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How to combine a bar and a summer kitchen with a swimming pool, for those who like chic

How to combine a bar and a summer kitchen with a swimming pool, for those who like chic

Probably not the homeowner, which would completelyHe abandoned the idea of ​​placing at his dacha at least a small pond. And if the total area of ​​the plot allows the construction of swimming pools in the vicinity of your own cottage is quite real. What could be better than swimming on a hot day? It will return the courage and spent to fight the heat power. Even out of the water you do not want! And that water treatment turned into a pleasure, can be added to the filled water tank a few spectacular but functional design elements. For example, a bar or a summer kitchen.


Better, of course, ensure that there are more bars ondesign stage and construction of the pool, but if the latter is already built, it does not matter. The new design can attach to and actually existing. Thus any form of container or cup size special value do not.

A good option to combine

Most likely, this design is ideally combines the kitchen, bar and swimming pool, was conceived at the design stage. It looks very impressive

Generally bar stools rigidly fixed to eitherthe base of the bowl pond or to the metal frame, which is then fixed onto the rim. The second option is preferable in case the size of the construction of the water is low: at the bottom of this is completely free. As a general rule, chair seats make round or square.

Various integration options

Ways device bar at artificial pond can be set. Each homeowner will be able to choose the one that best suits his concept of comfort and coziness.

Method # 1 - building at the reservoir edge

Perhaps, this option can be consideredthe most common. When it carried out the installation itself stands on the edge of the reservoir. This method does not require significant costs. Countertops concrete forms a projection oriented in the direction of the bowl artificial pond. Typically, such a protrusion or veneer in the same style as the whole structure, or, on the contrary, make a contrast.

Swim-up bar - 1

In fact, the table top is in this case a side part of the pool, its continuation. This means that the entire composition as a whole looks very harmoniously

There are similar variations in the design of the chairs. Most often use a mosaic tile or in the process of finishing the bar. Laid-stone ledge successfully combined with any other adjacent elements, if they are decorated in the same spirit.

Swim-up bar - 2

Mosaic as a material for decoration is used as often as the tiles. As you can see, it is organically complemented by a pattern on the edge of the pool

As the finishing materials are often usedcomposite. They have proven themselves in operation due to water resistance and low winter temperatures. Recently, the same remarkable properties attracted the attention of designers and polished concrete. It began to be used more actively.

Method # 2 - design, placed in a bowl

The really big container of water, in whichthere is a place not only for diving but also for swimming, has to ensure that the bar was not erected at its rim, but directly inside the bowl. Incidentally, such a spectacular element immediately raises the status of the entire structure.

The bar in the bowl pool - 1

This bar, which is located inside the bowl,It does not interfere with swimmers who are in most of the basin, but also shuts its lower part. It can be equipped with shallow water - paddling pool for younger family members

The rack should be placed in a position tothey do not become an obstacle for those who would like to swim in plenty. On the other hand, those who sit at the bar, too, nothing should interfere. This means that under the table be sure to leave a space for the feet.

The main advantage of this option isthat the bar is not actually a continuation of a side, and therefore, can be of any shape, which corresponds to the wishes of the owner. Behind it, you can take the most comfortable position, so that sunlight does not hit in the face.

The bar in the bowl pool - 2

The advantage of a standalone rack is that you can take the most advantageous position relative to the sun, so it does not dazzle the eye

There are already tested variations radius,straight and even circular shape countertops. You can make a bar in the form of a closed circle, fixed on supports. Moreover chairs arranged in its interior. To get inside you can fold through sector countertops. At any time of the day is the place to stay very convenient.

Combining bar, a summer kitchen and a swimming pool

If you plan on construction siteartificial water body, and a summer kitchen, why not combine these two designs together using the bar? In fact, leisure and cooking area and storage area will be located next to each other, which promises significant advantages:

  • hand always cold drinks, because they are stored in the refrigerator for a summer construction;
  • Food and drinks will not need to go into the house;
  • a snack will be almost without leaving the water, comfortably sitting on special chairs and spread a feast on the table;
  • If the bar make a two-way, you can not let out of sight and the scope of communication and those who bathe, and those who are sunning at the edge.

