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Construction metal gazebo: a review of the major process steps

Construction metal gazebo: a review of the major process steps

On a sunny hot day, when the walls of a countryhome thoroughly warmed up and do not give the desired coolness, many of us often have a desire to find a place for outdoor recreation. A good solution of this arrangement cozy corner in the open air will be a gazebo made of metal with their hands. The elegant design will not close a picturesque landscape or a view of the house and become an organic complement the architectural ensemble.


Beautifully decorated metal gazebo forcottages, speaking as an aesthetic complement of landscape design, able to emphasize the taste of the owner. A variety of shapes and sizes of metal gazebos strikes. The decoration of suburban areas are the traditional round, square, hexagonal and octagonal gazebo and original design the most unusual design solutions.

The unusual design of the metal gazebo

Depending on the intentions of the designer gazebo can be decorated with a wide variety of decorative elements: the artistic forging, hanging pots with flowers ... hang-downing

The main advantage of metal gazebos for gardenIt is their strength and durability. Comfortable design can properly serve for more than one season. The only thing that is required for the extension of their service life - periodically inspect and timely manner to clean areas where there are signs of corrosion.

The rigidity of the frame metal arbors allows to prevent change in geometric dimensions, which often occur as a result of uneven subsidence under the influence of seasonal changes.

Alternative arrangement gazebos

Depending on the constructive solution andfunctional purpose pavilions, the covered area can be set any attributes for the rest, starting with garden furniture and finishing with a barbecue grill or oven

Options design the metal frame of the roof are also many: slate, trapezoidal sheet metal, polycarbonate ... The choice is limited only by the preferences and capabilities of the host material.

Pergolas can be fixedcapital structure, or portable temporary structures. In the first case they are mounted on the base: slab or pier foundation. Portable same design, are easy to disassemble and clean with the onset of cold weather, are installed directly on the ground.

Hand made metal gazebo - at least something to be proud of its owner. That is why we propose to consider the main stages of the construction of much-needed in the construction sector.

Step by step the construction of a multi-faceted roof gazebo

Hexagonal pavilion - a classic that does notIt loses its relevance for several decades. This cozy design has a number of indisputable advantages, the main among which are: elegance, spaciousness, durability and ease of erection.

Making hexagonal gazebo

This eight- or six-sided design is the analog model arbors round, but unlike the latter is much simpler in terms of construction

In fact, to make a metal gazebo yourself, there is nothing difficult. It is only necessary to have a specialized tool and possess the minimum skills of plumbing.

Step # 1 - Preparation of all necessary materials

For the manufacture of metal gazebo will need:

  • Hollow tubes with a wall thickness of 4.2 mm for the construction of columns (rectangular or square);
  • Mounting brackets;
  • Rods for the crates;
  • Roofing material (wave polycarbonate, soft tile ...);
  • Molded for wall cladding;
  • Kolovorot or garden auger;
  • electrodes;
  • Drills for metal;
  • Building level;
  • Sand and cement;
  • The paint on metal.

Among the tools we need: Bulgarian, welding machine, rotary hammer or power drill, galvanized screws and screwdriver.

Step # 2 - site selection and preparation of the base

The main condition for site selection for arrangement gazebos - to the hosts and guests to feel comfortable here and enjoy the most beautiful views of the country site.

A cozy gazebo by the pond

Place in the arrangement of the gazebo on the site can be selected anytime: in the shade of trees in the garden, near a pond or near the entrance to the house

Thinking design pergolas, you mustdecide for yourself whether it is open or closed blown performance, with or without lighting it. For visualization of the project and determine the dimensions of the future structure, it is desirable to make the drawing of construction. Plans made in scale, will correctly calculate the required amount of pipes for the installation of the main frame, and other ties to the smaller cross-section arrangement of the roof and cross.

Determining the size of the door opening:

  • height is calculated, oriented to the average human height (1.8-2.0 m);
  • opening width is approximately equal to the size of a standard door to the apartment (0.9-1.0 meters).

Site chosen by arrangement gazebos, are clearing the debris and tree roots.

Preparation of the base for the construction of the gazebo

On cleared of debris and residues of plant area we remove the fertile layer of soil, which is for use in flower beds and podsypaniya alignment differences in the area

After clearing the site and removing the 15-20 cm layer of soil,the bottom of the resulting "pit" fall asleep 5-8 cm layer of sand, pour water and thoroughly compacted. On the basis of sand, you can simply lay paving stones or paving tiles, or else build a concrete pad. To do this, we form boards shuttering, fixing it driven into the ground on the outside of the pegs. Fill the area with concrete and leave until completely pour a few days.

When equipping the site with an area of ​​more than twosquare meters, it is necessary to provide for thermal contraction joints. To do this, set the formwork boards, maintaining an interval of 1 meter, and fill the space with cement mortar. After pour concrete remove plaque and cracks and voids are sealed with grout.

Step # 3 - Set the struts

Upon completion of the arrangement of the floor, around the perimeter of the site sets the mark where we will place the supporting pillars. The number must match the number of racks gazebo corners.

The pit for the installation of the support column

For the construction of the support legs in targeted areas with the help of a drill brace or garden dig holes about 80 centimeters deep

The support legs below the level it is desirable to burysoil freezing, which is between 80 -100 cm. The bottom of the excavated pits covered with a layer of sand and gravel. The center holes install metal poles. With the help define the level of verticality, and then fill the voids with cement mortar.

There is another variant of the construction of pillars, withwhich in targeted areas at a depth below the level of soil freezing establish pier foundation - concrete columns with mortgages. These mortgages are welded-metal poles support.

Installation of horizontal crossbars

After installing the uprights to them can be welded horizontal crossmember, in which the role of metal tubes or rods can act

Prozhiliny arranged in two rows, between which the width of 1.2-1.5 meters. They will continue to fasten siding (planks, boards, polycarbonate).

The metal structure can be assembled as inwith screws or bolts or by welding. The choice depends only on whether the host is able to work with welding machine, or if he has the opportunity to invite an experienced welder. The main advantage of the bolt connection is the possibility of dismantling the structure in the winter time. But at the same time we should not forget that during the operation design bolted connections have to constantly pull.

Step # 4 - hexagonal arrangement of the roof structure

To flowing from the roof water is not flooded structure, cross joists placed so that they are up to 50 cm out from each end.

Driving manufacturing octagonal roof

For the correct arrangement of hexagonal or octagonal roof racks welds to support cross beams, placing them at a distance of two meters from each other

The circuit arrangement of the roof

Laghi is welded to the metal cross member, and then, guided by the level of applied and anchoring rafters

The easiest option arrangement of the roof -cladding sheets of polycarbonate. For this purpose, the metal rafters make the holes for fastening of roofing material. To properly set the first sheet roofing, laid two sheets, counting on them and set the desired angle and stem. After that, we remove the first sheet and the second to fix screws. All roofing sheets fasten one by one, to stiffen bonding them together in two waves.

Garden furniture is almost ready. It is necessary to attach the side panels and paint the metal frame elements. Dye finished design is possible by powder coating. It gives a good result and a traditional dyeing embodiment in which the surface layer is first applied to the soil, and then the paint for metal.

Video examples of the construction of other structures

Example # 1:

Example # 2:

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