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Veranda on the frame type cottage: a step by step example of self-erection

Veranda on the frame type cottage: a step by step example of self-erection

Indoor and outdoor, stone and brick, withfloor to ceiling windows and poluzatenennye - veranda has long evolved from small buildings, which act as ancillary facilities, in spacious and functional rooms. additional area becomes a summer dining room and, if desired, and a haven on a hot day, and, subject to careful insulation, winter garden. It is difficult to say what exactly should be the veranda: their own hands with the same success it is possible to create and modest extension, and luxury room.


Types of structures and the correct location

Veranda never treated as a separatestructure: it is part of the house, which is attached to the main building in the process of building or some time later. Most often it is adjacent to the front or end side, that is to the wall, which is built into the door. So, to get into the house, you must first log on to the veranda.

Traditionally, an extension is divided into two types:

  • open - The upper half of the wall is missing, and the roof rests on the beams;
  • closed - Free from the walls of glazed space (in some cases, the glass area of ​​coverage prevails over the wooden part of the area).

When designing the layout and appearance of an extension,should be aware of harmony: the veranda should be merged with the house, match his style, be constructed from similar materials suitable size. The optimal length of the premises - 4-7 m, width - 2,5-3,5 m smaller space is insufficient, and large will look awkward..


Balconies open type combine the porch and equipped vacation spot. Wooden furniture, railings, floral decorations create comfort of home, while building is, in fact, on the street

Veranda with porch

A small covered porch acts as ahallway or dining room, especially in the summer. You can not only meet the guests, but also talk to them over a cup of tea, comfortably ensconced in an armchair


Outdoor patio - the perfect place for a summer vacation. It has everything to have a great time: fresh air, nature, comfortable furniture and saving shadow

Usually even enclosed spaces is not heated, so the veranda often used in the warm season. Before you begin construction, you need to hold a series of preventive measures.

Preparatory stage: documents and selection of materials

On the future should take care in advance. It is possible that in a few years will have to sell, give or rent a vacation home, and then will need documents confirming the legality of the extension. In the opposite case it is necessary to pay the fine and get the same paper, but more complex and time-consuming way.

The first step is to apply to the projectorganization that provided by drawing sketches made and the future structure of the project. In this case, it makes no difference how the veranda built in the country: their own hands or with the help of a construction company. With ready design, application, passport and proof of ownership, will have to visit several important instances and wait for approvals, after which you can start building. Last legal bar - new registration home at the end of work.

verandas project

Before visiting the project organization should create a sketch of the proposed veranda, where you must specify the exact size and location of doors and windows

In addition to the documentary side, there andFinancial - the purchase and preparation of building materials. The main principle consists in conformity. For example, if a house is built of laminated veneer lumber, the extension should also do wood. Verandah, Attached brick building should be totally or partially made of brick. Absolutely unacceptable combinations such as brick and concrete blocks or wood and siding.

The main stages of construction

One embodiment, suitable forself-construction - timber frame porch gated. Installation of foundation, walling, roofing material do not require large investments and the use of construction equipment.

verandas scheme

The circuit components of the porch: 1 - stand; 2 - pillars of the foundation; 3 - waistrail; 4 - drain; 5 - Zabirko; 6 - glass; 7 - clapboard siding; 8 - the top rail.

Created with their own hands veranda drawings will help provide all the nuances and avoid mistakes. For example, the advance should calculate the number, size and location of double-glazed windows.

Step # 1 - construction of pier foundation

Once removed the top layer of soil andmade signs, begin to build the foundation. Well, if it is an analog of the house foundation, but it is not always possible. The simplest and quickest embodiment is columnar.

pier foundation

To install columns using different building materials: red brick, white lime bricks, concrete blocks, concrete beams, home-made concrete structures

The sequence works:

  • on the perimeter (required - in the corners) for future extensions of the pit dug to a depth of 1 m columns;
  • at the bottom of the pits arrange gravel-sand pillow;
  • produce waterproofing (bitumen);
  • do 15-cm concrete base;
  • erecting poles of ordinary masonry bricks.

column height is calculated from the height of the house floor. To the end of the construction of the porch roof fit under the eaves of the building, floor veranda of about 30 cm lower than the floor of the building.

Step # 2 - frame assembly

Creating a lasting and stable framework for thefixing the wall elements - an important stage in the construction of a wooden porch with his hands. Perform the lower and upper harness, which serve as material for timber (12 cm diameter) or bars (8 cm x 8 cm, 10 cm x 10 cm). The connection is via "Direct lock".

verandas frame

Construction of frame extension is better to start with a strong angular elements, moving gradually to the rest of the details - vertical and horizontal beams

Arranging the lower double harness, crashed on logs2nd level logs and set racks that hold the metal staples and nails. At the top of the harness equipped with a second set and rafters. The upper ends of the rafters connect to the beam, under the slope of the roof of the building. For connecting horizontal elements and struts use bolts.

Step # 3 - the construction of walls and roofs

How to trim wall verandah to the framewithstood the weight of the structure? For this purpose, a relatively lightweight materials - battens or boards. Each type of wood material has its own particular installation. For example, the horizontal arrangement of the elements (which is preferred) battens customize close strap to the bar and joined the board overlap.

porch roof

If the porch is being built simultaneously with the construction of the house, use the whole roof covering: roof of the house smoothly into the roof of the veranda

From inside the pavinginsulating material, which is sold in the form of plates or rolls. Furnish the room is performed using plasterboard or chipboard panels. Options for decorating the interior are many: the formulation depends on the destination veranda.

The configuration of the roof has several outbuildingsoptions, but the most popular is the type of single-slope roofs - easy to implement and, as a rule, blends perfectly with the roof of the house. Rafters are placed at an angle: the upper ends are fixed under the slope, based on the lower walls.


There are two variants of design ceilings: in the first case, their sewn planks in the second - is left in the clear

As roofing use the samethe material that was used for the roof of the building equipment. It is important to match and texture, and color. Typically, when building a porch with his hands, used material, easy to mount, for example, soft tile, metal roofing or roofing material.

The procedure for laying of roofing material:

  • is attached to the rafters of the board so as to get a tight flooring;
  • overlapping webs rolled roofing, fastening galvanized nails edge;
  • additionally fixed cover strips disposed at the same distance from one another;
  • the lower edge of the roofing nail and buckled.

Step # 4 - formation of gender

The best material for the floor - treated wood board about 30 mm thick.

Wooden floor

Choosing a color for painting the wooden floor, often stop at the semi-transparent paint formulations that retain the natural texture of wood pattern

The width may vary, but typically takesarticles about 85-120 mm. Boards are placed on the joists, using a heat-insulating layer. The upper surface of the floor must be flat and smooth. Every detail is treated with a protective agent, and after laying cover with paint or varnish.

veranda Interior

Veranda closed type - full housingprotected from the weather troubles. Having thought a corresponding interior, it can be converted into an office, recreation room, dining room or children's playroom

Veranda in the country can be constructed usingready-glazed windows. Their size depends on the total area of ​​the premises and the degree of illumination. The larger the window, the easier it looks finished structure. Especially good sliding design, allowing the warmer time of converting a closed to an open veranda.

Video examples of the construction of such buildings

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