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Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

One of the most important steps in settling a country home, suburban area, or any other area is the selection and installation of his fence. Currently, there are many different options of fencing, from fences, who would rather have a decorative function and to strong and reliable reinforced concrete fences, which are quite popular in our country. Many, when choosing a fence for your site, don’t even consider this option. Most often this is due to the stereotype that the concrete fence is a dull monotonous gray of the facility. Today, there are a huge selection of building materials that will help to make a fence of concrete is not only reliable and sturdy but also aesthetically appealing.

Advantages and disadvantages ↑

What are the main advantages of concrete fencing?

  • Concrete fence is durable, its service life can reach several decades;
  • fence made from concrete is resistant to temperature extremes, humidity, strong gusts of wind, mechanical stress. This is one of the most durable fencing options;
  • unlimited space for design. A fence of concrete can be absolutely any size, color and relief. In today’s construction market offer fences made of reinforced concrete with metal amazing elements of forging or inclusions of natural stone. These fences are ideal even for the most refined architectural ensembles and landscapes;
    Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

The following video presents a variety of design options concrete fence:

  • concrete fence has the ability to install even on problem soils and terrain (hills, slopes, etc.).
    Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Of course, like any other fence, the fence of reinforced concrete has its drawbacks:

  • concrete fencing has a lot of weight, which complicates the installation and dismantling;
  • to install concrete fence requires the use of special equipment.

The types of concrete fences ↑

Concrete fences are of the following types: industrial solid fences and decorative.

Consider in more detail each of them.

Industrial solid fence of reinforced concrete ^ the

It is this kind of comes to mind when talking about concrete fences.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

It consists of massive plates IN grey color 2, the installation of which occurs with the help of a crane. This type of fence does not require a Foundation, it is inserted into a special molded cups that securely hold it.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

This kind of fence is durable, reliable and durable. Usually it is set on protected sites, construction sites, various depots and warehouses, fencing for industrial and industrial areas. As fences for suburban areas it is almost never used because it looks too bulky, is heavy and difficult to install.

Decorative fence ↑

Has a graceful and attractive appearance. One section of fencing consists of several plates, which are placed on top of each other. Currently, manufacturers can offer a huge range of these boards, which have a variety of textures and colors. There are slab sided, patterned and solid.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

For clients wishing to create an exclusive fence around their plot manufacturers can create individual forms for casting slabs of concrete.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Precast decorative fence made of reinforced concrete is installed simply and quickly. The weight of the panels allows the installation of a similar fence with their hands, but in any case for work for self installation requires one or two assistants. In addition to stoves, for installation with your own hands, you need to purchase the support poles which are sold as ready-made and prefabricated form.

Installation of concrete fence with their hands ↑

For installation you will need the following tools:

  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • scrap;
  • shovel or auger.

Materials needed:

  • slabs of reinforced concrete;
  • the support poles;
  • crushed stone;
  • gravel or broken bricks;
  • sand;
  • cement.

Installation of concrete fence starts with the compilation of his project. Make a drawing of the future fence where you will see the perimeter fence, location of pillars, gates and doors. Calculate quantities required for the construction materials, make a list of tools that are useful during installation. Well, of course, get the aid of a few assistants, as the weight of the supporting pillars ranges from 35 kg to 125 kg, and the weight of the plates –from 45 kg to 90 kg.

Then, having prepared all the necessary tools and materials, you go to the site preparation for the installation of fencing. Perform a full removal of old fence, clear the area of bushes and tall grass, remove all the unnecessary objects that may interfere with the installation.

When the area is fully cleaned, make its markup, using the wooden stakes and kite string that stretched between them. Thus, note the line along the concrete fence and the installation location of gates and doors. For the convenience of the pegs it is worth noting the location of the supports. Typically, the length of the panels is two meters. Accordingly, the spacing between posts should be 2 meters.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Now go directly to the installation. First dig holes to strengthen them supporting pillars. The pit must have the following dimensions: diameter – 20 cm, depth of one meter.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

As a fence made of reinforced concrete is heavy, even if the soil is highly susceptible to heave in the frost, it still won’t be able to push this design. Therefore, holes for the supporting pillars have a relatively small depth. At the bottom of each such hole a 10 cm thick gravel fill and drainage, carefully pressed them with a crowbar and pour water. This process is called bytowanie.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Further, the installation of concrete fence with their hands can be produced in two ways.

The first method ↑

Insert in the holes the supports and align them, using the building level. The poles should be perfectly straight. At the corners of the perimeter of a 2 post under the appropriate form of the phase angle. Between the earth and the bottom of the concrete slab will need to leave a clearance of about 10 cm Is done to ensure that the plate is not subjected to the action of soil moisture. After installation and alignment of the pillars of support zabudovanou and concreted. Concrete must be allowed to harden (2-3 days).

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

If the support columns are installed correctly, the gap for insertion of concrete slabs will be located exactly opposite each other. The installation of the slabs starting with the corners of the plot. They are inserted into the grooves on the posts.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

After the installation of the first concrete slab on it, you can immediately put the second.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

The gaps between the boards and the posts should be concreted. You can then move on to the next section. In a section at a time you can install a maximum of two plates, in order to avoid distortions of the fence and make it more sustainable. After you lay the first two rows around the perimeter of the fence, you can install the following two tile rows. Thus, install concrete slabs to fill each section. At the end of the installation, support top wear a special top for protection against excessive moisture, and the gap at the bottom of the slabs concreted.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Tip: for extra protection, reinforced concrete fences, you can install a deck that will take rain water and increase its service life.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

The second method ↑

This is a more easy installation method. In the prepared hole to insert the first support post and concreted it. Then in the grooves of the column insert plates alternately from the bottom up to fill the section. The gaps between the slabs concreted. On the opposite edge of the concrete slabs put on the second support groove and hold it in the hole. Thus continue the installation around the perimeter.

Fences concrete and on concrete pillars

Also you can watch the whole process of installation of concrete fence in the video:

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