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Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

The basic measuring instrument of electricity consumption in the apartment is electric meter. Usually install this kind of metering devices do the master narrow profile (electricians) who have experience, knowledge and relevant qualifications. However, if you wish, this activity can be enjoyed independently. The main thing is to pre-acquainted with the rules of installation of the meter and to prepare the necessary materials.

It is important! Strict adherence to instructions when you connect the meter for energy metering, allows to avoid any negative consequences during its operation. You need to understand that when you install the meter with your hands, all responsibility for the accuracy of accounting to go to the landlord.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

Types of counters ↑

The type of mechanism electricity meters are electronic and induction.

To date, the electricity meter of induction type is gradually leave the market. By order of the government, it is forbidden to use this type of metering device, as it is believed that this counter is very easy «cheat».

Counters with electronic mechanism has higher precision, compact size and versatility. It is also worth noting that the electronic meter may be operated in multi-tariff mode. This property will be appreciated by consumers of those regions in which electricity rates change depending on time of day.

Choosing between induction and electronic electricity meters, the obvious advantage is the device of electronic type.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

In order to determine the value of the nominal current, it is necessary to divide the measure of active power provided by the power company on one consumer at a voltage level in the network.

Connection for three phase is characterized by a higher power. But for the household consumer, it is preferable to use the network for one phase.

Difficulties with installation of metering devices of electric energy may arise in a situation where the owner of the apartment must be powered square with the calculated current is more than 100A. Under these conditions, direct connection of the meter impossible. The use of any additional elements causes increases value of error of energy consumption.

When selecting a meter the special attention should be paid to the date of installation of the seal and its integrity.

Attention! The seal of the meter to the network in one phase must be not older than one year. If you calibrated the meter for three-phase network, the validity of the seal reaches two years.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

Legal self-installation of the meter ↑

With the installation of metering devices of electricity is possible without any problems to cope on their own. But before you take up the case, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the relevant services. To do this, contact the local division of the network provider, a statement that you issued technical specification for conducting the work. In the same organization you will be able to make the necessary agreement.

Under the regulations, a homeowner may install meters within the power of their consumer networks. The best location of the meter will be heated to the distribution SciTec in the apartment. But in recent years it was required that the electricity meter was mounted just outside the apartment, and representatives of inspection organizations remained free access.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

Also the representative of the local power company may require that the meter has been mounted on the external wall of the building. Each of the proposed options can always be discussed individually. For apartment owners, are required placement of the meter in the shared electroscience on the ground floor.

The official version of the energy companies by which they are forcing home owners to mount the meters on the street poles – the unimpeded access of employees to the energy consumption with the purpose of reading and implementing this repair.

According to unofficial versions, forcing you to mount the meters outside the premises, energy suppliers are trying by all means to prevent hacking attempts.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

Connection diagrams of the meter ↑

For the average person, far from the installation of mains, it is not necessary to know any complex wiring connection of the meter. Enough understanding of how you can simply and quickly connect the meter.

The easiest and quite a popular installation method is to connect the meter in single-phase circuit. To work need six wires. To the counter input connect the cabling phase, ground and zero. Similar actions are carried out on the output of the counter.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

In order to operate the meter was simple and comfortable and most importantly safe, before the metering device it is recommended to mount the circuit breaker. This device will help in time to prevent a fire by turning off the electricity, for example if there was an emergency.

It should be noted that employees of electricity providers do not support the installation of the switches. To avoid unnecessary litigation and problems, the switch must be sealed. This will require: a plastic box, seal and DIN rail. All of these devices are not very expensive, and in order to mount them you will need no more than five minutes. It’s all worth it to do everything correctly, avoiding misunderstandings and trouble with regulatory authorities.

The overall design of the meter provides a special terminal block. This item is presented in the form of a copper strap that is fixed with special dielectric clamps. It has several holes through which the connecting cables using clamping screws. This connection option is recommended in cases where there is a need to join all the cables in one whole element.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

Rules of installation of the meter ↑

When installing the energy consumption is very important to observe a number of certain requirements and rules. First of all, they relate to safe equipment operation that is always true for electrical appliances.

It is not recommended to mount the metering devices, if the ambient air temperature is below 0C. Electronic Board does not tolerate low temperatures and in General the system can experience glitches. For more advanced metering low air temperature during installation is invalid. The best option is the air temperature in the place where is mounted the meter on the order of +5S.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

It is important! If the energy consumption is mounted outside the dwelling, it is necessary to provide a special metal, sealed Cabinet.

The height to which attached the meter is in the order of 90-160 see If you can mount the meter on the wall above or below the specified parameters, the process of reading can become very problematic.

Additional important recommendations for the installation and operation of the meter may provide a representative of the management of the energy company at the moment when you will be concluded the contract and received all permissions.

Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

The basic stages of connecting the meter ↑

The electric meter installation with your own hands takes place in several stages:

  1. Pick up the necessary tools and materials. You will need:
    • the metering device of electric power;
    • protective flap;
    • the insulating elements;
    • fasteners;
    • The DIN rail;
    • the voltage sensor;
    • circuit breakers.
    • Be sure to specify how many phases is the power grid in your home. On this basis, calculate the required number of circuit breakers.
    • Install energy consumption of the relays. For its installation you can use special fasteners.
    • Mount the protective sensors are off (the tube). They are attached to the DIN rail, which is pre-installed on supporting insulators. Machines are fixed on a special rail spring-loaded latches.
    • Mount the protective and ground bus in the General panel. Tires must be placed at sufficient distance to avoid snapping cables.
    • Connect all load. Phase is connected to the lower terminals, the neutral to ground bus grounding is connected to the corresponding grounding strip.
    • Connect the jumpers to the upper terminals of the machines. This item can be purchased in specialized stores.
    • Connect the meter to the load. For this exit phase, connect with the upper terminals of the machines, the output is zero with zero bus.
    • Mount the housing of the electrical panel on the wall. The height should be such that the operation of the meter is held comfortably and freely.
    • Determine the zero of cables, phase and grounding. To do this, use a special indicator.
    • Power off the electricity in the house.
    • Cable phase connect with the first terminal of the meter. Zero need to connect to the third terminal.

    Connection of electricity meter in the apartment

    Conclusion ↑

    Considering all the stages that need to go when you connect the meter with your hands, it should be noted that there is nothing difficult in this work no. The main thing is to clearly observe the sequence of events, and to adhere to the compliance parameters of the energy consumption with the network settings in your home. You must also carefully deal with wiring diagram network, and a connection diagram of the meter with the network, in General, and housing consumption in particular.

    If you decide to replace the old meter, the following video will help to understand how the two accounts to change the electric meter in the apartment

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