How to select a switchboard for the apartment

Different types of electrical switchboards manufactured by companies for protection of special switching equipment installed in the power supply system of residential and office buildings, businesses and other buildings. Equipment is manufactured to standard designs, as well as, taking into account individual orders for private houses.

Select the electrical panel in the apartment ↑

Previously, to carry out all works on installing the electrical panel, consists of a wiring plan showing all points of energy consumption.

Switchboards are manufactured in a modular design, i.e. all devices have a size multiple of 18 mm, 36 mm, etc. Standard housings can accommodate a multiple number of modules– 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 etc.

How to select a switchboard for the apartment

In the electrical panel, designed for installation should be prepared for the water meter and electricity metering. Enclosure of switchboards are manufactured in Belarus and have standard sizes to accommodate network equipment.

A major role in the supply of apartments electrical energy is played by the correct selection of electric flap. Focuses on three aspects:

  • the location of the electrical panel;
  • the set of equipment;
  • the installation and connection of electrical.

The choice of the installation of the flap depends on the layout of the apartment, but most convenient is the installation near the front door, at the level available for removing performance of the electricity and repairing electrical appliances.

For mounting the electrical panel in the apartment must also be considered a method of laying electric cables in the premises. There are two primary types of wiring:

  • exterior – laid on top of the plaster layer of the wall finish;
  • internal – for the transaction type in the wall breaks a groove with a further cable laying.
    How to select a switchboard for the apartment

Focusing on the transaction type, selected the type of electrical panel. Material for the manufacture of the housing flap is:

  • metal, having a special colour or heat-resistant coating;
  • durable heat-resistant plastic.

The decoration of internal and external surface of the shield is performed by special paints of different colors according to the requirements of technical conditions.

The shields are manufactured in various configurations and dimensions:

  • in frame performance;
  • collapsible;
  • metal.

Choice: the Essential brand of electrical panel is chosen depending on the technical specifications and dimensions of the recesses for installation.

The complete set of switchboards ↑

Select the electrical panel is necessary to accommodate the placement of parts and units, quantity installed in the premises of the points of power consumption. The larger the room, number of rooms, sources of consumption, the greater the required switching devices for protection, control and accounting to install in the electric panel. It is also necessary to provide backup power in case of increase of electricity consumption.

Panels as standard are equipped with:

  • A DIN rail is a special rail for mounting devices inside the shield by means of fastening latches. The rake is made of metal plate and is fixed on the housing of the electrical panel. If you experience the need to change the length of the DIN rail, the size is reduced by sawing with a hacksaw unnecessary sections;
  • the machines are designed for automatic protection of power system against overcurrent and short circuit protection. Number of the device is regulated depending on the stress;
  • distribution strip No. 1 is used for connection to the switchboard of zero outputs. Bus number 2 connects all the grounded wires. Switchboards are installed in the tires of two types: closed and open. Bus the closed type have protective insulation shields that protect from accidental contact;
  • the connecting wiring;
  • electric meter electric energy.

Connect the electrical panel ↑

After the installation of the power panel are installed all the needed devices you can connect the cable. All summed up the supply line must be signed to accelerate the connection of electrical.

The ends of the wires intended for connection, freed from isolation and marked. The panel mounted: DIN rail and it mounted machines, the mounting of the machines: the first is mounted on the right side of the machine input, then the automatic RCD and then automatic protection in random order.

During Assembly of the electrical panel should be complied with the rule – induction machine for single-phase two-pole network is used, and for three-phase three-pole.

How to select a switchboard for the apartment

Installing zero strap connecting the zero ends of the wires. Connect the lead wires to the upper terminals of the machine and to the bottom – phase conductor groups of the wiring from the power sources.

Next, the lead wires are connected to the upper entrance of the machine, and to simplify is made of a single jumper and connect the terminals of the machines of this series. The switchboards also apply UZO – automatic differentiation, which closes the wiring of premises with high humidity.

The supply cable from the side of the shield to the shield housing is usually laid using a three-core power cable with the marking cores:

  • L network phase (red insulation);
  • N – neutral wire (blue insulation);
  • PE – protective earth wire (yellow-green insulation).

In the implementation of the installation of the power panel, it is desirable to observe the connection procedure, using the colors lived.

The entire Assembly of the shield should be made with observance of common rules of connection for all devices installed according to specifications.

Features electric shield for the garage ↑

The type of flap used to install in the garage, is slightly different from the housing flap, but there are some features to consider:

  1. The body panel used to give the invoice has a type.
  2. For welding in car repair, you need to install the plate one machine, with a capacity of 50 and a meter having a current coil.
  3. Sockets mounted in electrical control box must be grounded.
  4. The panel additionally set the charger to charge the batteries.
  5. To ensure safe operation of the shield is equipped with toggle switches:
  • at high voltages – SA 1-4;
  • at low voltage – SA 5-7.
  1. Installed the diodes VD – 1-4 for the reverse voltage.
  2. When using three-phase mounted switch.

Choice. The electrical panel for the garage must be equipped with a charger and switch for three-phase current.

The use of switchboards protects all the devices from environmental influences and mechanical damage, and also allows you to use electrical appliances, following safety.

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