How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

To install PVC panels in the bathroom in advance to prepare thoroughly for this process. It will allow to make all actions correctly and reduce the time of repair. Panels can completely transform a bathroom and not spend a lot of money.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

The necessary tools and preparation for installation ↑

For installation of plastic products need to have the following tools:

  • a power drill;
  • metal saw;
  • stationery knife;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • ladder.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

Before starting work, you need to measure the length and height of the walls subject to the sheathing under PVC products. This will help to determine the exact amount of material. The wall surface must be cleaned of dust, old paint and Wallpaper. It is not necessary to install the material immediately after purchase, since after some time it can deform. They need to hold for about half an hour at room temperature.

It is important! The protective film can not be removed from the material before the end of the installation process. This will help to maintain its appearance.

Mounting of plastic panels ↑

To learn how to properly install PVC panels in the bathroom need to consider a few ways to consolidate the material and choose more suitable:

  1. The fastening nails. In this embodiment, it is not always possible to re-use of finishing material.
  2. Fastening by means of clips. They are metal plates adapted for fixation of plastic products in the crate.
    How to install PVC panels in the bathroom
  3. Use a construction stapler. This option is convenient and allows the installation in a shorter time.
  4. The use of screws. This method is used often because it is more convenient.
  5. The use of glue. The bonding can be carried out on the surface of the wall and the crate. In the second case, each frame element is applied to the adhesive wavy line. This contributes to its spread across the surface of the sheathing. But the bonding usually occurs in the presence of a wooden frame.
It is important! If the choice is to remember that when you use construction staples the panels are fixed less securely than nails or screws.

The installation process ↑

Installation of PVC panels in the bathroom can be made even by an inexperienced person, because for the walls and ceiling enough to choose a more convenient method of attachment and install material.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

First, there is a fixing of the guide profiles. Typically, consolidation takes place on a metal or wooden crate. This is done with screws, nails or staples (if you use a stapler). During this process it is necessary to apply the construction level, checking the position of elements. Upon completion of this process is the preparation of the finishing material.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

Finishing materials is measured using a tape measure and cut the height of the bathroom. After that, insert each item in the guide profiles. The insert is the side panel that has the speaker lock. The other side of the installed parts is fixed by a screw or nail. Moreover, the fastening element must be on the serving side of the product, which is closed by the following element of decoration.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

Through the locks during the installation there is no need to fit every detail. Below the wall was smooth, before affixing each product should check them by means of a plumb. Usually, during the approach to the corner of the room, it turns out that the last panel does not fit in width. To fix this, enough to cut it with a knife, considering the distance between the previous element finishes and angular profile. So the panel was cut exactly, should draw on the material cut line.

If decorating a bathroom requires sealing after each installed panel needs to apply a small amount of silicone sealant to the joints. Such measures help prevent mildew and condensation on walls and ceiling in the bathroom.

Performing all the steps of the algorithm and constantly checking the wall using a level, you can do all the work without the involvement of professional builders.

The peculiarities of installing the panels on the walls ↑

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

Fasten the panels using adhesives without installing crate. But the more common way is to use a metal or wooden frame, as the bathroom walls are constantly exposed to moisture.

It is worth considering that panels can expand slightly when the temperature changes, so before you cut the material height, you should measure it with a small gap. If the sheathing has been used the wide beam, the space between the wall and the panels, you can install insulating material. But it is worth remembering that in this case, carefully sealing the joints between panels.

The peculiarities of installing on the ceiling ↑

When installing panels on the ceiling all actions are performed in the same way as when working with walls. But the difference is that in some panels it is necessary to cut holes for installing lamps.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

At the stage of creating the crates need to determine at what distance from the ceiling surface will be finishing material. It depends on the type of the installed electrical devices. The standard option is the installation of built-in lamps. For them, there are special inserts attached to the ceiling. To make round holes in the material, used a special attachment on a power drill.

To achieve full water resistance, you should use silicone sealant, promazyvaya them all the joints between panels.

Useful tips for installing panels ↑

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

Despite the seeming simplicity of execution of works should follow a few recommendations to consider before to install PVC panels in the bathroom:

  1. While sawing and punching holes in them is to turn them face up. This is necessary in order not to spoil this way the burrs on the material.
  2. To protect your eyes from damage you need while working use protective glasses.
  3. If fixing the panels to the wall glue is applied, it should be done in straight lines that form a grid. It should only use a special construction adhesive.
  4. When using nails as fasteners you need to gently use a hammer to do the material dents.
  5. To clean plastic surfaces, simply use a soap solution. You do not need to use abrasives and sponges with a rough surface to avoid scratches.

Choosing plastic panels for decoration, you can create any interior, without attracting the experts. Among such products, you can choose products that simulate wood, stone and paper of different colors. This means that the panels can be used in any apartment, regardless of the style of its design. Frequently used panels that resemble tile. This finish looks quite attractive and it is not always possible to distinguish from simulated material.

How to install bath screens PVC panels ↑

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

Technology of installation of plastic panels under the bath is no different from the process of finishing the walls and ceiling, but the ox while such work is the creation of openings for gaining access to the sewers. It may be necessary to attach the drain hose of the washing machine. But if the landlord is not going to take any action under the bath, the finish can be solid.

How to install PVC panels in the bathroom

After you create a metal or wooden frame PVC panels are mounted on to the guide profile and fixed with screws. The result is a continuous surface from the floor to the edge of the bath, I made same style as the walls and ceiling.

If you want you can leave a screen height of about 10 cm, to make it easier to approach the tub. If you want to install the door in the screen is acquired plastic construction with leaf and fixed into pre-cut hole. Consolidation takes place using construction adhesive. Cut a square hole before is to install PVC panels in the bathroom with his hands. Make it easy with a hobby knife.

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