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How to install inner socket alone

How to install inner socket alone

This type of sockets is the most common. Since the Soviet Union their design virtually unchanged. Why are they so popular? First, their small thickness, allows to blend the appliances into the overall interior, which sometimes spoils the last. Secondly, their work is hidden in a fireproof junction boxes to prevent fire and fires.

Also price outlets on the lower exterior of the same class, but they have drawbacks: it is difficult to install, requiring time consuming work and special tools.

Features of boxes for internal installation ↑

How to install inner socket alone

In addition to single and double internal sockets, which are installed in one spot, there are blocks of three, four or more power sockets installed in one special box. The length of this block boxes depends on the number of installed it devices. In this case you use only the internal (working) part of single rosettes, and decorative frame is bought separately, also by the number of pieces.

It is important! The frame should be the same manufacturer as the outlet, otherwise they will not fit.

Mounting of single outlets ↑


If you are going to establish a domestic socket at home, you will need: the outlet mounting box, alabaster, hammer drill and chisel, and if there is brush on a drill «crown» for quick installation.

Before you can determine what place will stand a future point, consider how you will power. From standing next to, on the other side of the wall, if there is a nearby point or junction boxes at the top of the wall. It is desirable that the distance to the source of food minimal, since you will have to open strong concrete for grooves. The work is dirty, dusty and heavy. In this regard, preferably from the room to make or cover with plastic wrap.

How to install inner socket alone

So, place you have decided, choose the installation height. There is a question of preference and comfort. Some do according to the European standard (10-20 cm from the floor), the other the old fashioned way — somewhere on the level of the navel. It would be wiser to do at the height as everyone else in this room. Then there will be no evident asymmetry.

The installation ↑

Put a cross in the place of installation. If there is a crown on the concrete, then drill a place for the box will not be difficult. Put «the drill crown» exactly in the center of the cross, and slowly begin to drill the hole. Press on the punch much not worth it, otherwise «crown» can jam, leading to breakage or twisting the hands from the recoil of the punch. Hole depth should be commensurate with the thickness of the box.

It is important! When working with hammer, be sure to use protective glasses.

In the absence of «crown», drill have drill. For this box apply to markup and draw out a pencil or marker. Now brown 6-10 mm drill in a circle and the center. The more holes, the easier it will be to prepare a spot for the box. The depth of the apertures also control the label on the storm, pre-made marker. When holes enough to switch the drill mode «hammer» and the same drill or chisel to knock out the partitions between the holes.

How to install inner socket alone

Of course, the crown will be neater, but the second method should look good. Still irregularities subsequently aligned solution. When the seat is ready input wire.

Suppose our outlet will be powered from standing next to. Make the chase from the next to the new one. This can be done with a grinder, and the same hammer drill. The depth of the grooves must hide the wires flush with the wall. When chase is ready to set the box. For this set up in her wires and sketched a bit of alabaster in the slot, the inserted box. Excess mortar will squeeze out and fill all the voids. Additionally spatula make up the end of the box.

Installation of block boxes for a few devices ↑

How to install inner socket alone

It should be noted that the block boxes in a few outlets are installed in the same way as singles, but the seat is prepared in the size box. Contact portion, in this case, connect a jumper from wire cross section 2.5 mm?.

The wiring

Now waiting for the plaster to set. It can periodically spray with water, so he didn’t crack. When the box will hold, you can connect rebar. Start with a wire-connection end with clamps spacers or screws for attaching the sockets to the box. As you like it. When the valve outlet is clamped and does not move, you can put the cover. If later will be glued Wallpaper, the cover can not be put.

It is important! The best results can be obtained, first Pochaiv Wallpaper, and then fully installing sockets.

Now fasten the wire. Gently put them in the chase, and gloss over alabaster. This should be done from the new to the next outlet. To connect wires you need to disconnect the land and removing nearby power outlet to connect in parallel. After install it on the old place. Set voltage and check its presence in both locations.

Install outlets in the drywall ↑

How to install inner socket alone

You should also pay attention to the installation of internal sockets into plasterboard plate. For this you need to installation of these plates, to hold the wiring behind them and secure the ends in the place where will be installed around the outlet. When the plate is installed, a special «crown» for drywall, cut a hole in it under the box.

How to install inner socket alone

It is important! The diameter of the crown should choose precisely to the outside diameter of the box, or otherwise it will not fit, or just go inside.

Prior to drilling, determine whether there is a magnet in the profile, not to get into it. Here is the hole ready, hand or hook to get the wires out. Skip them in a box. Next, insert it into the hole in the drywall, and hold the mounting legs. In this case there is a box for installation in drywall with long screws and claws.

That’s all, be careful with electricity and success to you.

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