How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

If your home requires a roof with an attractive and sophisticated look at relatively low cost, the roof of corrugated Boardholodnokatannogo galvanized steel sheet with a coating of colored polymer materials is what you need.

The advantages of profiled steel sheet: ↑

  • excellent performance: resistance to atmospheric factors, solar radiation, mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion,
  • low specific weight (from 5.5 to 9.5 kg/mTwo), so low load on the truss system and sheathing,
  • roofing material you can choose the texture and color under the design of the building,
  • relatively low price with high aesthetic qualities.

What is corrugated sheet suitable for roof ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

Any of the brands of the corrugated sheet (universal, carrying or wall) suitable for roofing, but for laying a thin wall material, it will take almost a solid crate. For ordinary sheathing in increments of 65-100 cm, it is preferable to use a more durable and hard working. The most frequently used material with such indicators:

  • mark N or NA (main and universal),
  • thickness of steel sheet of 0.5 to 0.7 mm (strong and light at the same time),
  • the height of the corrugations 20 to 75 mm (provides the possibility of elastic deformation of the roof),
  • the presence of capillary drainage ditches,
  • coating color matching an existing or projected exterior of the house.

The price of corrugated sheet depends on several material parameters.

What you need to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

Simple shed or gable roof of a country house, summer kitchen or garage to meet will not be easy with one or two assistants, and some skills with a screwdriver and a jigsaw. Broken gable roof house with an attic, too, will be a force for independent operation. Help in this video.

If the frame of the roof a more complex configuration, you should invite experienced professionals to cover the roof with corrugated sheet. The price will depend on the complexity of the roof and square rays.

How much material is needed? ↑

To calculate the amount of material for a lean-to or gable roof, knowing the sizes of the rays, will not be difficult. If the slope length of 12 m or less, need the width of the slope divided by the width of the material obtained number of sheets to increase by 15%.

For more complicated roofs, it is possible to calculate the corrugated sheet on the roof online for special programs. Programs allow you not only to accurately determine the amount of material, but will also calculate the roof pitch, the size of the overlap will determine the best option location and fastening of profiled sheet.

Tools and fastening materials for work ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

It requires measuring and cutting tools, fastening materials:

  • tape and marker for measuring and marking,
  • scissors or electric saw (jigsaw) metal,
  • drill the mounting sheet on the crate,
  • stairs and the long rods will need to work on and lift the roofing material to the roof,
  • sealing tape for joints (you should pick up the brand),
  • special roofing screws under the color profile,
  • steel washers and a rubber or elastomeric strip attached to the screws.
    How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

Styling features of the roof of corrugated steel sheeting ↑

To perform the work the best of all four, this would happen much faster. Two people also can handle, but alone to deal with long sheets of corrugated Board is very difficult.

  • The minimum angle of the roof slope 10on. At a lower value of angle of the slope water can get under the material.
  • The standard length of the profiled sheet 12 m. If the length of the slope is less than or more sheets to be clipped.
  • To protect the sheeting from corrosion, you should make a waterproofing and vapor barrier on the sheathing.

Installation of the crates under the trapezoidal sheet ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

An important step in the installation of the roof of corrugated Board is the organization of hydro – and vapor barrier to protect the metal from corrosion in contact with water vapor.

Do this in two ways:

  • placing a vapor barrier on the rafters under the sheathing and waterproofing (roofing felt) on top of crates under a corrugated sheet;
  • the organization of ventilated roof, creating a ventilated space between the waterproofing and roofing material. For this purpose along the rafters set about waterproofing the rafters of bars on them doing the crate, it will puff pie: the rafters, waterproofing, false rafters, purlins, sheet metal.
It is important! All the elements of the sheathing, be sure to soak all sides with an antiseptic composition for wood. It will prolong the life of the roof.

