The device mansard roof with his hands

As the most simple and budget way to expand the living space, you can call the device mansard roof of a private house. All work does not require the use of special construction equipment and can be performed with his own hands, although it should be borne in mind that this process is quite time consuming. Nevertheless, the effort is quite worthwhile because in the attic you can arrange not only the gym or winter garden, but the living room is enough to carry out simple work on its insulation.

The device mansard roof with his hands

The design of the attic is an important and compulsory stage ↑

To simplify and speed up the device a broken mansard roof with your hands, please take care to create a detailed and competent project. This will allow to avoid many difficulties and increase costs at the stage of construction of the attic.

The Council! You must pre-define not only the form created by the attic, but the presence of additional elements – Windows, balcony, fireplace, etc.

Created project the future of the attic needs to take into account such factors as:

  • the exact shape of the attic;
  • ensure joint operation of all engineering systems and communications in the house;
  • used building material because the device mansard roof is more appropriate of lightweight materials;
  • roofing material, which should not create the design of the attic and the whole house excessive load;
  • the necessity of attic insulation and its heating.
    The device mansard roof with his hands

Regardless of what form it is planned to arrange the roof (simple/multi-level, gable/broken), the design is better or to trust the specialist or you can do yourself, but under his leadership.

Stages of works on the device of the attic ↑

The correct installation of the supporting structure is a guarantee that all construction of the attic will be reliable and will withstand not only the weight, but also any external influences – wind, rain and heavy snowfalls. Therefore, the device of rafters mansard roofs must be performed with consideration of climate zone in which is located the structure. The most optimal material for making rafters for mansard roofs, traditionally considered a softwood (pine or larch).

It is important! Humidity of the used lumber should not exceed 22%, otherwise possible deformation of the structure in the process of drying.

After dismantling the old roof, you can start the device mauerlat on the mansard roof, which is their peculiar «the Foundation».

The device mansard roof with his hands

Mauerlat installed on two opposite walls if erected, the roof is a gable, and on the perimeter, if you plan hipped roof. Special attention should focus on the fact that all elements of the mauerlat should be located in the same plane and be parallel, and the angle between its adjacent parts must be exactly 90 degrees. It is also necessary to provide waterproofing between the bearing wall and the mauerlat, and he must be made of solid timber, with a minimum number of knots.

Before you begin the installation of the rafters mansard roofs, they must be treated with special fire and bio protective composition which protects wood from decay and insect infestation, making it flame-resistant. The best way of impregnation is a soaking, but in failing to treat the rafters in a similar way, it is possible to apply the composition with a brush in several layers, with intermediate drying (1-2 hours/layer).

Roof system installation ↑

Regardless of the size of the future premises, the device roof system attic roof is quite time consuming, therefore it is more expedient to carry out the Assembly of wooden trusses on the ground, and already assembled to make them rise and mount. First perform the installation of the two extreme farms between which pull the ridge (level). This will allow you to create perfectly smooth design.

The device mansard roof with his hands

The step of fastening of the rafters should not exceed 100-120 cm At the end of the installation, trusses are fastened together with special beams, which provide the loft necessary rigidity and at the same time provide the basis for future ceiling inside the room. If the planned unit skylights in the roof, at this stage in truss design provides for appropriate openings. Recommended glass area of the attic floor is 12.5%.

The angle of the rafters may vary in the range from 30 to 60 degrees. When it is selected should also take into account climatic features of the area where the house is located. In that case, if the building site dominated by a steppe climate and windy weather, the angle of inclination can be reduced, thereby increasing the area of the dwelling. If the house is built in a wooded area, the tilt angle should be increased, which will allow for easy snow melt with a mansard roof in the winter.

The choice of the sheathing and the type of roofing ↑

An independent device of the gable mansard roof paired with a rather difficult choice of the type of roofing. Since the design of the attic is not desirable to excessively heavy loading floors, natural tile, as the most practical and durable material is virtually eliminated. It is also desirable to use a metal – primarily because of its low heat and sound insulation characteristics. Therefore, the most common materials are traditional slate or flexible (bituminous) roof tiles.

It is a flexible shingles can be considered the most appropriate material for mansard roofs, combining high aesthetic characteristics, reasonable cost, ease of installation, and good insulating properties. For its installation should provide a solid crate. Great material for it will be OSB-plate (3 classes). If you choose slate or other sheet material, it will be enough of the thin sheathing of the edging boards, fixed on the rafters with a pitch of 25-50 cm is Worth noting that regardless of the type of roofing, the device mansard roof with his hands shall be accompanied by its insulation.

The attic insulation is a mandatory step to obtain a comfortable living space ↑

Typically, the device mansard roof, a photo of which is presented below, is a multilayer.

The device mansard roof with his hands

Thus, the quality of the attic insulation should be sufficient to ensure the normal temperature inside of a new room without a substantial increase in heating costs. As insulation most efficient use of non-combustible (basalt) mineral wool. It comes in rolls or mats with a thickness of 50-100 mm. For the middle band of our country, recommended layer is not less than 200 mm.

It is important! By implementing the device mansard roof of the wooden house with the use of any fibrous insulation, it is necessary to ensure a reliable vapor barrier – we use a special membrane.

In that case, when you use a thick layer of basalt insulation, the attic space is a great thermal and acoustic insulation, since the fibrous structure of the mineral wool perfectly absorbs sound vibrations. Among the advantages of this heater include:

  • ease;
  • incombustibility;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • high density;
  • reasonable cost.
    The device mansard roof with his hands

The correct device and installation of a mansard roof, in result, will allow you to create a design consisting of five layers:

  • outer layer – the selected roof covering;
  • waterproofing material, the installation of which is necessary to conduct so that the moisture from the room were free «to leave» it;
  • directly the insulation layer;
  • paroizoliruyuschimi membrane;
  • the inner layer, which may be plasterboard, OSB plate, wood or plastic siding.

The device mansard roof with his hands, which the video below demonstrates all stages of the work. Despite the complexity, still it is not something impossible.

To perform the work does not require heavy construction equipment or expensive professional tool. Demonstrating the device mansard roof, the video will help you avoid common mistakes in self-construction and speed up the whole process.

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