Stone rose (the young) as a decorative element in the garden

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Young thrives in rocky soil, and sandy soil. So if you like gardens or gravel paths, this plant will help to make them more attractive, more original.

Landscape design has long used the young – even in the middle ages it was decorated with a flat roof. The ancient Romans believed that this plant takes the storm. The British also planted houseleek on the roofs, calling it a live tile. The French – creators of the magnificent Palace gardens and parks, began to combine different varieties of stone roses tracks, along the curbs, doing carpeted landings. Already in the 19th century a rose of stone was used for decorative rockeries and in asymmetrical, free garden plantings.

at the track

Semi-circular flowerbed at the track is made using beautifully lined with rocks and three varieties of the young. A harmonious combination of pastel shades attracts attention and is pleasing to the eye

Thanks to the excellent decorative qualities, the stone rose drew the attention of the breeders. Currently, there are more than 4,000 varieties of young.

Young is widely used:

  •  for planting in the rock garden;
  •  to create a carpet of ornamental patterns in the flowerbeds, the walkways and curbs;
  •  as part of the decor on the background of sand and gravel;
  •  for planting on slopes;
  •  for group plantings in the background of ornamental shrubs;
  •  to create compositions in pots.

Young is also grown in frames, so that topiary forms with the use of this plant you can create and experiment, combining his types by combining it with other plants. On a low flat roof to plant young can be today, when the various design refinements in fashion.

The root system of this plant is small, so it can be planted almost anywhere – in cracks in the paving, between the rocks, its amazing appearance will liven up any element of garden design. The young can take root even in areas where other plants to plant useless. Anywhere in the garden, an elegant stone rose will look exotic decoration.

Carpet ornaments using young

The variety of color and shape stone rose allows designers to effectively draw the curve of the paths in the garden or Park or create «quilt» of different varieties of plants. In the landscaping of the flat pad some craftsmen even create paintings from young. Sempervivum forms a beautiful combination with povorotami – stonecrop, a saxifrage, a thrift, etc.

Modern varieties of the young are presented in a variety of colors: light and dark green, wine red, yellowish, pinkish, silver. This diversity allows to create a luxurious living rugs.


Monoposto various varieties of rock roses reminiscent of star scattering. This beauty will delight you all summer, you only need to put plants in a Sunny part of the garden and sometimes watered. Tight fit young virtually eliminates the appearance of weeds

In one planting, you can create compositions of different varieties or odnosortovye of monocomposition and they both look very aesthetically pleasing. Created with stone roses the patterns and lines – a living mosaic. Of course, will require effort to properly split cells, but the resulting ornamental patterns will be worth your efforts.

The young in the flower bed

The young in the flower bed framed by other colors. To create winding paths used 4 varieties of plants — the same on the edges and larger in the center. Rosettes form a beautiful pattern, contrasting with the bright colors

Create a mini rockery with stone rose

Not every plot can be broken rockery, to create a certain area, the creation of embankments, if there are no suitable areas of the landscape. A miniature copy of the rockery is a small rocky garden, you can make on any site.

Select a shrub that will create the background of the composition, for example the barberry. You can use a clay pot or flowerpot, pebbles or gravel. Put the pot on its side, reinforce, pour ground from inside the container and the area directly next to and drop outlet young. Next to the pot can be placed a few boulders, and the area around the composition to fill with pebbles or gravel. Mini garden is ready, it looks very picturesque, and you can do it in any Sunny corner of the garden.

mini rockery

Two options create a mini rockery: using a clay pot and a wicker basket. A capacity of a little pebbles or gravel, a few outlets young and lovely composition ready

Houseleek is a plant-leader in the creation of a modern landscape compositions in a minimalist style that retains its decorative qualities throughout the year.

Mini rockery with elements of gravel garden

Mini rockery with elements of gravel garden with coloured gravel, creating the effect of flowing water, «streams» decorated with delicate rosettes young

Tub, pot and more original options

If you love small shape, mini-garden, plant some varieties of rock roses in a beautiful vase or large garden pot. You can try to create mini-garden in Oriental style, using stones and even East of the statue. This area will have to contemplation, away from the everyday hustle and bustle, relaxation.

young in pots

Options for the establishment of a small rocky garden in pots — can be used as one kind, and different, plant the plants in a few containers

The young – in itself the original plant, so it looks great in exotic surroundings. Pick him original containers – it may be colored pots, and broken-down old jug or pot, and the plastic colored pelvis and a steel frame and even old shoes.

the young in the pelvis

Although in this composition the water is not used, the impression is that the outlet of the young that have definite similarities with water lilies floating in the water. The illusion enhances the blue color of the container, blue and green decorative glass gravel

Composition with shoes

New life for old boots, fill them with soil, and slit plant roses young. Such unusual compositions always attract attention

Especially effectively looks young in masonry and concrete tank. For plants with small root system, low, better to choose a squat pot. In a flat container beautiful small rosettes of plants form a great unusual compositions that seem artificial. They want to see and touch it. The only requirements for the container cultivation of the stone roses is to provide drain moisture and separate child processes if you don’t want the composition has varied, growing.

in the squat pot

Spectacular composition in a beautiful squat pot: to create use of several varieties of young, colored gravel and ceramic decor

Stone rose surrounded by stones

Rose stone surrounded by stones, plants planted by species groups separated by a chain of rocks of the group are clearly distinguished on a bright background

Combining easy maintenance and exotic beauty, stone rose provides the opportunity for any gardener-Amateur to try yourself in the role of designer and create interesting compositions that will make your garden special – original, lively, attractive and beautiful twice, because this beauty is yours.

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