Furniture made of pallets with their hands: garden designer of the pallet

Furniture made of pallets with their hands: garden designer of the pallet

Pallets – an inexhaustible source of ideas for the arrangement of a suburban area. Of them it is possible to build comfortable furniture, a functional system for storage and create original decorative elements. The main advantage of the pallet that the material for manufacture of stands raw wood, which serves as an excellent basis for the creation of exterior elements that can give the comfort of your possessions. How to adapt these transport design and how to make furniture out of pallets with their hands, consider in more detail.

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Features of application of the pallets

Pallets are made from wooden structures, performing the role of packaging material the use of which allows to simplify the transportation of different kinds of goods.

Pan – wavecry material

The pallets have hard stands, collected from a downed wooden planks, placed at a small distance from each other

The weight of the empty pallets is on average 15-20 kg. overall dimensions of the structure depending on its purpose can be:

  • 120х100х12 cm (standard pan);
  • 120х80х12 cm (europallet).

The wood used for the manufacture of structures, selected strong and durable. This is done so that they can withstand loads of up to 1000 kg. so even a used pallets can gain a second life after serving as functional elements in the regeneration of the area is not one season.

Today the furniture made of pallets among design products in popularity is the leader. Some designers produce entire collection in eco style, making them the most incredible ideas using normal construction of the pallet. Based on any ideas, you can implement them in your own way.

Where to get pallets?

Wooden pallets though are pretty solid construction, but still many manufacturers and transport companies are considered as packaging material.

Recycling of waste pallets

Pallets, loose load, for transporting heavy loads to reapply anymore, so after use they simply utilize

To get exhaust packing material you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Buy used pallets. Ads of the kind you’ll find on the thematic portals. The price of products ranges from 30-150 roubles apiece.
  2. Directly contact manufacturers or transport companies. Most of them are willing to give the waste package for free, just by her not to throw.

If desired, the pallet can be assembled and independently. Enough to stock up on boards in the thickness of 15-20 mm and wooden boards section of 60-70 mm. determine the dimensions of the future design, it is only necessary to cut a Board into pieces with desired dimensions, and then bonding the elements of the standard scheme.

Preparation of material

Wooden pallets are convenient because they can be used in a variety of ways. They are easy to break and fasten, cover with fabric and paint, combine with other materials and complement rollers.

To use the pallets to make preparations, you must prepare the material. To do this, they first must be cleaned from dust and dirt.

The grinding surface

Extend the life of wooden structures and eliminate the roughness and burrs, capable of delivering a lot of inconvenience in the operation of furniture will help the grinding surface

The work is most convenient to perform, treating the wood surface with a grinding machine. For security purposes, it is better to clean in a well ventilated area, wearing protective mask.

Grinding can be not the entire structure, but only the part that will directly «contact» with the body. Also, if you want to build templates for non-standard size, the pallets should come apart. To simplify the work cleaned the Board better sort as and width.

And even, planning to accommodate future furniture outdoors, you should care about the fact that she was not afraid of high humidity. This surface is preferably covered with a layer of primer designed for exterior use, which has a moisture repellent effect.

Set of trays under the open sky

Without additional processing under the influence of the atmospheric phenomena of light, the wood will acquire a grayish tint, and in contact with the ground bottom Board, and all will rot, and having served more than one or two seasons

Options making furniture from pallets

Pallets, like ready-made designer items, are a great basis for making functional interior. How to make furniture from pallets, no big deal. Suffice it to recall how as a child you collected the lockers and beds of miniature matchboxes. These skills only need to apply when working with structures is slightly larger.

Garden chairs and benches

To create a comfortable and practical bench we need:

  • 2-3 pallet with standard dimensions;
  • wooden bruski section of 50-60 mm;
  • metal corners;
  • a power drill with a drill bit;
  • washers, bolts and screws;
  • protective equipment (goggles and gloves).

To give a more presentable appearance to the finished product, prepare and lacquer or any paint designed for woodwork.

So, get to work. A standard pallet is assembled from seven boards. For making the seat and backrest of the bench, take a clean pan and cut it into two parts.

The sawing of the workpiece

Design of a sawn in half so that four rungs remained together, performing the role of the seats and three steel back future bench

To connect back and seat, as well as making the armrests of the pews to use the Board, reviewing another pan, or use existing on the farm bars.

Assembly design

Aligning at a right angle the edges of both parts, fastening them using screws, or by screws, firmly pulling the workpiece

To increase the reliability and strength of the connection of the backrest with the seat is possible, by applying the method of double mounting.

Attaching marginalia

To give rigidity on both sides of the connected parts 1-2 attach narrow strips, placing them parallel to each other

The length of the sidewalls depends on how high they will be located. Of the remaining thicker planks or scantlings cut 4 blanks under arrangement legs.

The mounting legs of the bench

Masters recommend the legs for the bench to do broad, but not too high, making it possible to improve the stability of the structure and make the stay her more comfortable

The legs attach to the bottom of the pan on both sides using to strengthen the fixing metal corners.

Gathering basic design, is to Supplement it as you like, some elements, for example, cut back ornamental elements to decorate the edges of the armrests. The finished bench is covered with varnish or paint of selected shade – it all depends on your preferences and the overall design of the exterior.

