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Construction fence of metal sheets: instructions on building your own hands

Construction fence of metal sheets: instructions on building your own hands

Country estate - it's always a small privatethe world, and it does not matter whether it's a gingerbread house with a rose flower garden, whether large house with a swimming pool or an ordinary village house with three rows of vegetable beds. We love our country area, we try to protect them from prying eyes and intruders, so set about its conservation area the fence. There are many options of fencing, but today we will discuss in detail how to create a fence of metal sheets with his own hands, will address all process steps and analyze errors.


The metal profile is so good?

Why you should pay attention on the metal profile? It's simple: it is a relatively inexpensive material, strong, durable, easy installation and handling.

A fence made of metal sheets

With the installation of a fence from a metal profile is able to handle any man who knows how to handle a drill, grinder and welding machine

There are several variants of the material, therefore, acquiring it, you should consider marking. Mark "S" stands for "wall." To collect fit the following varieties:

  • "C8" - 1 m wide sheets of 15 cm with a minimum height of trapezoid profile; the cheapest option;
  • "C20" - a width of 1 m 10 cm sheets, a tough, durable, wind resistant; for everyone who loves a competent balance of price and quality;
  • "C21" - 1 m wide sheets, convenient for drawing up projects and schemes; They have a maximum height of the ribs, so the most durable.

In addition to size, you need to pay attention to the type of polymer that covers the profile, and the thickness of the zinc layer.

Masonry support

Very popular among the owners of country cottages enjoys a combined fence on the foundation with pillars made of red, yellow or white sand-lime brick

Modern metal profile has a wide colorrange, so it can be used to decorate the area. For example, for the protection of the cottage area of ​​red brick fence will suit terracotta, brown or red. Some types of profile sheets have original carved top, which makes the fence is not so boring.

Colours Profile

To boost sales, many manufacturersregularly increasing its product range by expanding the base color. When purchasing be sure to ask a variety of colors offered

The list of necessary materials and tools

To build metalloprofilnoy fence will need:

  • Sheets of a thickness of at least half a millimeter rib height of 20 mm. The number is easy to calculate by dividing the total length of the proposed fence to the width of a single sheet.
  • Supports for mounting the cross beams - lag. It can be wood or brick pillars, but the profile tubes are used more often. The optimal parameters for pipe: cross-section - 60mm x 60mm, wall thickness - 2 mm or more. The number of support tubes can be different, depending on the distance between them. We should not forget about the additional supports for the device gate and wicket.
  • Laghi - crossbars for fixingmetal sheets. Traditionally used as shaped tubes, but smaller cross-section - 40mm x 20mm. Number of alleged span between the pillars is multiplied by two - get the total amount of lag, or the length of the fence is also doubled.
  • Set for concrete pillars - cement, sand, gravel.

This is the basic material that is requiredcomplement the fasteners because the installation of the fence of metal sheets is not possible without fixing elements. As the fasteners are ideal for roofing screws with colored caps and rubber washers.

diagram of the fence

Many of the details for the construction of the fence metalloprofilnogo can be replaced with suitable size, for example, instead of the profile for the log 40mm x 20mm can be used Area 40mm x 40mm

Roofing screws

Hats roofing screws specially dyed in different colors, so that they contrast not stand out from the color of the metal shingles

The tool kit includes:

  • for marking - pegs, string, tape measure;
  • to install poles - a drill, a sledgehammer;
  • for fastening lag and sheets - Bulgarian, level, welder, drill.

Before starting work, check the operation of the power and the presence of all the materials to the process of installation does not waste time searching.

Incremental technology of erection of the fence

By breaking down the entire process of installation of the fence of metal sheets into several stages, it is possible to calculate the approximate time of completion of the work, and more effectively plan working day.

Step # 1 - preparation of the drawing and markup

The approximate length of the fence is easy to calculate,focusing on the size of the suburban area, but it is better to take a tape measure and measure the distance carefully, methodically holding up all the numbers on a piece of paper. Typically, the fence is erected around the entire area, but there are exceptions, when, suppose, at some planned landing site hedge. The depth of the pits for poles sometimes reaches one and a half meters, so it is necessary to take into account a communication routes running through the land.

