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How to connect the lock switch with your hands.

Pass switch is a switch which makes it possible to turn on and off lighting controlled by this mechanism the lamps from several locations.

Despite the relatively high cost, there are times when it is necessary. Here are the examples of these cases.

  • The light is located in a long corridor or a big auditorium. In this case, it is much more convenient to have the option to turn on or off lights in different places, but not to run through the vast space in search of opportunities to turn off the light;
  • bedroom is a place few people. It is best if each of them will be able to control lights without getting out of bed;
  • the apartment is a person confined in movements due to their physical features;
  • the house is located interfloor staircase;
  • lighting held in the basement or storage room, large size.

The General principle of the pass switch ↑

Work pass switch is carried out by switching the reverse of the conductors, the contact between them is established by connecting terminals. Connecting all of them together happens in the junction box. With one of the switches connects the supply conductor. By another of the same device, this conductor is in contact with a conductor of light. Both have phase the principle of operation and therefore installation is carried out only with the use of three-core wire.

Attention! All of the above regarding the number of conductors used and the necessary contacts, as well as quantitative characteristics of the wire used is correct only if you install the wired switch with two places of lighting control.

If you install the wired switch with three places of lighting control, all values above the quantitative characteristics automatically increment by 1. If you install the wired switch with four seats control—2, etc.

Pass switch: division by types ↑

There are three main criteria which can be subjected to classification through switches: the number of points of lighting control, the number keys of your lighting control in one control point and method of lighting control.

The number of points control switches are divided into set in one place, two places, three places, etc.

According to the method of control of these devices are:

  • keyboards;
  • touch;
  • controlled by remote control.

How to connect the lock switch with your hands.

Please note that to install the switches feedthrough, are equipped with a remote control, it is some overkill: remote control switch, in fact, negates the need to install flow devices.

If there is a desire to throw dust in the eyes, such a touch thing, but still not in the same instance will be most welcome, there is nothing to say.

If managing the switch by using the keys, then the number of them that meet this condition, the device is divided into:

  • one-button;
  • series;
  • three buttons, etc.
    How to connect the lock switch with your hands.

It should be noted that the control method switches not have much effect on the way it is installed. More important are other factors.

Installation of switch controlled from two points ↑

  1. For starters, as already mentioned, you need to find the switches. Each of them must have three contacts. Any contact will have two States, each of which it may be located alternately. One contact of each switch should be common to the two remaining contacts of this switch. Depending on the situation «common contact» closed that one, then with another switch contact.
  2. Now, I need the neutral wire is connected the power supply with a junction box and then connected the junction box with lamp. Phase wire should be connected to the junction box, and then go on the lamp. All this must be done on both switches.
  3. Next you need inside the junction box to connect the two switched contacts of one switch with two switching contacts of the other.
  4. After that you should make the installation of the scheme. Communicating switches are installed at a prepared place for them. From each of the switches is the output of a three wire cable. Installation of fixtures. Is parallel connection with each other. The conclusion of the two-wire cable from the lamps.
  5. Now the main thing is to make installation of junction boxes. It is in this box deleteword cable from the lamps, the wires from the power supply and the wires from the switch transition. Thus it is necessary to pay special attention to the correct positioning of the box. For its location it is best to find a place to operate the passing switch was necessary only in relatively short cables (it is required by reasons of economy), and that this box would not hurt anyone to be at home.
  6. Work is almost over, but you need to make sure that at one point the switch will spring a surprise in the form of fire. To do this several times to flip them and check to see if they spark.
    How to connect the lock switch with your hands.

Installation pass switch in three points ^ the

In principle, the method of setting the passing switch and method, by which the lock switch is set in three places, there are a few differences. The main one is that the third switch device is substantially different from marching, which is used in most cases, the installation of such devices. Similar switch with a special device called a cross. This device can perform two functions:

  • to be a transit device without interacting with two other devices to turn on the lights that exist in the schema during their work;
  • to carry out an independent circuit and an open electrical circuit for operation of the lamps, without the participation of the remaining two (main) devices.

If the passing switch with two control points has three pins, then a similar device with three control points has five contacts: two contacts make a connection with one of the main switches by means of two the connection is made with another of the main switches, and the remaining one contact transit performs the function (most often, this contact is through the jumper is connected with the third terminal of the pass switch.) A particularly important role is played by the so-called transit contact: as a result of its functioning it becomes possible to realize lighting control from three points.

Similarly, is the installation of the passing unit to turn on the lights with three or more control points.

How to connect the lock switch with your hands.

Please note that the scheme described here is good for its simplicity, but have one drawback: they are suitable only to a limited number of control points.

Installation series pass switch ↑

When you need to buy series switch? For example, if in a large room with a few lights and sometimes the owners would like that their room was like the shining room or be a small company. To ensure this diversity of situations, sometimes you need to turn on all the lamps in the room, and sometimes only some. This will help to cope series mechanism control lighting.

As a rule, the entrance series represents the Union of two one-button switches in a single external enclosure.

The internal construction series switch, the combination of two groups of contacts that are not associated with each other. Just use six contacts, of which two are input and four output. When someone presses the switch, two input contacts interrupt the interaction with the two output of the first switch and switch to two output contact of the second.

How to connect the lock switch with your hands.

In this first one, electricity is supplied via a single wire, and the two parts of the wire are connected through a jumper, and the second weekend is divided into phases: each phase corresponds to one of the devices and carries out the supply of electricity.

So, in order to carry out installation series device, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • you need to take a junction box and properly to carry out its installation;
  • after this you need to install podrozetnik. Its installation can be carried out in different ways: it all depends on how it is performed: concrete, drywall, or any material;
  • you must now assemble a three-core wire, which should be the power supply;
It is important! Before installing this cable, ensure that it is not energized!
  • you should lay the wire to the junction box and from there to the escutcheon;
Attention! The ends of the wires connected to junction box have to stay with a stock of 10-15 centimeters.
  • next, you should hold the wire to the first light source;
  • after this you need to hold the wire to the second light source;
  • next, before the series connection of the switch should be Stripping wires;
  • then you need to take your device switch and flip it. There must be shown a specific circuit of the connecting wires to that switch. Doing everything as specified in the scheme.
    How to connect the lock switch with your hands.
  • then built the mechanism must be inserted into the escutcheon.

So, it can be considered completed. To carry out installation pass switch with three keys or even more, actions will be the same.

In conclusion, we make the following observations:

  • when the decision to establish the pass switch and select a specific type of such a device, it is best to be guided by the expediency of establishing such a mechanism in a particular room;
  • with the implementation of installation works it is necessary to strictly observe safety precautions;
  • at the slightest doubt of the correctness of those or other actions when carrying out installation work, you should contact the master electrician.

Those who prefer specific examples of common descriptions or just more like diagrams than words, can you look at the videos:

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