Kitchen in white and brown colors

The interiors are dominated by brown color, don’t always stay popular, but still, I prefer many of those who love classic styles. If you want you can use a white-and-brown palette for kitchen design styles such as art Nouveau and minimalism. But for creating comfort in the room need to follow some rules that help to create a pleasant atmosphere.

It is important! The most common design is the kitchen with a white top and brown bottom.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

The impact of brown ↑

Brown color is considered strong and energetic, so it is chosen by people who give the impression of confidence. When designing an interior it is important to consider the impact of each design element. One example is the brown leather armchair which helps to relax and forget about the current issues.

This colour is perceived as natural and does not distract the attention of tenants. It is worth remembering that brown is the epitome of restraint, so it is rarely chosen by young people. It can be used to create an atmosphere of calmness, which helps in making important decisions.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

If the study is so the color is appropriate, then why use it in the kitchen – many would say. If the owner is in this room for hours, the feeling of calm and balance will contribute to the accurate observance of recipes, which will affect the quality of the dishes. Also, due to the brown color in the kitchen you can relax and enjoy the tranquility after a day.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Other features:

  • brown promotes a deep immersion in running the business, so the owner will not become distracted from cooking;
  • the described gamma suitable for people who are not accustomed to be seen;
  • the people in the apartment, where the predominant brown color, try to avoid the appearance of weakness;
  • the color promotes a sense of stability.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Create white and brown kitchen ↑

Even with a poor the design of the kitchen when you use brown colors the room will look elegant and stylish. But in order that the room looked attractive, it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  1. Owners of large kitchens can not follow the abundance of brown shades, as they strongly affect visual perception of space. In addition, for these facilities, you can pick up some shades up to the darkest.
  2. If the kitchen is small, it is necessary to take care of good lighting. The abundance of dark objects and surfaces in this case will contribute to creating a too dark atmosphere.
  3. When you create a white and brown kitchens design you can use inexpensive materials that mimic wood. This finish will be as attractive as more expensive options.
  4. It is also worth remembering that the abundance of white, the room becomes less comfortable. In order to avoid this, you can use the following proportions: brown gender and of the same colour work surface, which combines with white furniture and appliances.
  5. To enliven the interior enough to add plants.
  6. It should also be remembered that in any case in the evening you will need lighting, as brown is able to darken the room.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Another feature of white and brown kitchens is to place it in a wide variety of items without worrying that they will ruin the design.

Important details ↑

Without accessories none style will not look complete. That is why such details also should pay attention to.

Usually to enliven the interior use the following details:

  • wall clocks or lamps, which are made in contrasting colors;
    Kitchen in white and brown colors
  • flowers in the brown pots;
    Kitchen in white and brown colors
  • metal cookware;
    Kitchen in white and brown colors
  • small vases, boxes, and banks.
    Kitchen in white and brown colors

Besides, it is necessary to choose the right curtains for the kitchen, that should be a little lighter than the main color in the room. Furniture is better to buy from a natural tree. Kitchen in white brown color, a photo of which can be seen below, is a perfect example.

It is important! To separate the ceiling, walls and floor is to use a plinth.

Minimalist white and brown kitchen ↑

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Since minimalism is based on the contrast of two colors, brown and white kitchen will look very harmonious. Creating such a design, the apartment owners follow certain rules:

  1. The walls are usually finished with stucco or glued over the plain Wallpaper.
  2. If this ceiling is made in white color. Extended option, which creates a multi-level design.
  3. Floors in white and brown kitchen created in a minimalist style, usually covered with a laminate, where each item has one color.

We must not forget about the simplicity of the furniture. It should not clutter the space.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Art Nouveau ↑

Feature of modern style is the presence of many horizontal lines and whorls located on the fronts and shelves. This kitchen in white brown colors typically has a glossy surface but matte can also be appropriate. The lack of a variety of additional details makes the art Nouveau style is unique and contributes to the creation of indoors atmosphere rigor. While this design is quite original.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

In order to create a modern style, you can do the following:

  1. Pick up kitchen cabinets, the front surface of which is made in light brown colours. It is best to use furniture made of wood or materials that simulate it.
  2. Paint the surface of walls in a beige color. In this case the surface of the door openings, side panels of cabinets and table and chair legs to white.
  3. Use spot lighting to ceiling and lighting under all the cabinets located above the work surface.
  4. Create an original apron for brown white kitchen with mosaic masonry.
  5. Use light brown flooring.
  6. To hang over the main table lamp.

All lockers must be deaf, without a glass insert. This design matches the characteristics of the art Nouveau style and is very cozy.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

The benefits of brown kitchen ↑

If in creating the interior there are doubts about the choice of brown color, it is necessary to consider features of using this color in the kitchen:

  1. Versatility. Noble brown shades can appeal to people of different age and Outlook on life. In doing so, the kitchen can be decorated in almost any style. This is due to the fact that the owner of the apartment can use many shades of one color.
  2. Practicality. When you hit the dirt on the surface in the kitchen, many of them are invisible, so even during the cooking room will maintain an attractive appearance.
  3. The neutrality of the shades. Brown color is able to be combined with a variety of items that decorate the space.
It is important! The most common variant is brown kitchen with white counter tops.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Requirements in the design of brown kitchen ↑

At the time of registration of premises particular attention should be paid to that furniture, as it is the basis for creating a certain atmosphere. The range of shades of brown depends on the preferences of the landlord, but most frequently purchased furniture from light breeds of a tree.

Kitchen in white and brown colors

Facades can be both glossy and matte. In order to make them look more attractive, you can combine multiple shades of brown. But it is worth remembering that the abundance of this color indicates the absence of the taste of the owners of the apartment. In some cases the white is the basic one, but the brown is only used for floor finishing, as well as one or two cabinets.

Dark brown ceiling in the kitchen is to create only in the situation when they are positioned at a considerable height. Otherwise, it creates a sense of constant pressure from the top, which can spoil the attractiveness of any interior.

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