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Decorating the house siding from the outside: a review of the material + installation instructions

Decorating the house siding from the outside: a review of the material + installation instructions

Describing the cottage or country house, we are very muchtime pay its interior decoration. But the first impression about your housing is largely dependent on how it looks from the outside. Furthermore, the quality exterior finish has a significant impact on the safety of the house, its durability, as well as the extent to be comfortable accommodation therein. Decorating the house siding from the outside is in high demand among homeowners. The reasons for this popularity, on the general principles of this type of decoration and how to look at home, trimmed with siding, we want to tell you.


Why is this type of finish is so popular?

Through wall siding house, completelychanging its appearance and, of course, it produces an impression. The building looks complete. Now it is fully consistent with the style in which it was originally intended. Facing not only insulate the structure, but also protect it from the wind, rain and snow.

Facing with siding

Through siding any building takes a well-groomed and respectable appearance. In addition, this finishing material - excellent protection for the house

Using the siding for the cladding of the cottageIt allows you to save your finances and time spent on the exterior finishing. In addition, this material has good performance and resistance to external influences. Its application allows to combine the process of warming the house with its external finish.

This material is so varied in itstexture and coloring, for any cottage or villa there is always a suitable option. Another indisputable advantage siding is easy care for them: it is enough just to wash time to time.

Choosing the right kind of siding

We can assume that all the houses, trimmedsiding, similar to each other, but it is not. Firstly, the individual characteristics of the buildings gives the color gamut, which is selected by the owners. Secondly, the important role played by the varied texture of the finishing material.

Option # 1 - solid vinyl panels

Perhaps it is the vinyl panels arespecial attention of buyers. This siding can have a smooth surface or to simulate wood, brick and even natural stone. PVC panels are actually presented very flexible.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is presented especially diverse: it may have a smooth or textured surface, to please the bright and contrasting coloring

This material has many useful features, which provide a high demand for it:

  • affordable price;
  • lightweight panels, which greatly simplifies the installation process;
  • durability of the material: it is able to serve more than 50 years;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • a wide range of this type of product is able to satisfy customers with different needs.

Operation vinyl siding is subject to the temperature conditions of 50 degrees of heat, up to 50 degrees below zero. But this material has a high sensitivity to temperature changes.

Using vinyl panels for external claddingstructure, it is necessary to consider the coefficient of linear expansion of the material upon heating. Otherwise, the panel can be deformed by sudden temperature changes.

PVC panels

Another nice feature of PVC panel is the ability to combine them with other material. With a ground siding, for example

Option # 2 - classic wood siding

When more of the plastics in the construction marketmaterials have not even heard, for cladding buildings used wood siding. That he is still considered the most noble and expensive facing material.

wood siding

Modern wood siding - it is notit is wood. These panels with a surprisingly smooth surface are obtained by pressing at a high temperature a mixture of wood fibers and polymers

In addition to environmental cleanliness, which is the undisputed advantage of this material, it is famous for, and other positive qualities.

Are inherent:

  • a high level of strength;
  • good performance of thermal insulation;
  • decorative.

However, the wood has its drawbacks. Today it is unreasonably expensive material. That he has served longer, it must be treated with antiseptics and flame retardants. He needs it and staining. However, the timber can be deformed by excess moisture and due to some other reasons. And it serves this lining is much less than vinyl.

Metal siding mimics wood

If you think you see in front of house, decorated with wood, you are mistaken. This is her clever imitation - metal siding

Today, this type of siding is almost out of use, because it's easier and safer to use materials that can mimic wood.

Option # 3 - a respectable cement material

Often on the market meet and cement siding. In the production of the building material is not only high quality cement, but also small elastic fibers of cellulose which is added to the solution. As a rule, the material mimics the decorative stone is not inferior to him and for technical and decorative qualities. House with a similar skin gets very respectable appearance.

Cement siding

House, decorated cement siding, look especially respectable. This is a solid material, which requires special strength building frame

Doubtless advantages of the cladding material are:

  • its high reliability and durability;
  • material geometrically stable and does not change dependent on temperature conditions;
  • resistance to various environmental factors: rain, snow, direct sunlight;
  • This material is rot-resistant, fireproof, it does not need to process from the mold and mildew;
  • cement sheeting can be easily restored without having to dismantle it.

