Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

After buying a new house or repair to many people think about the color choice for the kitchen. This room was associated with warmth and comfort, you need to make it. Before you start painting walls and choosing furniture, you should know what colors can be combined. Choosing the right color palette can not only affect a person’s mood, but also to reduce or, conversely, increase the space.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

The effect of color on space ↑

The first thing you need to consider when choosing color, the size of the room. Some colors help create the illusion of more space, while others reduce it. There are a few rules of selection of colors that you need to know before you to create the room specific processing:

  1. For «reduction» high ceiling, you need to use dark paint. To enhance the effect, you can paint the upper parts of the walls are the same shade. After such changes the height of the ceiling will not be to embarrass anyone. This method changes the design of better use in small rooms, the ceiling is too high, causing the disproportionate size of the room catches the eye.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  2. To narrow a too-wide room, you need to paint the side walls a dark color and another in warm shades. After these transformations you notice that the room was visually much already. If you want «push» walls, use contrasting colors. Often for this purpose used shades of blue and red.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  3. To increase floor space you can use painting the lower part of the walls in the color.

We must not forget about the color of the furniture, as the color combination in the interior of the kitchen assumes the harmony of the walls and ceiling.

Things to remember when choosing the color ↑

The color of the kitchen can not only beautify it, but also affect the mood of the people who use it. Choosing the wrong shade can be a long time to deprive yourself of the feeling of vivacity in the morning, which will certainly affect quality of life. You should also consider the character of family members and way of life. Someone will like bright interior that could push to action. Others appreciate the peace and comfort.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

If the solar light in the room appears very rarely, it is necessary to use paint of warm colors. With the abundance of light you can pick up shades of green and blue. Cool colors are best used in the case where the owner spends in this room a large amount of time. This is due to the fact that at a constant cooking temperature rises significantly, which creates a feeling of being in «the hot shop».

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

Color is able to influence the attitude to food. This feature can be used by those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Warm shades increases appetite and cold, on the contrary, reduce. The combination of pink and gray colors also reduces the craving for food intake.

The design of red kitchen ↑

The red color in the kitchen is usually dominated by the active people who are constantly in motion. But it is worth remembering that prolonged exposure to it causes hyperarousal and irritation. To choose the right design, you need to:

  • to keep in mind,
  • to choose the right Wallpaper,
  • install proper lighting,
  • to pick up furniture.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

The color red can be used in many different interior styles, but we should remember that small spaces are best suited «hi-tech» and «minimalism». But what goes chosen shade? Red goes well with black, Golden, white, and gray. When you select should give preference to the one that will be suitable for the design of other rooms.

For the walls you can use mosaic tiles, Wallpaper or paint, but it should be remembered that the furniture and equipment should not be the same shade as the walls. Kitchen cabinets can be white or black. If all the walls are red, you need to install multiple light sources.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

Speaking of countertops for red kitchens, you should consider the material dark silver color that is versatile. Also acceptable and materials are either black or white. To make the design more modern, you can buy a countertop made of durable glass.

Yellow kitchen ↑

In the design of yellow kitchen you need to remember that this color goes well with white. While lemon tones look good together with dark. In order not to oversaturate the room with yellow color walls should be painted in pastel colors. But not everyone is eager to make the room bright. In such cases, selected black or dark pieces of furniture. Yellow kitchen, the color combination which is of great importance, should be made in a modern style.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

The Council! When the Windows of the kitchen on the North side it is better to use yellow curtains. This will contribute to creating a sense of warmth and comfort.

Blue kitchen ↑

The blue color in the design of the kitchen is rarely used, but helps to create beautiful and original interior. For this room you should choose furniture, aluminum and polished surfaces. Those who dare not create so much original interior, can buy furniture, the bottom of which is colored in blue and the top in orange, milky or beige.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

Before creating a certain design, you need to consider the most successful combination of colors in the kitchen:

  1. Blue-and-white room. Despite «coldness» such dishes as she looks quite attractive and is perfect for those who are going to lose weight.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  2. Blue and orange room. In this design, the coldness of the first color is balanced by the Sunny palette, creating a cozy atmosphere.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  3. The combination of blue and beige. Such shades are usually painted the room, done in the style of «country».
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  4. Gray and blue. These colors are perfectly combined and create an elegant and understated style.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  5. The combination of green colors kitchen interior with blue promotes a feeling of being in nature.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen
  6. Blue-red room. This combination of color in kitchen interior is creative and vibrant, but remember that one color should dominate, and the second to be additional.
    Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

Kitchen in blue tones is a great solution for hot room, which is constantly a lot of sunlight. These shades are so relaxing and create a feeling of comfort. To add to the blue kitchen heat, you can use furniture made of oak or walnut.

Grey kitchen ↑

Despite the photo grey interior, many will say that it needs to be boring and uninteresting. But if we consider the work of various designers, it becomes clear that even these shades can look attractive if the design of the kitchen.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

Combined with the soft muted tones of grey creates a classic and comfortable atmosphere. If you choose to complement bright, the kitchen becomes more modern. The variety of colors facilitates the selection of the most attractive option.

The floor in the room with grey walls and furniture is better to make wooden. This combination is the most popular. To create an unusual interior, you can paint the walls in a bright color or add a few red items. Do not forget about the light sources, which should be plenty.

White kitchen ↑

White kitchens are very popular because they look elegant and at the same time luxurious. Rooms are made in this style, are very bright and at the same time create an atmosphere of calm. Features a white kitchen:

  1. The space of the room visually expands, so this option is ideal for small spaces
  2. The simplicity of the design. When making a white kitchen does not need to worry about the compatibility of the colors.
  3. White color is suitable for virtually any style.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

Black and white kitchen ↑

The combination of black with white is rarely used, but with proper selection of accessories and accents you can create a beautiful interior that will create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Different combinations of colors for the kitchen

The advantage of this option is that a room can be designed in any style. But to create an appealing design should follow a few rules:

  1. One of the selected colors when combined should be the primary, and the second its complement. If to prevail is black, it will give the space some depth, white visually expand the room.
  2. When using such combinations of other shades will always be additional.
  3. To soften the contrast, you can use the gray color. For example, this shade can have a fridge and worktop.
  4. To create a more attractive interior, better floors and walls to white, and the choice of kitchen furniture to fix his attention on the black items.
  5. If a dark surface is dominated by, then they should be made shiny, and light – Matt.
  6. If you want to make the kitchen bright, the ideal option for floor design is a tile of black and white colors, arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Such a surface will be combined with other elements regardless of how they are arranged.
It is important! It is worth considering that black-and-white kitchen is better to draw in the style «minimalism» or «hi-tech».

Having described embodiments, it is possible to choose what is suitable for home made in almost any style.

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