What is a router wood to choose

The manual mill is a universal tool intended for various carpentry and finishing works such as:

  • sample of a quarter;
  • drilling;
  • grinding;
  • making nests for locks, fittings, covers, corners;
  • carving, engraving, manufacturing of bas-reliefs, sculptures, frescoes;
  • cutting work;
  • curly and straight edge profiling;
  • trimming laminate for furniture;
  • making grooves, slots, folds;
  • rough alignment and so on.

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The types of manual cutters ↑

On design features and capabilities there are three basic types of hand-held routers: edge, upper and lamellar.

Edge are mainly designed for grinding edges and chamfering.

What is a router wood to choose

The top routers in turn are divided into fixed and submersible. The latter constitute the motor adjusting the depth of milling by moving up or down. Tools of this kind are not very suitable for beginners, so as to change the position of the cutters will not turn it off. Submersible cutters more comfortable to work with. The engine moves along the guide rail, the springs allow you to raise or lower the cutter.

What is a router wood to choose

Modular expansion joints are typically used for devices connecting grooves.

What is a router wood to choose

Router selection ↑

The most important characteristics are power and speed (frequency) of rotation. Conventionally, there are light routers power up to 750 W, medium, up to 1100 W and heavy over 1200 watts. Rotation frequency, depending on the class tool varies from 35000 to 20000 rpm. Most have a gradual and smooth adjustment of the rotation speed of the spindle. As a rule, in the log of the tool indicates the recommended speed for processing of various materials.

High speed tools used for hard materials and high precision. For viscous and low-melting material is recommended to reduce the frequency.

Also important are the mechanical features of the instrument. Quality manual mill has a molded sole, made of aluminum alloy or stamped from steel. It provides good adhesion to the basis and a clear form of platform. These cutters can be used for finishing high precision work. The lower part of the sole must have a lining of solid refractory plastic or lacquered wood of firm breeds. It is recommended to pay attention to the size of the hole in the platform, limiting the maximum diameter of the cutter.

Broken or worn sucker rod of the mechanism largely determines the performance. The head part of the tool should move smoothly, without unnecessary effort. Gaps and distortions should be absent.

The depth of the frame is regulated by a screw or lever, which is located on the handle. Professional hand-held routers allow to make processing of accurate to hundredths of a millimeter. Regulating knob must also be free from backlash. Some models have the ability to change settings directly in the process. Fixation of the head parts in good tools is made on each arm.

Some hand-held routers equipped with detachable heads or have holes in the platform that allows you to consolidate tools in stationary position.

When buying a router, you need to pay attention to the collet mechanism by which is secured the snap-in tool. The cutter diameter must match the diameter of the collet. So, in light milling collet Chuck set, designed for shafts milling cutters with a diameter of 6 mm, mid-range instruments up to 8 mm heavy clamp 12 mm cutters.

When you install a more delicate cutters in the collet of larger diameter are transitional bushings, it’s important to consider the maximum frequency of rotation of cutter and feed rate, as exceeding these limits leads to damage to the equipment. Also pay attention to the units of the diameter cutters. European and American manufacturers specify this parameter in inches.

Better to give preference to the mill, equipped with a collet with a large number of slots. This clip securely centers and locks the cutter to prevent vibration.

The motors are powerful tools must be equipped with a softstarter. This protects mechanical parts from shock loads, mains from overloading the motor from inrush currents. Some professional models of manual cutters are protected from overheating of the windings. When the temperature exceeds the power supply is automatically turned off.

Many models of manual cutters equipped with a constant electronics, which stabilizes the speed when you change the flow and working with layered inhomogeneous materials. Such tools are more versatile and allow more consistent processing of.

All presented on the market of hand-held routers have protection against accidental activation. This can be implemented a button for applying current to the electric motor, which is required to press simultaneously with the main. With this system you can lock the trigger in depressed position. In some models you can adjust the speed of rotation force of pressing the start key.

Before buying it is important to evaluate the ergonomics of the tool. Arms should be rubberized to have a convenient form. Pay attention to the location of the work buttons, control mechanisms, the length of the supply cord, design of dust extraction.

Before you buy be sure to test the router at idle at different speeds. Vibrations and extraneous noises should not be. To assess the overview of the working area hand-held routers some manufacturers have a transparent protective casing and led backlight.

To check the immersion depth of the cutter in the passport data specified only the passage of the head portion of the tool. Better to give preference to the router, the collet of which reaches the bottom of the platform or in favour of it.

To assess and check the equipment tool. Hand-held routers can be equipped with additional devices such as guide rail, a horizontal emphasis, copier bushing, angle gauge, a ruler-a compass, a reference bearing. Before purchase it is recommended to install each additional fixture, to check the reliability of fasteners, to detect the presence of backlash.

Home and garden usually choose the middle router with basic configuration and replaceable cutters. These tools are powerful and versatile enough to accomplish most common work at home and in the garden.

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