Combi heating boilers for private homes

To organize individual heating of private homes on the basis of the operation of a Combi boiler is a practical solution. Thanks to the continuous improvement process, the popularity of the gas equipment in the private sector is at a high level. Manufacturers regularly offer new models of Combi boiler, equipped with electronics, has an impressive capacity and high energy-saving properties.

Varieties of Combi boilers ↑

Most recently, leading the equipment has a capacity up to 28 kW. Currently, owners of private houses prefer to install Combi boilers, whose capacity ranges from 30 to 40 kW. A key task of the gas boiler is the heating of the room, on the second place of significance is the provision of hot water. Therefore, the selection of a suitable instance requires careful study of the technical characteristics. Depending on the capabilities of heating water for household needs, classification Combi boiler contains the following items:

  • Units with a flowing heat carrier DHW.
  • Dual equipment with built-in boiler, which amounts to 40-60 liters is best suited for small cottages, where the number of residents does not exceed 5 people.
  • Boilers, equipment of which contains the cumulative capacity up to 500 L. the Installation and operation of such a powerful unit is appropriate in a two-storey private housing, with a large number of residents.

When choosing equipment for heating of private housing are guided by the need for hot water, area in need of heating, cost of boiler and installation complexity.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

The characteristic properties of the equipment with instantaneous heater ↑

Hinged Combi boilers where water heating is carried out in continuous-flow heater is the most popular option for home heating. Among the benefits are the following properties:

  • Able to provide heating of private housing, the area of which does not exceed 300 mTwo at the same time provide domestic hot water not more than 2 dispensing points.
  • Internal monitoring of the heating system and the presence of security installations provides a high degree of reliability in the operation of Combi boiler.
  • Installation work is carried out with minimum cost.
  • Compactness and harmonious design of a Combi boiler does not affect the interior space, it is possible to install in kitchen furniture.
  • Ease of management.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Power mounted Combi boiler are presented in the range of 24-32 kWh, cost model range is divided into the following groups:

  • Economy class is characterized by low cost, while successfully achieving its goals.
  • Group includes standard equipment, equipped with additional functions for comfortable operation;
  • The elite class is characterized by the ability to rapidly supply hot water and other useful properties.
  • The condensation type is the most expensive equipment. It is characterized by durability, operation in silent mode and high efficiency.

Device Combi boiler heating condensing type shown below:

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Comment! At the organization of the intake of hot water in private housing encouraged their placement in close proximity to Combi boiler.

Properties of units with a cumulative capacity of ↑

There are two options Combi boiler for space heating fitted with boiler:

  • Gas boiler has built in boiler of small dimensions (up to 60 liters).
  • Bulk holding tank is located next to a gas unit.

In the first case, the equipment allows to spend half an hour to about 400 liters of water, heated to 30onC. the Minimum interval between re-using warm water is 20 minutes. Such opportunities Combi boiler will fully satisfy the needs of a family of 3-5 people. A useful feature of the gas unit for heating with integrated boiler – antibacterial protection, organized by periodically heating the liquid to 80onC. What is typical for this type of boilers:

  • safe operation thanks to the internal security system;
  • embedded hardware provides easy installation;
  • allows you to equip in a private home up to 4 water points with simultaneous space heating not exceeding 350 mTwo;
  • not and is easy to operate and maintain;

It is a kind of middle link between the boiler flow heat exchanger and single circuit unit, supplemented by a boiler.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Combi boiler with an external boiler designed for heating of private houses, are:

  • outdoor, boiler capacity does not exceed 120 litres;
  • combined view, when the single-circuit boiler is mounted on the top floor of the boiler;
  • separate cumulative capacity up to 500 litres and single circuit unit.

The first two types of Combi boiler, fully fitted, do not create difficulties during installation. Despite its compact size, warm water is produced in sufficient quantities for a large number of people. The last option of heating of a private house involves the purchase of additional equipment, the large space and special skill during installation. It is most suitable in the case of hot water consumption in large quantities.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Features of operation of the double-circuit devices ↑

The principal feature of the gas boiler turbofan design – at the expense of hot water heating fluid is terminated. What are the consequences of house owners in this case?

  • Efficiently insulated house with a large area have a high thermal inertia. Therefore, the lack of heating a small period of time will not affect the air temperature. Even a two-hour work Combi boiler mode provide hot water can reduce the temperature in rooms a maximum of 2onWith.
  • The small amount of internal space or insufficient insulation exacerbates the issue of thermal inertia. So you need to worry about slow cooling of the coolant Combi boiler and radiators. This is achieved in two ways: the pipes for the heating circuit used with a larger diameter, and the radiators have a large internal volume.
  • If you plan to use the hot water for a long period and in large quantities, it is better to abandon the idea of operating a Combi boiler and to consider the option of combining heating of the column and single-boiler.
Comment! Design of heating system with natural circulation is practical only in single-storey private housing. This will ensure uninterrupted operation during a power failure.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Options heating installation ↑

Connecting Combi boiler heating is possible through various schemes. Their choice depends on the number of floors in a private house and space.

A small building ↑

In a small one-story house, the area of which does not exceed 100 mTwo for heating a Combi boiler separate areas optimally use the single-pipe network. With a simple design, it does not create problems in the process of mounting work and subsequent operation. Another advantage of the variant of the budget savings by reducing the number of involved materials. That is typical when using such heating schemes:

  • A small area of a private home includes a small number of residents, respectively, economical consumption of water. This gives reason not to focus on the thermal inertia and to opt for aesthetic aluminum radiators, as the heat capacity of cast iron radiators spoil the modern interior of the rooms.
  • The increase of the cross section of the pipe will increase the volume of coolant. Replacement of equipment with DN 40 to DN 50 increases the volume of water contained in the circuit is 1.6 times.
  • Installation of radiator is parallel to the heating circuit, without it breaking. Scheme frame, apply the bottom or diagonal.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

When the installation of heating private homes with the use of the Combi boiler it is recommended that each battery be equipped with:

  • throttle to adjust the flow;
  • shut-off valve on the backflow of water;
  • top cover equipped with a conventional valve to vent air or put the tap Majewski.

There are other simple circuits heating:

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Combi heating boilers for private homes

Spacious private house ↑

Heating a large area of the house, especially two-storey, it is preferable to make a twin. This includes the top and spill the permanent wiring of the batteries. That includes this scheme of installation Combi boiler:

  • The heated water leaving the Combi boiler is served up through pipes. He round the attic or pass under the ceiling of the upper floor.
  • Then the liquid is distributed on risers equipped with radiators that don’t simultaneously de-energised. Each battery has a jumper and choke.
  • On the second branch of eyeliner it is recommended to install shut-off valve, the air vent in the scheme of the heating Combi boiler required in a single copy in the upper part of the circuit near the surge tank.
  • The lower pipe passing through the floor of the first floor or in the basement, serves to return the cooled water in the boiler.
Comment! This wiring heating has an important advantage: due to the natural circulation of fluid, it is able to function during temporary stop of the pump.

Combi heating boilers for private homes

If the second floor or attic most of the time are without tenants, to arrange efficient heating of private homes will allow installation of two boilers on each floor. Then one boiler will maintain the temperature at a minimum level, and engage at full power in rare cases, the appearance of people.

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