden poles. Guarantor of the reliability of the gate and pillars will serve as embedded parts, the location of which you can see on the attached diagram. Mortgages called flat metal segments fixed along the support pillars and reinforced reinforcement rods. Additional reinforcement elements are fixed in the ground and give the structure necessary stability.

Pouring the concrete base

The first stage - the unit of the pit for the foundation. Its size depends on the opening width and the depth of soil freezing. In central Russia the soil is frozen for about one and a half meters, so the depth of the well will be 170-180 cm, width - 50 cm, and length - 2 m, provided that the opening is 4 m.

The pit must be installed embedded parts. For its production requires channel length of 2 m and a width of 15-16 cm, and the reinforcement bars of any diameter. The length of the bars is equal to one and a half meters - it is so deep they sink into the pit. The fittings should be attached to u by welding. Fixing the longitudinal rods, fastening them together by transverse beams so as to obtain a solid lattice.


To install the automation elements necessary to prepare a place for tubes, and in the center of the metal pad equipped with a hole, in which is displayed the electric cable

The finished metal structure put in a holeso that the channel was placed along the goal line motion. One end should be closely adjacent to the supporting pillars. Horizontally positioned beam helps building level.

Installation diagram mortgage

mortgage design is set on the side which will move off the door leaf. When installing you should pay attention to all elements of the location accuracy

Along with the laying of the metal elementpaving the electrical cable system for automatic devices. To protect the electrical fit pipe diameter 25-30 mm. Instead of metal products can use the analogy of plastic or corrugated. Particular attention should be paid to the tightness of pipes and connections.


automatic gate opening system: 1 - the power button; 2 - built-in photovoltaic cells; 3 - Electric; 4 - beacon with antenna

The final stage - filling the pit with the installedmortgage. To use the pouring solution prepared from concrete mix M200 or M250. The surface of the mortgage - channel - must remain completely open. In concrete maturation is given 1-2 weeks.

Processing of the door leaf

Before installing sliding gates need to be assembled from components, the amount of which depends on three factors:

  • leaf size;
  • opening width;
  • total weight of the structure.

The main gate of the weight falls on the guide,therefore it is necessary to take seriously her choice. Experts recommend the use of the company's products Roltek from St. Petersburg. Consider several options of equipment:

  • Micro - profiled sheet for construction of up to 350 kg;
  • Eco - for wooden and wrought iron gates weighing up to 500 kg and opening no more than 5 m;
  • Euro - to 800 kg leaf weight, width of the opening - up to 7 m;
  • Max - for structures of up to 2,000 kg, and the opening width of 12 m.

Frame moving part consists of profile pipes40x60 mm with wall thickness of 2 mm, to take the crates thinner pipe diameters up to 20 mm. The thinner profile of the pipe, the less weight structure. For clarity - more drawings sliding gates.

gate Plans

Gate frame may look different, depending on the size of the opening, height and use of accessories. The scheme - sample frame for 4-meter aperture


After welding, the frame must be protected from moisture: this means it is first primed metal, then applied paint for external finishing works

Direct mounting webs

Work on the installation should start sliding gatesOnly after concrete is completely stiffened. To comply with the horizontal web to pull a cord at a height of 15-20 cm from the surface of the mortgage. Then proceed to the installation of the roller mechanism. Supports need to arrange as much as possible, preferably on the entire width of the web. The distance from the support to the post - 25 cm (a small margin left to the end roller). A bit harder to calculate the distance to the second roller assembly. Typically, they use special formulas, but you can do without them. The approximate scheme with the dimensions shown in the following figure.

gate scheme

During installation, be sure to provide a roller mechanism and sites of all technological margins, without which proper movement of the door leaf can not be

For insurance against improper installationWe use the stand to adjust. They must be set on the channel and secure welding. Then should throw the door leaf and make the final adjustment of the strictly horizontal design position. To do this, remove the gates and roller bearings, and platforms for adjustment is welded to the mortgage. Then, on the grounds anchoring castors, return them to the web and completely close the gate. Use a level and check the adjustment of the horizontal structure.

After adjusting all the details of the mechanism set upend roller. To do this, it must be inserted into the carrier profile and secure with mounting screws. To be sure, you can use welding, fixing clips on the cover profile. The roller acts as a limit stop, so a bolted connection would not be enough. Also set and plug the profile to protect it from falling into the groove of snow and debris.

Pulley Kit

Set of rollers for sliding gate design can be purchased at building supermarkets. It includes elements of a roller mechanism cap bracket

One of the important parts that are installedafter the roll - top bracket. It protects the gate mechanism of lateral movements. Anchoring bracket on top of the web by turning the bolt holes in the side supports. Then fix it to the support column and check the adjustment.

The next stage - a covering cloth or trapezoidal sheetclapboard. Any material begin to mount on the front of the gate. The individual sheets or boards are attached to the crate and fixed with screws or riveting. Every other element of trapezoidal sheet is superimposed on the previous one on the same wavelength. Last sheet may not fit, then it must be cut off.

Forged gates

The hosts, for whom prestige is important, do not stint on the external design of the gate. One of the most expensive ways to decorate is artistic forging

two trap installed in the last turn- Upper and lower. The bottom helps ease the load on the roller bearing. His mount when the door is closed. Upper fix opposite corners of the protective cloth, so that when the door is closed, they come into contact with each other.

Wooden gates

Cheap wooden gates of the lining can ennoble with an additional registration, for example, decorate the fabric loops or metal edging

Automatic leave for last. Together with the drive for sliding gates acquire a rack that is used for the movement of the web. Usually it is in the set fixture and sold elements 1 m.

Set the final design of the gate, calibratable operation of the roller mechanism: the timely correction of minor flaws will protect from further complicated repairs.

Video example of an overview of the installation work

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