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How to make a wooden toilet in the country: an example of building codes + device

How to make a wooden toilet in the country: an example of building codes + device

Landscaping suburban area usually beginswith the construction of toilets. Without this facility cottager can not do. All other buildings, such as a country house, sauna, gazebo, appear later. Constructing wooden toilet in the country with their own hands. a person can safely engagegardening chores, enjoying the fresh air during breaks and admiring the beauty of the countryside. Before the start of excavation work is necessary to plan your site and choose a place safe from the point of view of hygiene requirements, requirements for facilities of this kind.


In this video depicts thethe process of building suburban toilet. After reviewing the video, you'll understand how to do the toilet in the country on their own, and decide with a choice of the necessary building materials.

Selecting a suitable location for a holiday toilet

On the territory of Russia are sanitary norms andrules according to which the need to produce and build wooden toilet at the cottage. Thus it is necessary to consider not only its own interests, but also the requirements of the neighbors, to equip their garden plots.

When choosing the best site for wooden pit latrines the following guidelines:

  • The distance from the well (and your neighbor) totoilet should be at least 25 meters. Only in this way can guarantee the quality of well water used for domestic purposes. If the water from the well will not be used even for drinking, it is best to analyze the quality in the laboratory.
  • Such facilities as the toilet is not usually builtin the center of the suburban area. It is better to find a place at some distance from the house, the person could comfortably use the building for its intended purpose, without disturbing others. In order to observe the rights of neighbors, it is necessary to pull back from the border separating the areas not less than a meter. If you ignore this requirement, the principal neighbor will make you move the construction to a court decision. Yet at the same time will have to pay and legal fees.
  • If the site is located at an angle, the toilet building at the lowest point.
  • Consider when choosing a location and compass rose. This will prevent unpleasant odors. Although with proper care for the object, this problem should not occur.

Think also about how you will clean the cesspool. If possible, arrange for entrance assenizatorskaya machine, extractor waste from septic tanks, cesspools and drain.

Choosing a good place at their summer cottage

Choosing a good place on a country site for the construction of a wooden toilet needs to be done to meet the requirements of sanitary norms and rules

Construction of toilets in the country with a cesspool

Of all types of suburban toilets this optionIt is the most common. Street construction is simple and convenient to operate. After all waste generated in the course of human life, fall into a deep cesspool specially dug for this purpose.

Once the tank to fill two-thirds of itsdepth, so the owner of the site clean it manually or by machine. It is possible to preserve the object and covered the pit with earth. True, this will have to find a new location for the toilet. If a large area of ​​the suburban area, the option conservation and transfer of the object can be seen. If the site is small, it is best to clean the hole of accumulated waste.

Step # 1 - digging a cesspool and the strengthening of its walls

Construction outside toilet at the cottage beginswith digging a cesspit. Its depth should be at least two meters. The shape of the pit is a square, all sides are equal to one meter.

To prevent the shedding of the soil, it is necessary to wallcesspool strengthened through the use of precast concrete rings, boards, brick or masonry. The bottom of the hole is sealed by a concrete screed or simply poured a layer of gravel, providing drainage. If there is a risk of groundwater contamination, the bottom of the pit wall and make watertight, sealing necessarily their specialty materials.

Driving device wooden cottage toilet

Driving device wooden cottage toilet with a sealed cesspool, vent pipe, escaping odors, waste disposal hatch

Step # 2 - Construction of a toilet house

Over a protective cesspoolconstruction of a house. The rectangular frame is fixed on the pier foundation, while at all four corners of the wooden boxes enclose blocks or bricks. Waterproofing is provided by roofing, paving material between the foundation and the wooden frame. The algorithm works as follows:

  • Bruce used to build the frame structure, it is necessary to cover the primer and then with a mixture of paint. The resulting coating will prevent the frame from premature rotting.
  • The treated timber bonded together to give the desired frame size. The assembled structure is put on foundation pillars.
  • Then attach to the frame four vertically standing racks, with metal plates and screws. Align vertically rack allows building level.
  • Then proceed to the installation of racks required for hanging doors.
  • Fix beams for the construction of the roof, so thatthey were a little bit around the perimeter of the structure edge. Pent roof surface must be placed at a slight slant. To provide the desired angle allow shortened rear rack.
  • Over the cesspool of a podium-seat, which was collected by a further frame of the bars and attach it to the main structure.
  • The roof is constructed of a sheet of slate, to be placed on the bar, laid by roofing material.
  • It is necessary to perform the outer and inner lining,choosing for this building material available. Most often used wall paneling, siding, steel sheet or a conventional board, if the toilet is built for temporary use. To secure sheathing nailed to the frame of the additional beams, sawn to size from a bar or a thick board. Podium seat also is sheathed clapboard.

Complete construction of the hanging doors, knocked down from the boards, in the loop.

The construction of timber framed cottage toilet

Construction of timber timber framed cottage WC on the cesspool, the walls fortified old tires

Roofing and cladding cottage toilet

The device pent roof and cladding side walls suburban toilets being built with his own hands in the area of ​​low-cost building materials

At the stage of construction of the toilet must betake care of its artificial light. We'll have to bring electricity and connect a small lighting fixture. Day of the interior of the toilet house is illuminated through the little window, carved above the door.

Vacationers who love to treat theirarea, suited to the creative unit and finishing the toilet at the cottage. The photos posted below, you can see an interesting design options toilet cabins.

Suburban toilet in a fairy-tale wooden house

Suburban toilet in a fairy-tale wooden house, which was built by skilled hands of the master, is a jewel of the entire suburban area

Suburban toilet, built in a quaint wooden hut

Suburban toilet, built in a quaint wooden hut, surrounded by greenery, increasing the joy of caring owners plot

Step # 3 - how to build a ventilation?

To remove odors coming fromcesspool in toilet construction is necessary to provide the availability of the ventilation. For its arrangement suitable plastic sewer pipe having a 100 mm diameter. Pipe clamps tin attracted to the back of the toilet.

The lower end of the plant for 15 cm into the cesspool,Why in the seat-catwalk cut a hole of the desired diameter. The upper end of the vent pipe output up through the hole cut in the roof structure. At this end of the pipe is located at a height of 20 cm above the plane of the roof. To gain traction on the center pole vent pipe is fixed nozzle-deflector.

Features of the construction-powders closet

In some cases, impractical buildingpit latrines. Therefore, choose the option of a wooden toilet, closet-called powders. The main difference between this type of construction is the lack of the sump. Instead, the toilet is equipped with a capacity that when filling easily slides out from under the toilet seat and leaves the area for emptying.


Usually powders closet-establish a small box with peat, sawdust, dry hay or common ground. After using the toilet particulate material "powdered" waste.

Without ventilation in these structures also can not do. Installation make ventilation by the method described above.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the process of constructionwooden toilet there. You can think of their own versions of the device that the desired structure. Surprised neighbors would ask for advice, asking you how to build a toilet in the country with their own hands. Share information about your site that it was all in all pretty.

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