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Building a wooden picket fence

Building a wooden picket fenceWooden fence today is a unique kind of fence. Appearing in ancient times (when the most marketable kind of palisade was encountered and is now a wooden fence), he still is in demand, despite numerous opportunities to protect your home (land) or construction of other character building from other, seemingly more durable materials. But the reason for this is not an aging fashion enough.

Beautiful wooden fences can be the most simple, “unpretentious”, but endearing stylish look and look very complicated, sophisticated, wear the imprint of the work of the “cool” designer, a real master of his craft. Wooden fence with their hands should have a height of, on the one hand, not covering the trees and shrubs of the site and protecting the privacy of the owners.

Beautiful wooden fences in the age of high technology, extensive financial capabilities and standardization provide a building with individual style, his “face”. The most common material for the manufacture of fence to give hardwood is larch.

The leader among the types of fences from timber and its advantages ↑

Fence fence wooden is the most popular of a wide range of wooden fences, which has such advantages as:

  • Ecological purity is selected for the manufacture of the material;
  • High resistance to moisture and negative consequences, it caused;
  • Harmonious compatibility with other materials and with the surrounding natural landscape;
  • Efficiency rates, fully appropriate to the period of service the minimum level of which is seven or eight years.

A surface treatment of the fence with a special protective structure, it is possible to increase the service life several times.

Care in General ↑

Building a wooden picket fence

If we turn to the broader coverage of this issue – painting the wooden fence, then you need to consider the option of long-established painting and even painted the fence. The most competent approach is the removal from the surface of the fencing of old paint, dust and dirt. And why are special scrapers with rigid Foundation, and the maximum effect can be obtained by grinding, including a new wooden fence with the traditional rough surface, which upon completion of the grinding, it is recommended to be processed an emery paper. The presence of cracks it is necessary to hold the primer and putty, and then again perform the polishing with emery cloth, then polished again – and only in this state, the surface is considered ready for immediate painting.

Options impregnations and antiseptics for today very numerous. The consumer can make the choice with an emphasis on the modernity of the technology of the coloring material, or choose a varnish, characterized by a high degree of durability and color preservation. Possible final treatment with a special mastic.

When dealing with the matter than to paint a wooden fence you need to consider all physical characteristics of ink in terms of their compliance with the climatic and ecological components of the area.

Proper care of this kind of fencing is by and large need to start immediately from the moment of its installation, which must be preceded by a thorough clearance of the planned placement of the fence – limit the removal of vegetation and ants. A reasonable approach would be the acquisition of colored gravel, which will fill this section of the territory.

Poles for the fence wood also need special processing for different parts of a fence – located below ground level and above it – will be carried out in different ways and using different types of protective materials.

To prevent rotting, the work should be carried out in the absence of rain (or threat), but even the lightest mist.

Fence: conclusions ↑

Building a wooden picket fenceFences wooden fence recognized as the leading in popularity in residential construction is in force the widest possibilities of their design ( selection of color, shape, height ). Based in the design, mixing in time at the duration of existence, present form differs from its centuries-old predecessors, only more elegant and modern print design. However, the number of variations of this kind man, who had taken for its installation, it seems truly inexhaustible.

This property is a picket fence as the flow can be evaluated depending on the approach, which is both a plus and a minus. In terms of insulation here there is almost complete loss.

Tradition today ↑

Building a wooden picket fence

Wooden fence antique, today enjoying the special demand created by the use of such modern technologies as artificial aging, which weathered boards are perfectly combined with different styles and materials, including stone, metal, etc. Carved wrought-iron fence can be decorated with carvings of species such as:

  • Geometric;
  • Contour;
  • Lace.

Fence with geometric carving ↑

It is a difficult and troublesome work, which is that with the help of tools such as special knives and statestat on the surface of the wood stands out a figure, whose elements consist of various geometric shapes.

Fencing with the contour thread ↑

This option is also very handmade wooden product with a pencil draw a required picture, for example, it can be a lot of leaves, flocks of birds, in principle, all that may come to mind, and then along both sides of the line, special chisel to knock small holes. In fact, any carved fence made this way will look not only beautiful, but also space. To get a more enhanced effect, you can paint the recesses in one color and all the tabs other.

Fences with lace thread ↑

If you look, this option is the easiest for making FENCE with their hands, as all the patterns and drawings on wood are made quickly enough. The essence of this method is that takes a piece of wood, its surface is applied with a necessary pattern, and then in any region of the line hole is drilled, which is the knife of the jigsaw. And already electric jigsaw to cut a pattern around the outline image.

Typing ↑

Wooden fences with his own hands an extensive number of very peculiar construction :

  • Cat’s ears;
  • Double convex;
  • Private;
  • Peak;
  • Recessed;
  • Royal solid etc.

Building a wooden picket fence

But in General, the types of wood fences are characterized by a high demand of such varieties as: classic fence, ladder, chess, grill, ranch, cross, etc.

Fence wooden chess is characterized by the placement of boards on two sides in a checkerboard pattern with complete absence of gaps, which allows, without resorting to massive costly fences to protect themselves from prying eyes. Two main varieties of this type – checkerboard of horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal “checkerboard” as the perimeter fence is highly undesirable, as it greatly facilitates the lift on it and might trigger the Heist.

Wooden fence lattice (for the manufacture of which use planed boards and thin branches of the vine) is the most popular among owners of rustic, spacious houses and vast areas. The netting may have varying degrees of intricacy, which ultimately determines the final price.

To do wooden fence novice Amateur it is quite easy, if it will stop your choice on the same form as the Austrian the fence. Video install this type of fence can be viewed below

In essence it is the rods, interwoven between the stakes that are driven into the ground. “Braid” is distinguished by elegance, provide the planed fence, used for manufacturing facilities. However, its main purpose is decorative. The beauty and elegance of structures have another drawback such as the short life span of this type of fence.

View the “ranch”, despite the “foreign” name, fairly popular in Russia and is traditionally used for fencing garden plots.

Fans of high protective structures are committed to the protection not only from prying eyes, but the wind brought them of dust, dirt. However, the owners of such fences should be understood that the dimensions of the fences require regular maintenance, which requires, of course, much more effort than a small elegant fence.

The construction of a wooden fence, means a detailed and comprehensive acquaintance with the technologies, combining ancient traditions and modern trends associated with the latest technologies embodied in the tools used in the process.

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