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Features of the installation of the fence of corrugated board with their own hands

Features of the installation of the fence of corrugated board with their own hands

Fence suburban area, the construction of the fence -One of the first tasks in the list that you want to solve the cottagers, do arrangement of his plot. To cover the area from prying eyes, you can make a practical fence of corrugated hands. This article will look at how to build this fence, paying close attention to the different nuances and secrets of the installation.


Why profiled?

A fence made of this material can be quickly installed- Specifies the desired line on the perimeter, installing poles, cross struts and then attach trapezoidal sheet. For such a fence owners feel comfortable - it protects from prying eyes, being quite strong.

A fence made of metal sheets can be high. At a height of 3-5 m to look beyond the fence will not be possible. This fence will also mute the sounds coming from the outside, creating a kind of a reflecting screen and sounds produced at the site.

A fence made of profiled sheet - a feasible task, whichIt can be solved without the involvement of experts and the additional costs of their work or rental of specialized equipment, as required, for example, when installing concrete fence. We must, of course, purchase the necessary tools and have the skills to work with steel sheets. The sheet is good and what is available in different colors. You can choose the color according to your taste and make a nice neat fence. Moreover, such a barrier will serve you for a long time - galvanized steel sheet has a lifespan of up to 20 years, and coated with a polymer and can last much longer.

Colours trapezoidal sheet

The color of the fence may well be combined with trim houses, enliven the landscape. A fence made of profiled sheet - it does not dull and featureless structure, even in its simplest form it is pleasing to the eye

When buying a steel sheet is required to payattention to the price - is not worth saving. Low price shows the same quality - poor quality of hire, the polymer layer, galvanized or too thin metal, which is not suitable for sampling.


When you select the sheet do not pursue cheapness, the fence is being built not for a year. Profiled C8 is perfect for roofs, and for the fence construction

For the installation of a fence made of profiled sheet you will need the following materials:

  • + profiled pipe for the supporting pillars and pipes to lag;
  • rubble + cement + sand;
  • rope primer level;
  • + welder container for the cement;
  • drill + drill bit;
  • + Riveter rivets or screws for metal.

Columns can also be used asbestosor wood. If you chose the wooden pillars, treat them with an antiseptic before starting work. Part of that will move deep, should be especially strong - it can be treated with a blowtorch and then bitumen primer.

Step by step analysis of construction stages

Step # 1 - fences marking

The first step is to make an accuratemarkup - determine where there will be gates, to identify places for poles. The pillars are set at a distance of no more than three meters apart. Determine the desired height on the perimeter fence, to calculate the number of the desired material.

Step # 2 - Installation of the supporting pillars

This tube can be square (not less than 50 / 50mm) or round section (not less than 76 mm). Upper hole can make, to keep out moisture.

The scheme of installation of pillars

The scheme of installation of supports for the fence of corrugated board. As the supports used metal pipes, the bottom holes can be filled gravel or sand to make a pillow. Set on two joists.

Next you need to dig a hole to a depth of 1-1.5 pillarsm, width of 150 mm. You can use a manual drill. Deepening the underground part of the supports depends on the height of the fence, the higher the planned fence - the greater the need to dig in depth support.

The scheme of installation of the fence

The scheme of installation of the fence of corrugated board in three lags. As the supporting pillars, and the lag profile pipes are used

Columns should be well fortified, becausesuch a barrier is subject to the force of the wind. When bad supports strengthening the fence, a large area which is exposed to wind, can partially capsize. Bottom holes for the pillars is filled with gravel srednefraktsionnym (layer about 150-200 mm), then set a pillar, poured cement.

Note! To install the pillars necessary to use a plumb line, they must be installed vertically. For a good fixation of the supports can be strengthened by welded metal rods and bury them in the ground on both sides. After the support will be grouted, they should be left for three days to complete solidification of the concrete.

When the foundation hardens, proceed to installlag - a steel cross-section is mounted to the attachment to it of profiled sheet. For lag suitable profiled tube (cross-section 40/25 mm). Number lag in each section depends on the height of the fence. At a height of 1.7 m only two lag, with a height of 1.7 - 2 m and above, require the installation of three lag - top, bottom and middle. The upper and lower lugs mounted at a distance of 4 cm from the top and from the land. Electric welding for attaching them - the most reliable way of fixing. To protect against rust logs and poles after installation covered by special primer. It's better to do it at this stage, since after installing the sheets to work with the primer will be very uncomfortable.

Article topic: Setting the fence pillars: how different designs of installation

Installation of the fence depends on the soil type. If the soil is soft, its parts, especially in the spring, may sink, the same will happen with the pillars established in such soil. The soft ground is better to set the pillars to build a strip foundation. He constructs - along the pillars on the bottom of the duct tape is done. The height of the box - about 20 cm, so that it was strong, planks fastened bars or wire. Then we lay along the structure wall waterproofing layer, fill it with concrete. Even if the soil near the poles will be blurred, strip foundation give strength and stability of the fence.


To construct a strip foundation for the fencetrapezoidal sheet installed in the soft ground. The box is fixed between the bars, after pouring the cement will be a very strong and robust construction, can not be afraid of such a fence

Step # 3 - set the decking on joists

For mounting use screws for metal (length 35 mm, pitch 500 mm). Joining sheets made of corrugated board overlap each other.

Tip! When installing a fence of corrugated board, use work gloves - trapezoidal sheet is sharp enough material, there is a risk to get hurt.

As the saying goes, better to see once than hear a hundred times. We invite you to view a video with examples of installation:

Article on the subject: the gate settings in the fence of corrugated: parsing features Mount Technology

A fence of corrugated board looks good, hedurable and practical, the material is easy to tolerate harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, extreme heat and cold. Therefore, do not take such a decision as a temporary. If the pillars that look is not particularly aesthetically pleasing, oblitsevat brick or stone (or use a colored sheet), the fence will look expensive and beautiful.

brick fence pillars

Alternatively, the support can be oblitsevat artificialor natural stone or brick - a fence it looks much more impressive and is much more durable. But, of course, this will require considerable additional costs

Forging and steel sheet

Profiled well with othersmaterials, such as forging. In this embodiment, the fence decking covers the upper part of the fence, you can only close the bottom or use sheets with a gap between them - get the original attractive fence

When installing a fence of corrugated board is almostinevitable scratches on sheets. They can be easily eliminated by using spray paint. It is better to pre-buy a pair of paint cans with a suitable color. Outside the fence looks like a solid wall, seamless, durable and safe hiding yard from prying eyes.

options fences

Various embodiments of corrugated fencesdemonstrate the aesthetics of the material, its good compatibility with stone and brick. It is enough to show a little imagination, to create not only practical, but also beautiful fence

Additional expenses for the maintenance of such a fence is not required, but not so on the fence made of wood, and this is another plus in favor of the installation of a fence made of profiled sheet.

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