How to cover a roof with roofing material

The main element of any house is the roof. She has a few basic functions:

  • protecting your home from rain;
  • the aesthetics of the structure;
  • Supplement the General design of the building.

The issues related to the construction of the roof must be treated carefully and responsibly. For proper flooring roofing material on the roof, it is important to study its characteristics, and find out the technological features of this process.

How to cover a roof with roofing material

The advantages of material ↑

Roofing felt is ideal for creating a soft roof. It can be used for a short period of time to protect the walls from rain. The average service life of such coatings is 30-40 years. In today’s construction market there are several varieties of roofing material, different operational and technical characteristics.

Species ↑

  1. Traditional insulation material. It is a cardboard, which on both sides treated quality bitumen coating.
    • Cons:
    1. this material does not involve any additives, so its strength is low.
    2. roofing material susceptible to mechanical deformation.
  2. Ruberoid. This material replaced the traditional roofing material, popular in modern construction.
    • It has distinctive specifications traditional material:
      1. strength;
      2. flexibility;
      3. long operational life;
      4. resistance to temperature extremes, humidity.
      5. The upper part of this material is covered with a special dressing (basalt or granite), the lower layer has a thin anti-adhesive film. When laying the film material is a temperature regulator.
      6. Self-adhesive roofing material is a new kind of roofing. Its adhesive strength increases with increasing of solar heat, it is possible for a short period of time to lay it on the surface, saving material resources.
      7. The algorithm of paving material on the roof ↑

        How to cover a roof with roofing material

        To cover with tar paper roof with their hands, even to beginners, just need to clearly follow instructions.

        1. In the first stage, performed preparatory work. From the surface, which will travel along the roofing, clean debris, dust, dirt. In the presence of abrupt changes, the surface is leveled with the screed with thickness up to 1 cm (performed using water or laser level). Lay roofing felt on a dry surface.
        2. On to the roof mastic is applied. The operation is performed using a roller or brush, depending on the volume of the roof.
          ?The Council! No need to hurry to lay the roofing material, first the mastic needs «grab» with the surface. Manufacturers indicate the time «setting» on the packaging of products, it varies depending on humidity, room temperature.
        3. To the spreading of the roofing material, expand it on the day. If there is no free space, the roll is completely rewound.
        4. After complete drying of the pastes, proceed to the installation procedure of the roofing material. To obtain a durable coating, it is desirable to use two layers of roofing material. First take the coating without crumbs for primary postilki for the second layer you will need the material with crushed stone.
        5. Start working from the bottom, making the overlap of the upper sheets on the bottom. This method will protect the seams from water.
        6. The final stage of stacking is the bonding of the roofing material to the roof surface. Using a gas burner roofing mastic heat. The heated area is attached to the mastic, rolled by a roller. In the presence of surface dents, not roller it’s perfect to laminate surface, the roof covering after a short time interval will be spoiled.
        7. In the presence of a rooftop chimney, mines, pipes, you need to cut around them the roofing material so that the pieces are placed overlapping each other.
        Attention! The sheets of material must be firmly glued to the edge of the roof, otherwise they will be torn off by the wind. Fix the sheets wooden or metal slats.

        How to cover a roof with roofing material

        The roof of the garage on their own ↑

        Many vehicle owners are wondering how to put roofing material on the roof of the garage.

        The choice of this material is easy to explain its distinguishing characteristics:

        • strength and reliability;
        • excellent waterproofing characteristics;
        • reasonable cost;
        • ease of installation with his hands.

        In order to properly cover the roof with roofing material, you need to stock up on materials tools:

        • the rolls of underlayment roofing material;
        • the rolls of material with a coarse powder;
        • slate nails;
        • foam;
        • ax;
        • chisel;
        • knife;
        • bitumen;
        • roofing mastic.?

