What are the poles for the fence is better to use

If you decide to put up a new fence, you need to choose not only the intake section, but the support for them. Today the market of building materials offers a wide range of supports under the fence from conventional metal pipe to reinforced concrete structures. The choice of supports for the fence sections wide, so any developer has the opportunity to choose what he needs and is suitable both in appearance and financial capabilities. A variety of posts under the fence, and all related materials are offered in the online store Leroy Merlin.

What are the poles for the fence is better to use

When installing the fence is very important to ensure not only beautiful appearance, but also the strength of the whole structure. Responsible for the stability of the poles for the fence, it is best that they are made of strong and durable material such as metal. To prevent rust or any mechanical damage of the support are covered with paint.

What are the poles for the fence is better to use

So that water does not get inside the pipes, and use special plastic caps to the posts under the fence. They can stand extremes of temperature, precipitation, easily installed and removed and also have a relatively low price. The sides of these plugs are «Gill», so that they can be easily mounted in the tube and not fall out of it. Depending on the shapes of pipes, which are to be mounted on a stub, the upper part may be rectangular, square, round, oval, pyramid or hemisphere. In addition, the plugs are divided into external and internal. The first view created is too thick for pipes, in which internal plugs simply don’t fit. They are simply put on top of a fence prop and look like a hood. All this will allow you to create an aesthetic appearance of the fence, and for many years to retain original appearance and quality.

The types of supports under the fence ↑

From the material of the intake section depends on the complexity of the pillar. If you need to install the posts under the fence of corrugated or mesh-netting, the huge brick columns will look ridiculous, as if to mount a fence made of concrete sections with metal bars, then nobody will give guarantees on the strength of this design.

Experts identify this classification supports for the fence:

  • brick is used for the installation of brick, metal or wooden fences;
  • hardwood under shtaketnym fence or fencing mesh-netting;
  • metal for fence sections from the corrugated sheet, mesh, or metal;
  • asbestos cement pipes – for net or metal fence;
  • concrete – for fence of concrete sections.

Installing poles for the fence with their hands ↑

There are three types of technologies the installation of fence poles:

  • concreting;
  • vivka posts in the ground;
  • installation in strip Foundation.

The choice of technology depends on the characteristics of the fence and the soil type where the poles are.

What are the poles for the fence is better to use

By far the most popular and versatile method of installation of the poles for the fence is concrete. Its advantages that is suitable for metal, wood, concrete and asbestos-cement supports, as well as concreting is not difficult to accomplish with their hands.

When concreting posts under the fence should follow the following sequence works:

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