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Combination boilers for heating of private houses

If the arrangement of heating in a private house it is necessary to anticipate potential risks and nuances. Due to constantly changing prices for energy and fuel consumers often choose combination boilers heating, to reduce the cost of heating, increase the reliability and reduce the risks for heating the house.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Reasons to choose a Combi boiler for a private home ↑

The main features combined boilers for heating of private houses include the ability to work on virtually any type of energy. Combination, also called universal boilers today are available in various designs, and have the opportunity to work on incobrasa and solid fuel, natural gas and electricity. Lately, you can find a combination boilers with electric heating elements, they have gained high popularity among consumers.

The relevance of a private house heating with combined boilers is the ability to use multiple types of energy. It is thus possible to regulate the cost of heating one square meter of space. Another important factor is the ability to switch between fuel types in manual or automatic modes. If, for example, abruptly stopped the supply of gas or electricity, you can switch the mode of operation of the boiler liquid or solid fuels and Vice versa.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Another advantage of this type of boilers – energy efficiency. It is worth noting the following advantages:

  • the reduction of the passivity of the work of heating of a private house. For example, when running the boiler in spite of the initial water heating electric heating elements, after which the automatic switches to use a different fuel type. When this occurs, the temperature setpoint at minimum cost of energy resources;
  • independence or total rejection of power supply in a private home. Rising electricity prices are increasingly pushing people to abandon its connection, and switch to alternative fuels. Here they come to the aid of Russian and foreign companies manufacturing combination boilers that run on coal, wood, briquettes or fuel pellets;
  • auto mode select the type of fuel. Upon termination of the supply of the main type of fuel, the boilers are automatically switched to use a different type of energy source, thereby preventing the cooling system and a heated private home or premises.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Types of combined boilers ↑

Today there are many types of combined boilers for heating of private homes. Each of them is considered in more details.

Combination boilers on gas and liquid fuel ↑

Design difference boilers for these energy sources, are minimal, that is why the rational decision of the developers was to combine them. Boilers can run on gas (natural and LPG) and diesel. The transition between the fuel types is carried out by adjusting the settings of the burner (depending on modifications in manual or automatic modes). The mode and the generated power will remain unchanged.

Buying combination boilers for home heating as main type of fuel you prefer to use gas for its relatively low price, safety of use and environmental friendliness. As the second energy source often use the diesel fuel for which it is separately necessary to prepare the capacity and storage. The exhaust is on one technology for gas and liquid fuels. These boilers it is advantageous to use at a constant heating private houses and industrial premises with a large area.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Combination boilers for gas, liquid and solid fuels ↑

The main difference of this species from boilers, discussed earlier, is the presence of a furnace for solid fuels: pellets, briquettes, wood and other materials. The immense advantages of this type of boilers is the versatility and low cost, the boilers, and used energy.

The downside: low efficiency, low level of automation, construction of the chimney flue. Use these boilers often in small private houses or in the cottages, to heat large homes not economically feasible.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Combination boilers with electric heating elements ↑

In contrast to the above boilers that use the energy of combustion for heating water, the boiler also uses electric heating. Due to the low power output to heat a private house or room only using the electricity does not work, but in combination with gas, liquid or solid fuels is an excellent option.

Main advantages: high level of automation and efficiency, possibility of use in regions with unstable supply of the main type of fuel, reliability and multifunctionality. Thanks to automation, the boiler when the temperature is in a private home below 5 degrees includes water heating in economy mode, this function is implemented to prevent the freezing of the heating system.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Combined furnace for heating ↑

Since in private homes, for heating, used the traditional brick oven. Modern technology allows them to convert and to receive as a result of oven with combined heating system, thereby significantly to increase the efficiency, heat output and functionality. You can install several heat exchangers, the boiler direct or indirect heating, to equip Grubu. These operations can be performed as a whole or separately, depending on the financial possibilities and the availability of space in private house.

Performed modification of combined furnaces:

  • mounting the cooking surface in addition to heating of your private home, additionally, allows you to cook food;
  • installation of burner for gas or solid fuel increases the combustion efficiency of the energy source, increasing the radiant heat from one unit of conditional fuel. The recommended option – a gas burner that generates no unpleasant odors in the home;
  • installation of heat exchanger for water heating – will allow for heating of private houses evenly around the perimeter. Minus – long heating of the water in the pipes of a private house.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

The choice of boiler ↑

When buying a boiler it is necessary to define its basic parameters, type of fuel used and the need for constant heating the house. Today, you can find the boilers of the following types:

  • single-circuit, used only for heating of private houses;
  • Combi boilers are used for heating private house and provide hot water;
  • universal dual circuit, used for home heating and hot water, and for cooking food on a special cast-iron tile.

The last two types of devices are manufactured with small power output.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

The most popular combination boilers are models with a capacity from 20 to 120 kilowatts. They are able to heat any room ranging from 180 to 1000 square meters (with the installation height of not more than three meters). Of course, it is worth noting an important feature, more than the nominal capacity of the boiler, the less functionality and additional features it has. Optimum in functionality, usage, types of energy, availability of additional options that can be considered as combination boilers of average power.

The main disadvantage of combined boilers – their considerable weight and large dimensions. This is due to the material of which boilers are made with cast iron with high characteristics of resistance to corrosion. Because corrosion in boilers is inevitable due to the constant condensation by the combustion of fuel. Therefore, the heating devices are made with possibility of installation on the floor, while manufacturers recommend to arrange for combined boilers separate room in a private house or perimeter. This will minimize the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Combination boilers for heating of private houses

Conclusion ↑

If there is a need to purchase a Combi boiler, the buyer must plan the heating system of a private house, in order not to overpay in the future, if you make any modifications to the project. To the system include: the distribution of pipelines and the tie-in point to the boiler, construction of additional rooms, installation of flue and emergency fire. Proper planning of all these actions will help to heat a private house at minimum cost and with maximum efficiency.

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