Board sheathing laid in increments of 0.5–1.0 m attaching them with nails or screws to the rafters. The more thick and durable corrugated sheet is used, the greater the distance between the sheathing boards. So, for example, of profiled sheet brand СН35 the step of sheathing 0.5–0.6 m, for СН44 — 0,65–0,75 m Distance more than 1 m between the boards should not be done.

Making the crate, you need to check the diagonal of the slope and level the slope on the verticals, the horizontals and diagonals. This will greatly facilitate the laying of corrugated sheets on the crate.

The order of stacking of corrugated Board with your hands ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

  • Trapezoidal sheet stack, from bottom to top, starting down the ramp from the side of the building, from left to right or right to left — it all depends on which side of the sheet the manufacturer made capillary groove. When laying the material, the groove shall be closed with a wave of the next sheet.
  • The size of the overlapping steel sheets horizontally and vertically depends on the angle of the slope of the roof. At small values of the angle of inclination of the slope sheets are placed with an overlap of two waves vertically, at high values of — one or half wave.
  • Overlap horizontal slope of not less than 10 see the First row is laid with the departure of 30-50 cm above the overhang (the distance depends on the design of the drainage system). The joints between proflite sealed with a special tape. Sheet of the second row is laid with offset end half the width.

How to raise the sheets on the roof ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

If there are 2 or more people, lift the sheets just. They are placed on a frame of bars 5-6 packs of 5-10 pieces and the inclined boards attached to the sheathing, tighten the rope up.

On the crate to ensure that the sheets are not pushed, beat one two bars from the bottom and put the pack of cover sheets. Work so much easier than feeding one at a time, although this method is also used.

How to attach corrugated sheets to the roof right ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

The sheets are fixed to the sheathing with screws with washers and sealing gaskets. Their number is not more than 6-10 pieces on 1 sq. m. flooring. On the ramp screws are screwed in the bottom and on the ridge in the upper wave of the sheet.

If the material is thin, the screws just screw in with a screwdriver, they are easy to pass through without damaging the cover. On thick steel plates in places of their fastening to the purlins it is advisable to make pre-marking and a drill to drill the holes for the screws.

It is important! It is necessary to accurately align and properly install the first sheet, it will depend on the quality of all work.

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

The first sheet is first secured in the middle by one screw and carefully align the overhang from the eaves and the vertical position of the crates. After that, it fix the second screw.

To upper and lower boards of the sheathing material is attached, trying the screws in every trough of the waves, in the Central Board through the deflection.

The second highest row are placed with an offset of the sheets to the right or to the left by half the width. Cut sheet metal with a chain saw, hacksaw or jigsaw with a blade for metal. Doing it on the ground.

Attention! Cutting sheet metal with a angle grinder can’t. It will ruin the polymer coating. For cutting should I use snips, and cuts paint paint.

Horizontal joints are also sealed with tape. The screws on the overlap are screwed in every deepening wave. Rubber sealing plate should protrude 1-2 mm on the perimeter of the screw head, this indicates that it is not pinched and does not snug poorly.

Installing the ridge on a corrugated sheet ↑

How to cover the roof with corrugated Board with your hands

Ridge additional elements for the roof of corrugated Board produced

  • simple in the form of a bent angle of the sheet with the width of the shelves 30 cm,
  • round edge,
  • with U-shaped ribs and shelves of the same size.

To set the ridge on the roof of corrugated Board, the last row of sheets should be aligned to the top face and lay in the same horizontal plane. Installation order the following:

  • on the edge of the last row of sheets placed tape strip or ridge of the seal,
  • parallel to the axis of the ridge fix the bars,
  • to the bars with screws in the corrugation of the upper 20-30 cm of the screw elements of the skate, starting from the side where most of the wind blows,
  • the ends of the semicircular ridge closed with special caps,
  • U-shaped ridge attached to the bar, which was specially set under it on the ridge of the roof.

The roof of corrugated Board will delight you with its beauty and evoke a sense of pride in a job well done, made with their own hands. The money saved on this can be spent on making the original weather vane that will adorn the house.

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