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How to make boiler room in a private house

Designing the layout of a private house, particular attention should be paid to the boiler room. It is in this room is the main heating equipment, providing a comfortable temperature in the house, as well as the timely supply of hot and cold water.

Boiler installation in a private home is quite difficult to call a simple event. After all, this space must meet special requirements that are very important to keep.

The conditions for installing the boiler room of a private house directly depend on the boiler type and its location. The first thing that must be done by the owner of a private house – is to draw a future boiler project, which will shows all the main parts and elements and standards for boiler.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Common standards ↑

Boiler installation in a private home performed at the following locations:

  • in the attic;
  • in a separately built cottage;
  • located in the Autonomous container;
  • in the house;
  • in addition to the house.

Developing a plan for the future of your private home, the best option would be to install a boiler in the attic or the basement. But if the building is already constructed and operated, the best option the location of the boiler will be the extension to the house or detached structure. Quite a popular arrangement of the boiler room is a boiler room where all the heating equipment is located in a special container. The compact size of this accommodation allow you to equip space for appliances, heating and water almost anywhere.

How to make boiler room in a private house

It is also worth noting another arrangement of the boiler room in a private house, which is a ready compact construction. Lightweight frame made of metal profile clad by sandwich panels makes this building a very mobile and easy to transport and installation. All materials have an increased level of fire safety which is very important for the equipment under heaters.

The internal arrangement of the boiler room in a private house depends on the model of the heating boiler. It can be gas, solid fuel and electric. Accordingly this will depend on the choice of room under the boiler room.

It is important to understand that to determine the type of boiler and the premises is not sufficient to equip the boiler according to the rules. Need a project that will combine the full scheme of the boiler installation in a private house and regulations of its use.

Attention! Before installation of boiler equipment in a private home can not do without the approval of the project with relevant government agencies. As a rule, this applies to projects involving the installation of gas boiler.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Standards for different types of boilers ↑

Depending on options mounted boilers emit a number of requirements. The entire list prescribed in the regulations, and it requires the owners of private houses the most careful study and strict execution of.

Consider the basic requirements more details.

Requirements for gas boiler ↑

According to the existing regulations, the operation of gas boiler is possible with a power not exceeding 30kW in a residential building.

The room must be a window.

Equipment gas boiler is impossible without hoods. So be sure to have special holes at the bottom of the door to ensure proper airflow.

How to make boiler room in a private house

If the gas equipment has a capacity of 30 kW, then its correct host will need a separate room.

In the case when the heating equipment is mounted inside the dwelling, the mandatory implementation are subject to the following requirements:

  • having a separate entrance door on the street;
  • adequate lighting;
  • a powerful hood;
  • wall adjacent to boiler rooms, should be made of a refractory material.

As practice shows, the best option for powerful heating of the boiler will be a free-standing mini boiler.

Attention! The arrangement of such facilities will ensure the safety of equipment operation, keep silence in the house and saves living space.

To a secluded room near the heating equipment shall comply with the following requirements:

  • a building Foundation and the base of the boiler can not touch;
  • to install a gas boiler you need to build a separate Foundation;
  • all overlaps should be made only from fireproof materials;
  • the flue pipe is installed on a separate base.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Requirements for solid fuel boilers ↑

This type of heating equipment not classified explosive, so the requirements are not very strict.

Mount the boiler in the basement.

On the floor in front of the hole of the furnace have to be steel sheet. The rest of the floor is poured concrete screed.

Be sure the installation of Windows, the dimensions of which are determined on the basis of power equipment. At 1kW power should be 0.8 m? window glazing.

How to make boiler room in a private house

The diameter of the flue pipe and the boiler should be the same.

The Council! For greater security and durability of the chimney is better to cover with plaster.

Minimum space for placing the solid fuel boiler shall be 8 m?.

The power of the extracts depends on the capacity of the boiler.

A prerequisite for placing the solid fuel boiler is the availability of funds for tusonic fire: a fire extinguisher, sand, a small blade.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Requirements for electric boilers ↑

This type of heating equipment is considered the most safe and easy to operate. To embed electric heating devices do not have the arrangement of a separate room.

Also, do not be puzzled by the installation of ventilation, because electric boilers do not emit products of combustion.

The boiler can stand anywhere, as long as the voltage was able to withstand a large load of pot.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Installation work ↑

The process of installation of the heating equipment in General is the same for any type of boiler. Consider, as an example, the most common option is the installation of a gas boiler.

The boiler that runs on gas, is of two types: mount on the wall and on the floor.

Wall model ↑

The main condition for the installation of this type equipment, the temperature of the air in the room. It should vary between +5 °C to +36°C, humidity should be within 80%.

Initially the work on the walls. They need to cover special refractory materials, of thickness not less than 3mm.

You must also comply with specific requirements for ventilation of the boiler room in a private home. This step is desirable as early as possible. With this purpose in lower part of the wall breaks a hole with a diameter of about 15 cm, with an exit to the outside of the house. It is inserted into a corrugated pipe. The inside of the pipe is mounted a check valve. In the same way equipped with exhaust hole.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Attention! It is particularly important to carry out the installation of ventilation, if the room airtight door and window.

Proceed to the installation of gas equipment. The wall mounted a special bracket for the boiler. It usually included.

The height of the equipment from the floor shall not be less than 80 cm. Mount mounted strictly parallel to the base. You can check this using a level.

Once the boiler is fixed to the wall at the highest point of the heating system you need to mount the surge tank and the air valve.

To prevent debris from the heat exchanger, the pipe duct mounted filter. Then connect the pipe back boiler.

How to make boiler room in a private house

The next step is to connect the boiler to the three main systems in the house: gas, water and electricity.

It is important! The connection of the heating boiler to gazivode system is best left to a specialist.

Electro and Gidroinvest can be made with your own hands. It is important when tying a boiler room in a private house to comply with the following requirements:

  • the flow of hot water, and gas should be in the opposite direction. Otherwise it will be a high probability of explosion. After completed the process of connecting the boiler to the house water supply, all connections must be thoroughly checked, it is advisable to repeat the procedure again after some time;
  • if the heating system before the antifreeze, then be sure to drain and flush the whole system, otherwise the explosion will be inevitable.
It is important! Before you begin the installation of the boiler, install gas valve, valve, meter and gas content sensor.

Mount the electrical system has to be equipped with automatic sensors that work which is able to prevent overheating and circuit protection equipment. Before first start the equipment, it fill with water to check for leaks.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Floor model ↑

Outdoor version has a more high power and performance. Typically, such boilers are fitted in separate rooms.

In order that the boiler was installed properly, the floor should be smooth and durable. The best option would be a concrete screed.

Once mounted boiler and the boiler, they are fed to the chimney and the heating system filter from clogging.

Connecting the system to the water supply connection, water tubes should be conducted as close to the entrance pipe to the house.

How to make boiler room in a private house

Conclusion ↑

It should be noted that the creation of the project and the installation of a boiler in a private house – the event is time-consuming requiring not only knowledge and experience, but also the availability of special tools and materials. Not worth the risk, if you are not confident in their abilities and capabilities, because a correctly installed system depends not only comfortable accommodation, but also the safety of all families.

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