The disadvantage of this material is that itexpensive installation. Firstly, heavy cement siding is not so easy to install. Secondly, a special tool that cuts the panel used in the installation process. During this process, the silicon dust is formed. That she did not get into the lungs, it is necessary to use protective equipment.

Siding on the basis of cement

Unlike vinyl siding, cement finishing material geometry never changes and is not dependent on temperature

To support the weight of the cladding material, the building frame should have a high strength.

Option # 4 - a beautiful and expensive ceramics

A ceramic siding is used less frequently. It made it on the basis of silicate materials with the addition of fiberoptic. In special blanks applied giperpokrytie consisting of acrylic-silicon and inorganic dyes. After that, the product is subjected to hardening, as a result of which form the ceramic surface.

Ceramic siding

This expensive ceramic siding is manufactured in Japan. He is original, beautiful and durable, but they lined the house must also have a certain margin of safety

This lining material is highly resistant to the effects of rain and sun exposure. His coat does not tarnish, does not respond to vibration.

Advantages of this material is its:

  • exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • undemanding to care;
  • durability, flammability and resistance.

Disadvantages of this material are the same as that of the products of cement: this heavy cladding requires increased frame house. The ceramic material itself is expensive, and its installation is also not cheap.

ceramic Siding

Ceramic siding does not burn, although itcreating and asbestos is not used. He has an excellent thermal insulation properties and prevents the occurrence of condensation, which can reduce the strength of the building

Option # 5 - metal siding

After vinyl, metal siding, perhaps,It can be called the second most popular. It is used for covering not only houses, but also public buildings. This material is made of steel, aluminum and zinc:

  • Steel. Steel panels or paint usingSpecial powder, or coated with a polymeric layer. While the cover is not broken, the panels are well protected from corrosion. This material does not burn, it is highly durable and decorative, easy to install. Its disadvantages are poor sound and thermal insulation properties.
  • Zinc. This material appeared on the market recently and are notspecial demand due to the high cost. The surface of these panels has a gray or black color. Zinc siding has the main advantages of steel.
  • Aluminum. Aluminium panels are substantially independentcorrosion and are easy. Their persistence is appropriate to use in places where the polymer coating steel panels may peel off from the base, that is, where the panels have to be cut. This is an expensive material, which is easily deformed in violation of the conditions of its transportation.

Metal siding is often used to formdesign in hi-tech style. However, increased demand is not mirrored panels, and products that imitate wooden beams. There are panels that depict a wooden frame. This metal siding is very similar to a log called "block-house".


Metal Siding can depict not only the timber but also brick, for example. The fact that it is still siding, confirmed reflection of light from the surface of the wall to the left of the photo

Block house

Metal siding successfully creates a simulated log house - blockhouse. The result is a beautiful and durable structure that does not require special care

Option # 6 - ground Siding

The panels, which are used for covering the cap,made from high-strength polymers. used various additives and high pressure in their production process. The surface of the ground siding reproduces the look of natural materials: stone and wood.

ground siding

To trim cap using a siding, which is characterized by a high level of strength. Sometimes it is used in combination with other wall finishing

Cap of any building shall be protected especiallydurable coating. After all, it is in direct contact with the ground, exposed to mechanical stress and is affected by excess moisture. Plinth panel specially made thicker and stronger than the wall. They can be mounted on a simple crate.

Additional advantages of this finishingmaterial are its rich colors, good insulation properties, high strength and decorative. Thanks to its reinforced structure, this material has improved performance, but it is more expensive.

Boarding Ground siding

Ground siding - a beautiful material. For this reason it is sometimes used not only for facing the cap, but also for the exterior finishing of all buildings

Wall siding is varied. Use it to make the building form corresponding to different styles. It may look like a castle made of natural stone, a brick building, and even a log cabin made of logs. This provides not only decorative home, but also its insulation.

About how to choose the wall and podshivochny siding will tell you this video:

Calculation of the required amount of material

To calculate the need for siding,suffice it to recall the geometry that we all learned in high school. Mentally divide the surface that will sheathe, rectangles and triangles. Knowing the formula area of ​​these figures, we expect the total space to which we are working. The final value of the coating is determined, after the exclusion of the calculated total area of ​​the walls of the area of ​​windows and doors.

