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House on wheels for questioning: how to quickly and cheaply to solve the comfort problem?

House on wheels for questioning: how to quickly and cheaply to solve the comfort problem?

The desire to have in the country is not a stationary structure, andmobile housing due not only to travel a dream. Everything is much easier. In the summer of suburban land owners actually moved there and, of course, equip your home, creating a feeling of comfort. These moves and part of the property, providing comfortable accommodation cottagers. With the cooling of many tenants returned to the city apartments, visiting summer homes from time to time to make sure their property in safety. Of course, if instead of a stationary structure they would have a motorhome for questioning, the problem of winter travel and experiences solved would be much easier.


Advantages of mobile homes

In fact, the mobile home on wheels - itkind of trailer, conceived and then constructed and designed to stay in it one or more persons in maximum comfort.

Basic equipment such facilities astypically involves cooking stoves, refrigerators, furniture and other items, without which civilized man has become hard to present themselves.


Even such a big house-transformer folded occupies minimum space on the site, while providing maximum comfort to tenants

Doubtless advantages of such structures are:

  • it takes a minimum of space on the site;
  • or complex special care for it is not required;
  • it can be used not only in the country. It is convenient to take with you on a journey not to look for temporary accommodation and not to spend money on it: all the necessary equipment will always be at your fingertips.
  • the possibility to use a car to tow it to a parking lot.

Regarding the latter benefits, it is necessary to clarify that the dimensions of the trailer-trailer must not exceed the following:

  • Height - 400 cm;
  • width - 255 cm;
  • length - 100 cm, excluding part projecting beyond the trailer.

Over dimensional structure during transportIt requires special equipment and support. When we speak of towing forces conventional car, it is understood that this is a country house-trailer.

House in a cut

Pay attention to the fact that even a relatively small external dimensions of the house allowed him to accommodate all the necessary communication and household furniture

In western countries with their own travelhome - a widespread practice. Our fellow citizens are still only beginning to develop this way of tourism. But, given the vast expanses of our country and its beauty, we can assume that the popularity of mobile designs from year to year will only grow.

Varieties of mobile housing

Mobile Housing - a construct thatable to combine a multitude of functions. The honor of the true genius of the invention belongs to the specialists from America. For the first time such a structure based on an ordinary car chassis presented by "Jennings" in 1938.

With the development of scientific thought and technology and expandsrange of mobile homes. Different models differ from each other not only in size, but also the technical equipment, quality interior finishes.

Trailer Tent

Dream about how to go on a trip without leaving your own home, it has been successfully implemented by talented designers from the United States

Based on these parameters, from the variety of mobile structures can be identified:

  • trailer-tent;
  • trailer-giving;
  • caravan on wheels.

Let us consider these options.

Mobile trailer-tent

This design is right can be considered the most simple and relatively budget solution. At the initial stage of the folding trailer-tent - great mobile homes.

At first glance, this building recallsa simple trailer. But differences arise after a special tent fastened around a base design. In it and installed all the necessary attributes for life.

Grey trailer tent

If the base of the trailer, tent trailer is a rectangular design, the tent itself can have unpredictable form, including being multi

Places in the tent will suffice for:

  • refrigerator;
  • shell;
  • cooker;
  • several items of folding furniture needed in the economy.

Surprisingly, but in this lightweightdesign and enough room for a double bed and the dining room, which is located in the middle of a makeshift house. If desired, a dining room in most models of trailers, tents, too, can be transformed into a double bed.

The small space can accommodatefamily up to four people. Tent itself is usually made of a fabric that allows ventilate the area and to protect the occupants from the weather, insects, and snakes.

Trailer tent inside

In this picture is clearly seen only a small part of the interior decoration of the tent: it has everything you need and nothing extra

These tents are popular among hikers, hunters and fishermen. But this design has a major drawback: when moving it will have to regularly disassembled and assembled again.

Comfortable caravan

Accommodation of this type are often referred to as a caravan,a caravan or trailer. Unlike tents, the size of this design more in line with our way of thinking about life in comfort. The length from 6 to 12 meters allows the cottage-trailer full play the role of suburban buildings.

Trailer, cottage

Of course, without help, this caravan will not go away, but with a car it can be moved to such a distance, which provide food supplies, water and other resources

Usual equipment trailer includes the following components:

  • heaters;
  • stove;
  • fridge;
  • shower;
  • bathroom;
  • basic set of furniture and additional furniture items.

If life in a tent was like aoutdoorsy camp, the owner of the trailer can feel almost like home. Interior it is slightly different from what we used to see in a small country house or in a small city apartment.

Significantly expands range of furniture, which can afford. And it is not only a sofa, but also, for example, a large bed, wardrobe and kitchen cabinets.

Trailer-villa inside

cottages, trailer Internal device says that you can fully relax and freshen up after a long road or working in the country

White trailer caravan

Meanwhile, the caravan may differ significantly from each other not only in the outer trim, and interior decoration and equipment of

Not all trailers of life system is organized in the same way. Depending on this parameter, there are the following models:

  • Camping. Abroad, there are campsites system specifically designed for certain models of trailers. In these campgrounds and summer camps have a centralized system of power supply and water supply system, which can be simply connected.
  • Stand-alone. The owners of these models can only rely on their own resources and reserves. Therefore, they have all the necessary water supply equipment with a fair supply of water, as well as a generator that operates on diesel and electricity to provide the trailer.