        How to cover a roof with roofing material

        The algorithm of actions ↑

        1. First you need to remove the old paint from the garage roof. Not the new roofing material to put on top of the old, the coating will last a long time. It is desirable to completely remove the old coating, using a sharpened axe. «Problem» areas are removed with a chisel or chisel.
        2. If the old paint is smooth, in this case, you can change your coverage only in some areas. The roofing material is heated with a gas burner until tender, then pressed the material into the repair area.
        3. From the cracks that are larger than 0.5 cm, rid of foam. After it has cured, any excess foam is removed, the slit is treated with cement mortar. Small cracks eliminate special roofing mastic.
        4. Before the start of the how to lay roofing material on a wooden roof, sweep away with it the dirt, dust, debris. A damp roof is pre-dried. Fill perform in one of three ways:
          • in a single layer;
          • two layers;
          • three layers.
          • Sheets of material nailed to the roof slate nails, get rid of bubbles and folds. In full compliance with the technology, a new coating of roofing material will last at least 15 years to his master.

          How to cover a roof with roofing material

          What to fix the roofing material ↑

          Before you start packing, check the quality of the material. The presence of the slice of bright spots indicates uneven impregnation of bitumen. Such material cannot be used for roof repair. The roof of roofing material suitable for gable roofs, which have a tilt angle not more than 30 degrees. When tilted less than 15 degrees, put three soybean material. More cool roofing system covered with two layers of roofing material.

          What you will need materials and tools for work ↑

          Fastening material on the roof is allowed in several different ways:

          Bonding on a special mastic. Use cold bitumen mastic, obtaining a monolithic coating. On the surface of the mastic is applied by brush or roller. Mount two way roofing is done on the cold cement. To prepare 10 kg of material will be required:

          • 3 kg of heated bitumen;
          • 7 kg of organic solvent (gasoline, diesel).

          The mass is thoroughly mixed. The resulting homogeneous mixture was cooled.

          In addition to the use of bitumen mastic special adhesive. With mastic and bitumen adhesive shall mount sheets together and to the roof.

          For fixing of the material with the help of putty will need the following tools and materials:

          • brush or roller;
          • bituminous adhesive or mastic;
          • manual ice rink;
          • roofing tape (sealing of chimneys, ventilation systems);
          • blowtorch.

          How to cover a roof with roofing material

          Mount with nails. There is an option mechanical paving with wooden rods and nails. It is used in cases when the material is applied to a wooden crate (the roof has a tilt angle greater than 15 degrees). It is always safer to nail pieces of material than their stick. Laid out across the surface of the first layer, top with the stock impose the second sheet. Then thick nails nail Reiki. After that stack the third layer, placing the edge on the wooden slats. Fix the material on the bars of construction nails. All seams that are located on these rails, completely cover with roofing material, and then fixed with nails.

          How to cover a roof with roofing material

          For mechanical laying of roofing material, you need the following materials and tools:

          • nails;
          • hammer;
          • the buttons are made of plastic;
          • Reiki.

          Mount material using a gas burner.

          • The bottom layer is heated with a gas burner, tape it to the roof surface. To prevent condensation, the surface is treated with manual roller.
          • This method is suitable for smooth roofs. Have to slice the rolled material household a knife into pieces of the desired length.
            Tip! To simplify the actions, roofing material pre-moistened with warm water.
          • The leaves applied to the surface of the roof, heated by the burner, tightly.

          How to cover a roof with roofing material

          Technology coating wooden roof ↑

          The algorithm of actions to cover the wooden roofs of the following:

          1. When creating a simple roof, the material is spread over the surface of the wooden crates. This crate should be smooth and hard.
          2. Descents cover is attached tolev nails.
            The Council! To provide additional strength it is possible to apply metal tape.
          3. Professionals advise to lay roofing material on a double wooden base. The rafters put the first flooring of 25 mm boards, the clearance between 4-5 cm Further impose 12-15 mm Board thickness, they lay covers material.??

          ?For works using bitumen mastic. The procedure is the following:

          • cleaning of debris;
          • the levelling of the surface, removal of cracks, smoothing of the irregularities;
          • drying;
          • the primer;
          • the unfolding of roofing material;
          • rolling roller.

          How to cover a roof with roofing material

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