Calculation of siding needs

The calculation is necessary to take not only the siding, which will go to cover the walls, but also all sorts of strips, priokonnye and other essential elements in the process of installation

Now we have to determine how many panelswe need to carry out the planned investigations. siding panels are manufactured with different widths and lengths. Determine the area of ​​one panel and divide by it just calculated the size of the surface, we'll be covering. We get the required number of panels. Please note that if you select the panel size, we must take care to minimize the waste that will inevitably arise in the process of cutting. On the waste is accepted to add to the resulting amount of material up to 10%.

In addition to the main panels for facing need the following materials:

  • starting bracket - installation of siding starts with its installation. The demand for it is determined by dividing the entire outer perimeter of the home for the length of a single plank.
  • Corner trims - the number of internal and externalcorners of the house is determined by counting their number on the surface is sheathed. If the structure is higher than the angular length strips, the need for them is increasing accordingly.
  • connecting strips - they are necessary when the wall of the house longer than the panel siding. Determination of the need for them is carried out individually.
  • finishing strip - it is set horizontally at the end of the lining, as well as the windows.
  • Window profile - calculation of the element is performed individually.

Which tool is required?

When the lining material is prepared to work, you need to collect in one place all the necessary tools.

Tools and Accessories

All the tools that are needed to the master, should always be at hand. For this purpose often use special belt

We need:

  • line, square, tape measure;
  • hacksaw with fine teeth or Bulgarian, equipped with a range of metal;
  • Furniture stapler and hammer to work with a wooden crate;
  • screwdriver and screws;
  • Metal scissors, awl, knife;
  • level of 1.5 meters, the water level, a plumb;
  • for construction works pencil or chalk.

Do not forget that in order to work at the top level will be needed or scaffolding or ladders.

Crate, insulation, waterproofing

Installation of outdoor siding is impossible withoutbattens. With it, the structure of the walls are perfectly smooth. As a batten frame used wooden beams or special metal profile. Preference should be given to the profile because it is longer retains its performance properties.

Procedure lining

1 Heat insulation, 2 anchor for insulationmaterials, wall 3-, 4- Waterproofing and windscreen, 5 - Additional elements, 6- mounting bracket QC tickets from 55 to 230 mm, 7 - Mounting the L-shaped profile 40x40

Typically, the distance between the guidesframe of 50 cm - 1 m. The actual pitch depends on the characteristics of the building and used the width of the insulation to be installed between the rails. frame units must be present wherever there is docked panels located around the openings of windows and doors.

Adjust the temperature in the house in the heat and coldIt should insulation. You can choose different insulation, but is considered to be the most acceptable mineral wool from basalt fiber. That it helps to keep the temperature inside the home comfort. In addition, it fireproof material. A significant drawback of him only one - wool can interact with moisture.

In order to protect against moisture wool applied waterproofing layer. When mineral wool is fixed around the window, it should be cut with a small overlap on the actual size of the opening.

Details siding cladding process, you can see the video:

Photo collection trimmed siding houses

And we invite you to view photos trimmed siding a variety of houses, so you can see how attractive they become.

Beige with white

Different shades of beige in combination with white - the most common colors for the house, lined with vinyl siding

Green and white

The main colors used salad, which is fringed with white siding. In general, the house looks very neat and nice

Black and white

The classic combination of black and white - stylish option, which also found its expression in the outer finishing with the help of siding

Beige and brown

A more restrained and aristocratic combination of beige color looks with a dark brown. This house is like a personified stability

red lilac

The unusual combination of lilac and dark red is a positive attitude and perfectly complements the surrounding landscape, the white color represents the structure contours

Imitation of beam

Siding is faced not only residential houses, but also public buildings. And the pharmacy, lined with metal siding, simulating a bar, proof

Imitation brick

Accurate two-story building faced with brown metal siding, which successfully imitates the brickwork. The cottage looks stylish and solidly

Finishing a basement siding

Another building, as a finishing material which is applied ground siding, is a visible proof of how different products represent common word - siding

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