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Do a wooden outdoor table for the garden: step-by-step instructions (photos and video)

Do a wooden outdoor table for the garden: step-by-step instructions (photos and video)

Roomy table in the summer cottage, serves as a gathering place for all family members. In the summer, nobody wants to be in the room, no matter how beautiful and cosy it was not. So the weather is nice and the breakfasts and Lunches and dinners are organised, as a rule, in the fresh air. The presence of spaces facilitates this task, and the lack of it — complicates. Instead of taking out from the home furniture on the street, should once and for all to build a table for the garden with his own hands, purchasing the necessary materials. Better to worry about the benches, which are convenient to sit at a table built. Design wooden table with two benches, is quite simple. To assemble and install this product on your site any cottager. However, the experienced master on this matter will take less time. After all, he need only look at the schema of the table. Vacationers starting to do landscaping of the site, will have to carefully read the instructions and get a good insight into its content.

The contents

Prepare a set of tools and build materials

The presence of the instrument, including electric, will allow to carry out all the operations quickly. So please be:

  • circular saw (you can substitute a hacksaw on wood);
  • with a drill and a 10mm diameter drill for wood;
  • hammer;
  • brush;
  • the key cap to tighten the nuts (12-14);
  • corner construction;
  • a tape measure and a marker (pencil).

The list of materials and fasteners:

  • Lumber, namely, 11 four-meter boards, the width of which is 100 mm, and a thickness of 50 mm. of the Six boards will need 8 pieces, while we have 4 «extra» meter.
  • For mounting you will need the furniture bolts (galvanized) in the amount of 16 pieces and nuts and washers.
  • Galvanized nails (about a hundred) size 3.5 in 90 mm.

To increase the service life of a street table in the country, it is necessary to buy an effective tool for biosecurity wooden elements of a product.

The stage of Dating with the drawings

On the two drawings below, schematic of the wooden table in two projections (frontal and lateral). Before any work is to examine these schemes in order to accurately understand the place of each detail in the whole design.

A schematic drawing of a country table: side view

A schematic drawing of a street of wooden table for the garden: the side view. Table with two benches which can accommodate 8 people

Details country table in the drawings are designated by Latin letters:

  1. 4 foot table (length of each part is 830 mm, given the presence of the 30 ° bevels on both ends);
  2. 2 support seat (length parts — 1600 mm);
  3. 2 support for the countertops (length of detail — 800 mm);
  4. 14-foot boards needed for the deck on the table and seat;
  5. Board-crossbar length 800 mm, which will serve as a booster of the table;
  6. 2 crossmember for 285 mm each for amplifying the benches-seats;
  7. 2 amplifier design, equipped with a curly vypila (length parts — 960 mm).

Adhere to the sample sizes in the case if you are working with already dried and planed wood. Otherwise, don’t forget about the allowances, which in the processing of boards «go» chips.

Front view of wooden table for the garden

Front view of wooden table for the garden. The length of the tabletop and benches — 2000 mm Width of the table is 80 mm. Bench two times already (40 mm)

Technological stages of manufacturing

The sawing of the parts from lumber

Cut using a circular saw or hacksaw to the desired number of elements in the table of four-meter or six-meter boards, bought for the construction of garden furniture. Follow the dimensions given in the drawings-schemes. First, cut a two-meter parts, decking, table and benches. This will allow you to cut available lumber, which minimizes the amount of scraps.

Important! To avoid errors when cutting parts for side panels, it is recommended to cut them on a template made out of cardboard in advance in accordance with the drawing. Although experienced masters of this operation seem a waste of time.

Where to start building?

After cutting the parts, you can begin to assemble our table. Mount the side, placing all of the elements in accordance with the scheme-drawing. Use measuring devices to prevent misalignment of the parts.