Fitting locations pillars mark pegs andtwine help build them in neat rows. The distance between the pegs shall be two sheets of metal sheets, ie a little more than two meters. This optimal size to fence has a robust and stable. Ideally, after all the measurements on a piece should appear detailed diagram indicating the intended installation location of the fence with the designation of all the columns and calculations of material.


As a signal of pegs you can use a long cutting boards, bars, sticks - the main thing that it was possible for them to easily navigate

Driving with calculations

For the convenience of the diagram should indicate the sizes of all the materials used: the width of the sheet metal profile, cross-section of the support pipe, cross bars

Step # 2 - Installation of the supporting pillars

Signal pegs indicate where you want todig a hole for each support post, in our case - the profile of a metal pipe with a section of 60 mm x 60 mm. The tube is placed in the ground in three ways: screwed (in this case does not fit), to score a hammer (also very dubious method can be used only in the final stage), or dig a hole under the post, and then concreted it. Option to concreting is the most successful and easy to perform.

Drill holes for

Drill holes for the device, you can borrow from friends or rent in a construction company for a small fee

In order to make the required hole depth,better to use the drill - will be less free space around the pipe. When digging a hole with a shovel is too broad, and the concrete will have a large enough portion.

Hole for support

Result drill drill - deep and accurate hole, optimally suited for the installation of narrow metal tube and further pouring concrete solution

The depth of the hole should be approximately 1/3the height of the support. Concreted base, prepare a timbering from a sheet of roofing material or sheets of plywood, set the level of the pipe and fill the solution to the full depth. If time permits, you can produce concreting in two parts - first, to half the wells, and then the rest.

Concrete solution

To prepare a concrete solution traditionally used cement, sand and gravel in the proportions indicated on the packaging of cement

Many vacationers along the entire fence orsome of its sections mounted lighting. In this case, simultaneously with the device abstraction of metal sheets can dig a trench for laying a power cable.

Step # 3 - installation of cross bars

When the concrete fixing support tubes "ripe"you are ready to mount cross bars - lag, which are the guarantor of the future strength of the fence. Sectional tubes with a section of 40mm x 20mm are the most versatile in that role - not very massive and heavy at the same time strong and capable to hold the weight of metalloprofilnyh sheets.

Lags for fences in the secured state - istwo parallel rows of profile pipes. The bottom row is fixed at a height of 30-35 cm from the ground, the second - on the upper end of 20-25 feet. For fixing use lag bolts or welding. To place fixtures and surface metal elements were longer after installation should be first carefully primed and then painted in a color that blends with the profile sheet. Two layers - a primer paint and - protecting the metal from moisture, respectively, from corrosion.

Lags on supports

All logs are mounted on one side supporting pillars, usually the front side facing the street. Thus, support is only visible from the yard

lag Painting

Joists and supporting pillars to be treated special primer and paint for metal, for example Miranol Rostiks and from the Finnish company Tikkurila

Step # 4 - fastening sheets metal sheets

The final phase of the installation of the fence - installationmetal sheets. Many make the mistake of starting work on the angle, when comes the turn of the last page, it appears that there is still a small segment of the blank at the gate or gates. Accordingly, it is closed by a small piece of width, which looks like a patch. It is better to plan in advance how to make the fence of metal sheets so that it looked holistically and carefully. To do this, begin to work on the gate (gate), moving in opposite directions. If the corners of the area and will have to use scraps of profiled sheet, no one will notice.

Mounting plates

In the process of mounting the profiled sheets must be observed connection technology: each page is fixed overlapping waves 1-2 (ribs)

When mounting the sheets, you need to use a tape measure and level to the upper edge is perfectly smooth. Screws screwed drill, material residues are removed using scissors or grinders for metal.

Ready fence

Ready fence of metal sheets without decorative elements look carefully and strictly, and its height hides almost all the suburban area

After the complete installation of metal sheets hanggate leaf or the gate. One of the convenient options gates - sliding, for which you can also use the profiled sheets. Painting a fence is not needed, since the material is sold fully finished. Quality installation of the fence ensures its long-term service.

Video clips with examples of installation work

Video # 1:

Video # 2:

Video # 3:

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