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How to make piping of the boiler heating

Autonomous heating system allows you to make a country house suitable for living even in winter. Of course, to maintain the heat still need to lay the insulation and to raise an efficient Windows with a high degree of sealing. But without a good boiler it will all be useless.

To keep the system running at full strength you need to make the correct piping of the boiler heating. Otherwise its functioning will be under big question. Especially much wrong harness affects the performance of the system.

Attention! In fact tying is the connection of the boiler to the heating pipes. But in order to do it, you need to eccitati many factors.

How to make piping of the boiler heating

There are a number of rules and regulations which will make the piping as efficient as possible. It is important to correctly connect. This will allow to optimize the functioning.

The importance of proper strapping boiler ↑

Before you make the piping of the boiler with their hands, does not hurt more to find out why it is worth doing. First, how properly made this operation depends on whether the elements of the system to overheat. Second, the optimal design allows to increase the life of the system.

Attention! If you want to make a heating system that will last you for years without repair and replacement parts — the correct tying of the boiler just needed.

If you make the piping of the boiler heating properly, it will help to distribute the heat load with maximum efficiency. The optimal distribution of the thermal fluid around the circuit will give the opportunity to speed up the heating.

Of particular importance is the scheme of the strapping is for solid-fuel heating boilers. The fact that the automation device works pretty bad, and in order to ensure its maximum effectiveness you need to make a good harness. The result of your work will be self-regulating structure.

How to make piping of the boiler heating

Features classic strapping ↑

Of course, to make quality piping of the boiler heating best use of existing schemes that have a chance to prove its effectiveness.

At the same time to do everything you need and everything is set up correctly. You can also set the controls on input and output. Such devices allow much greater efficiency to perform Supervisory functions.

Attention! Sensors adjust the temperature at the outlet and the inlet allow to avoid changes in temperature.

According to the classical scheme will need to make piping boiler subject to the availability of two system circuits: small and large. This scheme works as follows: first heats a small loop, but as soon as the boiler will enter the operating mode, the fluid flowing through the pipes, will be rerouted in a large.

Attention! The result of effective interaction of small and large coil is heated only buildings.

From the above information, you can make a logical conclusion — the more contours, the better home heating. This allows much more accurate control of the process.

To make the piping of the boiler you will need the following items:

  • check valves,
  • safety valves,
  • brackets,
  • filters,
  • valves,
  • pressure gauge,
  • pump,
  • expansion tank,
  • thermometer.

Having all these elements, you will be able to make a good piping of the boiler heating. What costs will be minimal at this.

Schematic piping ↑

How to make piping of the boiler heating

To make it easier to choose ideal for your home scheme piping of the boiler will first need to classify everything. Classification possible on the following characteristics:

  • the circulation method,
  • the method of wiring,
  • according to the method of reservoir routing.

Even the circuit of a sole timber of a boiler can have several serious modifications that largely determine its functionality:

  • with heated floors,
  • classic heating structure,
  • with connection to hot water circuit.

The very existence of a Combi boiler provides direct and mixing connection diagram heating. Therefore, at the stage of selecting the designs you need to make a decision, on which depends all further operation of the system.

Connecting Combi boiler to make more complicated than single-loop, but design opportunities are worth it. Moreover, correct connection ensures high thermal efficiency.

Attention! Connection two-circuit heating system for hot water has considerable difficulty.

Every boiler is unique, so to make a correct harness the first thing you need to study the manual. This will help to take into account all the nuances of the device and to make the right choice in favor of one or another system.

Single-circuit boilers represent a much less simple structure. For example, they are equipped with only one burner. With its help it is impossible to carry out as precise control as dual analog.

How to make piping of the boiler heating

That is why, to make high-quality piping of the boiler it is better to use a dual circuit design. They have two burners and controlled by special servo, equipped with a mixer. Such a management scheme much more convenient when you use.

To make piping Combi boiler is heavier than the single-circuit, but the work done is fully justified. However, you should keep pridelnyh caution and care, because improper tying consequences would be more than significant.

Additional plans ↑

How to make piping of the boiler heating

As you can see, the basic scheme of piping the heating boiler can be quite diverse. But the overall operation of the system depends not only on them. Crucial support systems, which include:

  • Additional storage of water. Quite often when a power failure is lost, and water. To avoid this you need to install a special tank, which will be part of the schema piping of the boiler heating. He let some time not to feel discomfort from a trip.
  • Pump with battery. At first glance, this option is perfect during a power outage. But not all so simple: you have to constantly monitor the battery status. Moreover, such a workload is not much reliability. Because of this automatic activation may take place intermittently.
  • The gravity circuit. The main advantage of this circuit is to reduce the load on the structure. It allows you to heat only certain places that makes the device maintain the temperature more economical. The item is included in operation, then, when you turn off the pump. Therefore, it is not enough capacity to heat the whole house.
  • Emergency circuit. This option allows you to immediately trigger a gravitational and forced paths. When the power disappears it only remains active gravitational component.

All these elements enable you to feel warmth and comfort even in case of force majeure circumstances. Speaking specifically about power outages, they are simply indispensable if you have an electric boiler.

Features of sole timber of the boiler ↑

How to make piping of the boiler heating

Of course — this is the most important device in the whole structure heating. That is why it must be correctly positioned depending on type. Best to start with outdoor equipment. It cannot be located at the highest point wiring.

If you neglect this advice and put the device at the top of the pipeline, the appearance of air pockets is guaranteed. The only thing you can save from this is the presence of apparatus air purging.

A special role is played by the trumpet of the highway. If you have no device of the exhaust air, it should exit the heating device vertically. Through the nozzles at the bottom to connect to the network.

Make the piping system of the open type with natural circulation ↑

This system represents the smallest difficulty in the installation. The fact that the minimal number of devices that will connect. Moreover, it is completely independent of the power supply.

How to make piping of the boiler heating

Attention! The main disadvantage of this option is the inability to control the coolant at the outlet.

To set this design you will need to follow these rules:

  1. The boiler is installed below the radiators. This helps to create natural circulation. The minimum height difference between them is two feet.
  2. All pipes are sloped. Moreover, the bias must be made in the same direction of the coolant.
  3. Pipe diameter should be large. This will reduce the increased hydraulic resistance.
  4. The expansion tank must be installed in the highest place. Quite often it is set on the roof of the building. This allows to achieve a sufficient level of pressure in the pipes.
  5. Be careful not to overdo shut-off valve.
  6. A large number of regulators makes the flow area smaller. So don’t install too many of them.

Using these simple rules, you will be able to make a quality harness for your home and provide heat in the rooms at any time of the year. In this case you will reduce the dependence on any external factors.

The results ↑

As you can see, there are many ways how to do the piping of the boiler heating. You can choose the one that is best suited for your purposes. Special attention will be paid to equipment and additional items.

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