Collection of side of street table

Collection of side street the table is on a flat horizontal surface. All parts are arranged relative to each other strictly according to the scheme

Placing the legs of the table to the desired angle, put them on the crossmember and then tack the parts with nails. Then follow the layout of the locations of the bolts and drill them holes. Pull furniture bolt legs of the table to the horizontal elements of the table tops and seats design.

Bond parts of side table furniture bolts

Bond parts of side table furniture bolts, tightening with a wrench. Pre-drill holes for these fasteners

The connection side parts of the countertop

This operation should be carried out with the assistant who will hold one of the sidewalls in a vertical position until its consolidation. The second sidewall, respectively, you hold yourself. On the top of the sidewalls put on one of the eight boards in accordance with the marked lines that you have to apply to the details of the support for the countertop in advance. Attach the Board with nails. Then on the other side of the table just as well nail another Board flooring.

Build frame wooden outdoor table

Build frame wooden outdoor table is made with one or two assistants to fix the design of the side panels until fastening them with boards countertops

After that, frame products will stand on their own, so the need for a helper will disappear. Take your time to nail the remaining six boards of the tabletop. Ensure the rigidity of the assembled structure of the table the fixture using the extreme parts of the seats. Enough on each side to nail to a Board-support (horizontal offsets) of benches, one-foot details.

Important! Professionals recommend when connecting wooden parts use a C-clamp. The so-called special tool to ensure a temporary fixation of the connecting elements to prevent their displacement during the driving of nails or screwing screws.

Back to the installation of the countertops. Prepare several identical wedges, with which you can make the gaps between adjacent parts are the same. After securing the boards with nails, remove the temporary wedges. Through the resulting gap-the gap in the countertop surface will be able to drain rainwater. After a summer rain, the table and benches will quickly dry out under the sun and wind.

Assembly of countertops country table

Assembly of countertops country table is carried out with gaps between adjacent elements. A uniform gap is provided with wedges-the wedges are inserted between the planks

How to install amplifiers?

To carry out installation of all types of amplifiers, design of table and seats, need a product to turn upside down. So it will be easier to fit the parts and their subsequent fastening. Installing cross-amplifiers according to the diagram in the middle of the table tops and benches, fasten them with nails. This detail will prevent the subsidence-meter boards of the table and seats. The corners of the amplifiers speel to save space. For the safety of the people all of the saw cuts, scuff with sandpaper or sanding machine. A couple of amps with a notched neckline, the shape of the cross countertops, nail to and to the sidewalls. Let’s see how it performed in the photograph. In this case it is easier to see once, than hundred times to read how to do it correctly.

Mounting amplifiers the table

The table is flipped and stacked on top on a flat base in order to secure the nails to the cross member and side panels of the amplifiers with cutouts

If you are planning on hot days, set above the Villa table, a sun umbrella, in the countertop surface at the center provide the hole for the stand. With this arrangement, the transversal amplifier of the table will have to change a little, shifting a few inches the detail from the center of the product.

Processing table bioprotective agent

Collecting wooden table for the garden, don’t forget to carefully handle all the details of the product, bioprotective composition. Although some artists prefer to perform this operation until the construction of the Assembly. In this case, manage to miss the mark elements of the table from all sides. After Assembly, some places become inaccessible for the penetration of non-lethal weapons.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of built with his own hands a street table using the color scheme, added in a bioprotective agent. Before this experiment, think and appreciate the beauty of natural color of wood. To set off the texture of the wood can be varnished, printed on the surface of the table and benches in one or several layers. The paint will provide additional protection of garden furniture from premature wear and aging.

Application of protective coloring composition and on details of wooden table

After application of the protective and coloring composition on the surface of the wooden parts of the table cannot change the appearance of the product beyond recognition. Agree — it looks much more solid

Inviting guests and can boast a masterpiece. After self-Assembly, it is better to tell everyone in great detail how to build a table at the cottage. After all the difficulties and ambiguities left behind. Now every step seems easy and straightforward. Don’t stop there. On a country site there’s a lot to build, it would wish.

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