Of course, care should be taken to ensure thatdesign of all involved in the overall composition of elements coincided. Combines the functions can be used to perform the decor. He will keep the unity of style. In this case, the construction will look so harmoniously, like an indivisible entity.

Bar, kitchen and pool together

The combination of a summer kitchen, bar and swimming pool, in this case the most natural. It would be strange, there is a kitchen in close proximity to the pool, to isolate it from the high side of bathers

The construction of a bar in the pool nospecial complexity. With this work can be handled independently. But even if you decide to bring professional artists and designers, your costs will be compensated as a break in this complex, you can much more efficiently.

Summer kitchen Benefits of integration

Ideas summer kitchen unit set, and each in its own attractive. But place it in close proximity to the pool - this is perhaps the most successful idea.

Deepening the kitchen space

If you do not bury the kitchen, then the person who sits at the bar, will be at the foot level bartender or cook. This is unnatural and unaesthetic

We list only the most obvious gains from this arrangement:

  • Usually in the room, which serves hot food, hot summer reigns, but because of the cooling effect of the water that washes the wall construction, there will be much cooler;
  • Anyone who is currently busy preparing food, not fenced off from all other households and visitors, and is with them on the same level, can communicate and be aware of everything that happens;
  • Everything you need for food storage and preparation equipment is submerged, and, therefore, does not interfere with the review: yard thus looks much more spacious;
  • The rim, which separates the body of water and a kitchen, as mentioned above, can be used as a table top, which provides additional benefits.

To make the appearance of the site as much as possibleeffective and, simultaneously, to increase the functionality of food, it is best to be recessed space 80 centimeters relative to the total level of the yard.

The necessary equipment and communication

Despite the exotic location of summerkitchen and the fact that it is below the general level of other yard buildings, its functionality is not harmful. It will certainly need to take all the necessary communications. Do not forget to include it in the overall cleaning system at home. And nothing about the presence of a refrigerator, oven, stove and grill did not even have to talk. This integral parts of modern life. To get a universal dining area, you can build a swimming pool and bar stools, and on the other hand install them.

kitchen equipment

The kitchen must be fully equipped, because to cook outdoors in the summer - it is a real pleasure, not a test of heat

Another essential for any roomelement is the roof. This can be easily removable awning or canopy type of capital structure, capable of reliably hide not only from the scorching sun, but also from the weather. Sometimes the place of cooking and you need to cover up from the neighbors, if the wind is often blowing in their direction, and food odors or smoke impede their rest. Then, between the supports it is appropriate to establish which enclose light shields.

Incidentally, the fact that the structure will have acapital roof, expanding opportunities for its useful life. Under the canopy can be placed with a wide-screen TV or home theater. Cinema can watch not only swim, but also those who rest in the surrounding area. If the dining room to make a big enough by itself, then it will be possible to equip and a dining area for guests outside of the pool.

The roof for the summer kitchen

Despite the exotic roof, which makes everything look like a construction bungalows, set in the kitchen TV panel. This means that the room is well protected from the weather in the summer

In the presence of gas supplied to the summer kitchen,You can build a gas fireplace. To prepare different dishes it is better to use a traditional gas or electric stoves. Exotics can be achieved with the help of bio fireplaces and wood-burning hearth. However, variants of equipment such wonderful facilities there will always be set.

Another interesting option Integration

You can using the recessed kitchen areain the house, to do without a special year of construction, of course, if the window of the room is large enough opening. Close it was suggested, for example, by means of roller shutters. This original project developed by Architectural Justice. The room, by the way, is supposed to operate not only in the warmer months, but in winter. Just window will be closed and sealed.

Pool from the kitchen window

If you want to stay in Venice, then in the summer you can enjoy the water views from the kitchen window. In the case of a reliable waterproofing of this option will find its fans

It is from a large window to the wall of a houseadjacent pool. At the same time a virtually sill plays the role of the bar. In the dining room you can enter and from the yard, and that it is likely, from other rooms of the cottage. In general, the kitchen itself and equipped looks exactly the same as in any home.

Perhaps all of these facilities requires not onlyextra time for their creation, but also considerable financial costs. But they all provide comfort and convenience to your home, making your stay as pleasant and complete.

However, there are quite inexpensive arrangement options, one of which we offer you in this video.

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