What is a construction stapler to choose

Correct and secure clamping of materials guarantees the durability of structures. Because construction stapler is an indispensable tool in the repair. It is used for:

  • mounting wiring;
  • attaching carpet to floor;
  • the hauling furniture;
  • the device of waterproofing materials.

For each thickness and material type is selected a separate tool. In our article we will talk about the types of Takeru and how to choose construction stapler.

What is a construction stapler to choose

Types of stapler ↑

What is a construction stapler to choose

Before you start choosing, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic types of the tool. Construction staplers are:

  • mechanical;
  • electric;
  • pneumatic.

With a small amount of work the machine tool will be the best. Its advantages:

  • relatively low cost;
  • a simple scheme of work;
  • reliability – it simply nothing to break;

It consists of a housing, spring and lever. Driven by the muscular force of the user. Of course, when fixing waterproofing or finishing of furniture such a tool is very exhausting. In addition, the performance of work with him not too high.

What is a construction stapler to choose

Electric stapler increases the speed of work. For it does not require physical strength. The clip is hammered by means of electric energy. It can penetrate more dense material. The disadvantage is that such a construction of the stapler depends on the source of electricity.

If you choose a product with a cord it is inconvenient to use. Cable is confused, making it difficult work. It is impossible to work in an open area. Products on the battery that requires constant recharging and powerful models cost a lot.

What is a construction stapler to choose

A pneumatic stapler is the fastest and more suited to industrial volumes. The clip is hammered by a force of compressed air. It follows from this and the lack – need compressor. Because to buy a home, the whole equipment is expensive and pointless.

Select the stapler according to the type of work ↑

What is a construction stapler to choose

To hold the wires use a cable stapler. It is distinguished by a special form of the staples. He is able to mount items with a diameter of 4.5 to 7.5 mm. They are often used:

  • electricians;
  • Internet service providers;
  • plotters telephone lines.

Hammer Thacker useful where speed is needed. Its disadvantage is low accuracy, but this is not necessary when:

  • the fastening of waterproofing;
  • the device of a roofing carpet;
  • laying of the substrate under the flooring.

The principle of operation is to strike the stapler on the surface.Bracket is included in the base due to the inertial force.

What is a construction stapler to choose

Packaging stapler is used for fastening cardboard products and heavy paper. It is used as a replacement to duct tape. Produced mechanical and pneumatic products. Window dressed with no ordinary stapler staples, and metal studs. Depending on the energy that compresses the spring, the length of score may be from 1.5 to 5, see the Tool under the staple corners is rarely used. Often in the manufacture of decorative articles and furniture hauling. Skobozabivatel holds such products under a certain angle.

Convenience at work ↑

The main part in the device – impactor. The main load comes on the spring. Its stiffness depends on the usability of a mechanical product. Worse than the compressibility of the spring unit, the more force is applied. With electric and pneumatic models this figure is not so important.

Charge staples is like an ordinary office products. Is set to the length of the cassette, fit into the stapler. The more staples holds the device, the longer work without recharging.

What is a construction stapler to choose

The firing pin then is released and pulls the clip from the bundle. If staples ended their need to charge a special shop in the same way as in an ordinary office stapler.

Model construction skobozabivnoy different from stationery. There are two types: the first brackets are fully material, and other staples are bent on the anvil, thanks mate.

High requirements are put forward to the handle of the tool. It should be rubberized and grooved. This is to ensure that the tool does not slip in the hand. The quality of the handle material has a value when working in unheated rooms or on the street. It should not crack.

It is better to choose a device with the ability to adjust the force of impact. More convenient if the adjustment mechanism located on the handle.

How to choose a construction stapler ↑

Before buying a stapler decide what work it will perform. Stapler, selected for everyday robots must be reliable and convenient. Prolonged use is better to choose electric. Mechanical models are very tiring and can leave wounds on the palm of your hand.

On the other hand, before buying electrical appliance, please make sure that the site will be a place to connect. If no, look at the staplers, which operate on batteries. The weight of this tool a little more than the weight of the stapler of any other type. Working with this tool, will get tired faster. Another disadvantage of such a stapler, a short – lived battery. A new battery is not much cheaper than buying a new tool.

What is a construction stapler to choose

To work in the shop it is best to choose an air stapler. Most likely there will be a connection point for pneumatic tools to compressed air. Such a stapler is famous for durability and reliability.

Hammer tool suitable for those who works with some precision hammering staples. The cost of such a stapler is small, and to work with him much easier, since staples already inside.

The question how to choose a staple gun video will help to understand in more detail:

The ability of the stapler ↑

Acquire Thacker to perform two types of tasks:

  • connecting two different materials the way they are nailing each other. To serve as the basis for dense building materials;
  • the connection of the two parts with a bend edges of staples. Purchased this nailer with a special fifth.
    What is a construction stapler to choose

Many artists acquire Thacker as for industrial work and home use. Here are some of the features of this tool are:

  • covering of furniture;
  • mounting of decorative elements for furniture;
  • installation of posters, banners;
  • mount posters;
  • the production of gratings, racks;
  • the installation of roofing materials;
  • the Assembly of membrane materials;
  • maintenance of tiling;
  • the device of a floor from floorboards;
  • fixing carpet, linoleum;
  • strip the wires;
  • stitching cardboard and paper products;
  • device boxes and pallets;
  • fastening elements Windows.
    What is a construction stapler to choose

Not every tool is subject to all of the work. Especially limited power worker mechanical model. But, nevertheless, the purchase of fixtures greatly simplifies the operation, reducing the deadline. How to choose a staple gun will help expert tips:

Because armed with knowledge and sent for the purchase.

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