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Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

For country houses of the old buildings typical furnace heating. Many when remodeling or renovating such a house want to get rid of it and install a more modern and user-friendly heating system. This desire is caused by the fact that, in the light of constantly increasing tariffs on the fuel solids, I’d like to find the optimal, and most importantly, economical way to heat your home.

A better alternative to a stove heating in the home can be pyrolized boilers long burning. For many, it remains unclear at this change. Consider in more detail what is the working principle of pyrolysis coppers of long burning. What are their advantages, and possibly disadvantages.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

The principle of operation of the device pyrolysis boiler ↑

The pyrolysis process is actively implemented in various industries. This chemical process is a disintegration of the very complicated structure of organic compounds (wood, coal, oil) at very high temperatures and minimal oxygen. The result is a simple substance in three basic States: solid, liquid and gaseous. Pyrolysis boiler is a kind of laboratory in which hard material are formed of the combustion gas fills the heating system of the house.

The principle of operation of the unit ↑

Pyrolysis heating device is a special heating unit consisting of two multi-level sections. In the upper block a chemical reaction takes place in the pyrolysis of wood at temperatures reaching 800°C. At the end, the wood decomposes into smaller particles: coal and gas. The mixed gas and air enters into the lower compartment of the boiler, where at a temperature of about 1200°C is burned, providing that a sufficient amount of heat that goes into heating the building.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

Pyrolysis wood-fired boilers long burning, to generate heat in fact not burn the wood, and the produced gas, thus providing high efficiency.

This principle of operation more convenient that gas is easier to control, which makes the process control heating system, house fully automated.

The device gasification boiler ↑

Considering the design of the unit in more detail, we can distinguish two separate compartments, which are separated by a grate. In the top chamber under conditions of very high temperatures and almost absence of oxygen the process of pyrolysis. The grate allows you to keep warm the upper compartment. Selected in the pyrolysis gas mixed with air flows into the lower compartment of the boiler.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

What determines the duration of operation of the boiler ↑

Time the unit operation long burning with one load depends on the air temperature outside and in the house. Also significant is the impact of the quality of insulation of the building, the kind of used solid fuel and its quality, how well it was designed and mounted heating system in the house.

If you compare the work of pyrolysis boiler to the stove, then under similar conditions the efficiency of the first will be much higher.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

The types of pyrolysis boilers ↑

Many owners of pyrolysis coppers of long burning speak of them only from a positive side. This is not surprising, because pyrolysis boilers according to their characteristics far superior to conventional models of heating appliances.

There are several basic, the most popular models of pyrolysis coppers of long burning:

  1. Device for water heating. Its operation is identical to the principle of the normal units. The primary coolant in this case, the water acquires thermal energy in the heat exchanger, after which, the tubes diverge around the house. The process of constant circulation keeps the temperature of the water at the proper level and not to cool for a long time.
  2. Device for air heating of the home. As a rule, in the home very rarely used. Often it is used for heating industrial and commercial buildings. The principle of operation of this unit is based on the movement of air, which is heated by burning solid fuel. The heated air to disperse throughout the area with the help of special blowers on the pipes. Such a system can be fully automated by configuring the basic settings under personal needs.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

Fuel pyrolysis boiler ↑

In order to work this type of heating device is held with maximum efficiency, as fuel is to use a high quality wood. Most importantly, the wood must be well dried. For example, a number of indicators: 1 kg of firewood with a moisture content of 20%, allocates about 4 kW/hour of energy. For the same amount of wood of appropriate quality, but with a moisture content of 35%, the energy level will be reduced to 3kW/h. If the wood to be dried is bad (humidity level 50%), the rate of heat energy is unlikely to exceed 2 kW/h.

As can be seen, the amount of heat generated during operation of the boiler depends on the water content of the solid fuel. Damp wood is often the reason for low efficiency units, poor combustion, and a large amount of smoke.

If over time the use of solid fuels is very poor quality, it may negatively affect the operation of the boiler, and the duration of its operation. The capacity of the unit decreases and the quantity of solid fuel increases several times.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

The price of the unit ↑

Pyrolysis boiler long burning today is the most modern and efficient way of solving the problem of arrangement of the heating system in a private home. But, despite the large number of positive aspects, many deterred by the price of the unit. It is high enough.

The cost of the solid pyrolysis boiler can exceed a thousand dollars, and if the unit is manufactured by foreign producers, price increases in several times. So today, the Foundation of the problem of domestic developers to implement in production new technologies and developments to make the pyrolized boiler more affordable for the consumer.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

The advantages and disadvantages ↑

Let’s summarize and see what are the main advantages and disadvantages when using pyrolysis coppers of long burning. The main advantages include:

  1. The ability of the unit control, high level of efficiency.
  2. Formed in the pyrolysis gases, lead to the fact that significantly reduced the amount of ash and practically no soot. The operation of the boiler is clean.
  3. The process of pyrolysis is so high temperature of combustion that as a result the gas does not just stands out, but goes further through the nozzle. The flame has a white or yellowish tint.
  4. The ability to work effectively for twenty-four hours with one load of solid fuel.

Also, the pyrolysis coppers of long burning, there are the following disadvantages:

  1. The high cost, which is often not available for consumers with average income.
  2. The need for constant access to electricity.
  3. Effective work ensures that only well-dried solid fuel.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

No matter what, pyrolysis heating boilers are the most efficient form of heating than a wood stove. This assertion is based on the following facts:

  1. If you are using poor quality wood in conventional boilers it is impossible to achieve high temperature combustion. This factor is well corrected by burning wood gas that is formed in the pyrolysis process.
  2. High temperature and the combustion efficiency is achieved with a smaller amount of secondary air required for combustion gas.
  3. The ability to automate the entire process of home heating, can significantly ease the life of the owners, and release a lot of free time.

Pyrolysis coppers of long burning

Conclusion ↑

It is important to understand that the process of Assembly and installation of pyrolysis solid fuel boilers long burning requires experience and specific knowledge. For these purposes it is better to invite experts. But spending money on the purchase of the boiler and its installation, you are guaranteed to get the comfort in the house, and completely freed from constant worries about maintaining a flame in a conventional heating devices.

How to design and install pyrolysis boiler long burning their hands will know in the next video

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