Caravan on wheels

This mobile design can be forowner suburban area full-fledged housing. It can accommodate up to seven occupants. The average length of a garden is 12 meters, but the model and produced 15 and 17 meters in length. It may be located all the equipment, which usually happens in the trailer, and additional pieces of furniture and equipment.

Cottage on wheels

Here is the separation of the driver's cabin is an alcove. It is equipped with a bed. From there, probably very interesting to look at the road, when the house in the way

Features exist in the structure itself caravan. In the upper part of her body, there is a ledge - an alcove, located directly above the driver's cab. There is also equipped with a comfortable bed. Inside the house there are also shower and separate space kitchen, which houses the stove for cooking and a fridge. Sleeps then some.

Cottage on the inside wheels

Why just not inside cottages on wheels. This again suggests that the caravan can be an excellent substitute for the stationary housing, if the time to replenish

Caravan - is not only overall, but also heavyconstruction. Its weight is about 3,500 kg. It is worth it is not cheap. However, if you do not give preference to the latest models and products that are sold on the secondary market, you can buy a decent caravan paying relatively inexpensive.

Three comfort class

Campers are divided into classes according to their level of comfort.

Luxury Class A

Motorhomes Class A - independent mobileconstruction of large dimensions. These trailers consider not just comfortable and luxurious. The European classification they correspond integrated campers. In fact, this residential buses.

The composition of equipment includes built-ingenerator, gas cylinders, the volume of which is approximately 200 liters, large capacity rechargeable battery and a decent supply of drinking water in the tank. With these resources, the owners of the house A-class can not depend on camping and for a long time to travel independently.

Motorhome with garage

Those who still doubt whether to buy a Class A motorhome or start to build a large house on the site, let's look at this home with garage

Alcove class B

The basis for the Class B motorhomes chassis isTruck with driver's cabin. This model is specifically designed as a basis for mobile homes. In Europe, similar structures called alcove motorhomes. This name arose because of the alcove, located on the driver's cabin.

The presence of the driver's cabin provides a separate entrance to the passenger and the driver. This trailer is good for novice travelers, since it is much easier to manage than a camper Class A.

alcove camper

Some alcove campers provide an extension of living space truckers and travelers due to folding or retractable side panels

In the compact class

Motorhomes Class "B" refers to the category of smalland relatively inexpensive mobile campers. The basis for them are often advanced chassis van vans. They can be self-contained accommodation for the company of the four travelers.

Generally, an increase of the spaceIt is due to the opening and closing of the roof, which is made from fiberglass. Class B offers its owners a set of basic amenities: a portable toilet, a modest kitchen, bedroom and dining room.

Motorhome Class B

This tidy Volkswagen salad color looks very much at home: it is clear that the owners love to spend inside your free time

Manufacturers of popular models

If we originated the idea of ​​buying mobile homes forcottages, would be good to orient in who produces models that come to our market. Such products are in demand, which means that the market is always present products created in the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, France and other countries.


Trailer-tent "SKIF-2", produced in Belarus, allowing to build on the basis of a small rectangular palace of the trailer, where all have enough space

Different types of mobile housing and produceBelarus. Bodies motorhomes from "MAZ-Kupava" is made of sandwich panels, trimmed with aluminum sheets. Interior home decoration made of sheets of colored fiberboard. Price Belarusian caravan ranges from 8,000 to 500.

Recommendations for choosing a

If you want to buy a mobile giving is supported by financial capability and time to get down to the choice of a suitable model, listen to the advice that can help you avoid mistakes:

  • Thoroughly inspect the ceiling and walls of the structure. They should not have any defects. Check them out in the dry.
  • No cracks through the room can not be.
  • When ready for use, the house is the result of transformations, check up serviceability of all mechanisms.
  • All shelves, tables and cabinets must be in perfect condition.
  • Especially check the bathroom carefully. On the toilet should be no evidence of mechanical damage: chips and cracks.
  • Open the air vents. This procedure must be done without much effort. In the closed position, the hatches must sealingly abut against the openings.
  • Check out how to open and close the window. Make sure they do not leak.
  • Make sure that all doors and other opening elements of furniture are robust clamps.
  • Consider the sewage system: the passage of water through it must be unobstructed.
  • Inspect the vents. Make sure that they are not sealed, welded or not covered by any other method.
  • Seals on the doors must be flexible and soft. Only in this case they are closed tightly and without gaps.
  • Check if the door is locked well, securely locking her work unit.

Not knowing what kind of model you have chosen,it is very difficult to foresee all the nuances of the design and give more detailed advice, but we have added a base. And the general principle of the testing of new and used mobile structures should be clear to you.

Interior caravan

In these luxury apartments want to spend as much of their free time. Here you can live with taste

Class A Motorhome

To fully appreciate the quality of the caravan on wheels, it is necessary to maintain it in good condition. That's when it will not fail you

We offer you an overview of modern cottages models on wheels:

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