What kind of sander on wood to choose

At least once in life, but there was a need to use the sander for the repair or finishing works. There are several main types of grinding equipment, whose appointment is determined by the operating principle and design feature. For repair, construction, carpentry and joinery works choose the following types of slotmachines:

  • belt sanding machine should I choose for coarse and aggressive machining of metal, wood and plastic surfaces;
  • vibrodrivein has a rectangular shape of the sole and is used for a more gentle finish;
  • deltaclima is a kind of fibrosclerosis and different triangular shape of the sole;
  • eccentric sander in order to process the material to the polished condition due to vibrational and rotational movements of the grinding plates. However, this grinder is not suitable for inside corners and small areas.

The use of belt sanding machines for wood ↑

What kind of sander on wood to choose

Belt sanding machine for wood it is advisable to choose in the case when you want to quickly enough to remove a significant layer of, for example, to remove old paint or sanding is not planed boards. Grinding machines of this type prefer to choose to process the cut timber and a more accurate fit of parts.

Material processing is performed by looped sanding belt, stretched over the rotating rollers grinding machines. During the rotation of the strip with an abrasive removes a layer of material, almost as much as the planer. From grit strips directly depends on the thickness of the removed layer of material.

Deciding which sander to choose for wood home, and by staying on the belt option, you need to pay attention to the width and length of the used abrasive strips, and the speed of its rotation. From the width of the ribbon depends directly the area of the workpiece, and the rotation speed – the degree and aggressiveness of treatment of timber. In a tape shlifmashiny apply abrasive band standard size – 76х457 mm, 76х533 76х610 mm and mm. the belt Speed is 150-500 m/min, and the power of 400-1200 W. Also, the belt sander has a fairly useful function as stepless adjustment of speed of rotation of the abrasive strip and its auto-centering, eliminating the slipping of the tape with rollers.

Abrasive belt for grinding machines can be of two types – with a layer of zirconium or aluminum oxide. Tape with zirconium abrasive layer allows for deeper, however, aggressive treatment, during which the occurrence of a large number of scratches on the surface. Later need additional treatment with the use of fine-grained tape. If necessary, grinding the metal surface, it is desirable to select a tape with zirconium abrasive layer, besides with its help it is possible to perform grinding of the tool cutting edge.

The use of orbital Sanders ↑

What kind of sander on wood to choose

Despite the fact that there are multiple varieties of vibration of grinding machines, principle of operation at them almost identical. The sanding process is due to the slightly oscillatory and circular motion of the working grinding surface. Is selected for sanding sheet sandpaper various grit, which is attached to the sole by means of Velcro or clips. Quite often the choice of vibratory grinding machines is because they can achieve high quality processing and are used for virtually all types of materials: metal, wood, plastic, filler and so on. Fibrosclerosis widely used in body repair of the car, as they are well remove old coatings and rust.

What kind of sander on wood to choose

The degree of processing is directly dependent on the amplitude of oscillation. For rough processing of material, it is preferable to select the amplitude of oscillations of 4-5 mm, and for the more subtle and 1.5 – 3 mm. Adjustable speed of rotation in the everyday models of grinding machines from 2000 to 5000 rpm, and the vibration speed can be up to 25000 per minute. Regulation of speed of rotation, oscillation and the amplitude of the eccentric are quite nice options for grinding machines, vibrating.

Quite an important parameter in the choice of this tool is the power of vibroisolating, ranging 150-600 watts. It should be noted that the higher the power of the tool, the respectively higher performance and uptime. Another fairly important factor to consider in choosing the tool that makes appropriate use for repair car shlifmashiny vibrating type is the size and shape of the sanding sole. The sole can be rectangular, square or deltoid shape.

Select orbital Sanders to work with wood ^ the

What kind of sander on wood to choose

When selecting the instrument should take into account that the orbital sanding machines on wood, on the principle of action is similar to a rectangular orbital Sanders, however, have greater productivity, higher quality grinding and polishing due to the complex trajectories of vibrations. Grinding occurs by means of disc grinding attachment with a diameter of 150 mm, different grain sizes or felt wheels for polishing.

When choosing a tool, consider that the power orbital sanding machines on wood is about 200-650 W with the rotation of 13,000 rpm, and the speed of the oscillation Cam to 24,000 per minute. Adjustment of the number of vibrations of the revs and adjust the amplitude of the eccentric is produced from vibrating sanding machine for wood, and are quite useful functions.

For almost all types of grinding machines, regardless of whether they work with wood, metal or other material, characterized by the formation of dust in the process. Most of these models have holes in the soles to gather dust, or special dust collectors. This feature is quite useful when working in an enclosed space, so deciding which sander to choose for woodwork, should give preference to models with dust collectors. You should also pay attention to the length of the cord, because when you short a wire will always have to use an extension cord that is not always convenient. It is certainly possible for their work to select and rechargeable models slotmachines. When you select should pay attention to the weight and shape of handle polishing machine, just keeping it there some time in my hands and testing the inclusion and adjustment of operation modes.

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