The process of manufacture of garden chairs

On the same principle you can do corner benches, furnished cozy corners in the garden, or even build a detached chair

Their hand-made furniture from pallets, is suitable for any suburban area. Having a worthy replacement for the old worn-out furniture, it will easily fit in different interior styles.

Comfortable bench from a pallet

Comfortable bench from a pallet, made of natural wood light shade, will look great in the garden amid lush greenery and colorful flowers

Sofa, fitted with rollers

Design of a sawn in half so that four rungs remained together, performing the role of the seats and three steel back future bench

Hanging beds and sofas

Not much harder to manufacture with large comfortable beds and sofas hanging. They will be a good addition to the interior terrace or veranda.

Comfortable hanging sofa

Sitting on that comfortable sofa is a pleasure to enjoy the picturesque landscape and the enchanting sounds of nature

Bed in a simple embodiment, consists of two standard pallets, the sides of which are thoroughly bonded to each other.

If you plan to build a more comfortable place, equipped with comfortable mattress, have to Tinker a little longer. The mattress will need to build a special box to collect which from the boards of one of the unused pan.

The manufacturer of the box under the mattress

For the manufacture of boxes in pallets average cut support and the cut portion of the record between the sides, forming the sides

In the end it should be the design, the size of which corresponds to the perimeter of the bottom of the bed. The angular height of the vertical posts depends on the thickness of the mattress. The finished box is installed on pre-connected two pallets and fix with screws.

From wider strips or remaining boards, you can build a headboard. The spaces between the ribs of the tray convenient to use as storage boxes pastel accessories.

Finish street sofa

The finished design can only cover two or three layers of paint, or covered by dense colorful fabric or leatherette

If you are planning to move the bed, changing «the scenery» blooming garden equip design wheels. But note that for this purpose use is only a powerful wheel that can withstand the weight of not only the design but also the weight of the person reclining on it.

When building a summer cinema outdoors will be very useful a high-rise bed that can accommodate a large family or a company.

Narosnaya bed for summer cinema

To make the stay on this bed more comfortable, add design, soft mattresses and oversized pillows

To protect the underside of the mattress from dust easiest, shots the surface of the pallet breathable covering materials type of AGROSALON.

The swing in the garden

On the same principle of constructing and hanging sofas, heavy rigging design durable ropes or chains

View video on how to make a sofa out of pallets:

Dressers, tables and shelving

A good complement to chairs and benches will perform those made of scrap materials wooden garden table.

Aesthetics of the natural landscape

Set, decorated in the same style, can elevate a garden plot, having elegant decoration rustic exterior

Wood goes well with other materials. Therefore, furniture made from wooden pallets can be safely supplemented textile accessories, glass elements, stone decorations and plant compositions.

For making small table takes only 2-3 pan.

The process of making a coffee table

In General, the manufacturing technology table from pallets not much different from that used in the creation of the above described chairs and garden benches

To create a design, feature a solid fabric in the space between the rails of the first tray fills the Board from the second workpiece. The finished cloth carefully Polish finish, cover the stain and leave blank until dry. To get rid of the roughness, the surface gently fill light sanding or re-sanding.

Go to the Assembly design. The corners of the bottom of the table through bolt-fix 4 legs. For the arrangement of the shelves under the working surface of the table fasten a shield assembled from disassembled on the boards of the pallets. In the assembled construction all empty space covered with two layers of stain. To fasten the legs of the table rollers.

The table, decorated with herbs

It is interesting to look tables, the working surface of which is complemented by built-in containers for the planting of spicy

Styling street garden tables depends only on your imagination.

Styling garden tables

Garden table can be decorated of a large size playing deck or a huge British flag

Old pallets can easily be adapted even under the arrangement of the multifunctional shelves, so that you can place under the open sky small containers with flowers or needed items to care for plants. Its application in the regeneration of a suburban area may find and a folding shelf.

Hinged shelf under the open sky

Folded folding shelf occupies a minimum of space, and in the unfolded – is a convenient stand to store your household items

Some craftsmen, developing the idea of creating functional furniture out of old pallets, went even further.

Furniture from pallets

Original cupboards, nice chests of drawers and spacious cupboards – not a complete list of those items of furniture that can be created from wooden packing

If desired, the pallet can be collected even real «house for gnomes», which will be a elegant decoration terrace or a Playground in the garden. Two-storey house built from upright pallets.

Two-storey house for children to play

The use of white colors in the design makes the structure visually light and weightless, and the green touches allow it to fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape

The opinion that furniture made from pallets you can create only for themselves, is wrong. Some craftsmen display their wares for sale, turning a favorite hobby into a profitable project. A bright example of this popular feeder for dogs.

Original feeder for dogs

Convenient feeders on steady legs have a presentable appearance, thanks to which can perfectly fit into the interior of the house and the surrounding countryside

The secret of popularity of furniture from wooden pallets, made with their own hands easily due to its original design. It is cheap, but no less practical. In addition, the people creating or procuring the finished furniture from the pallet, move a safety issue. Because the pallets are made of wood, not treated by any chemical means. But because these are collected from the pallet of products can rightly be considered the most environmentally friendly pieces of furniture in the world.

And in conclusion offer a few ideas for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment, making their lives brighter. Enjoy your creativity!

Video collection: outdoor furniture from pallets

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