The device and installation of rafter system roof roof

If you decide to expand your living space, but have no way to attach a room to your house, and the Foundation is not strong enough for the second floor, then the perfect solution will be the construction of a mansard roof.

Attic – is a room in the attic that can be purchased as residential, if there is enough space. To increase place use a special truss system roof roof.

The calculation of the rafter system ↑

To determine the correct design and quantity of material required, use a special program. Calculation of truss system attic roof – is the key to a correct and accurate selection of materials and dimensioning of the roof.

Types of mezzanine floors:

  • triangular or regular. Most familiar to us from the top of a private home. Truss system gable roof the roof is easy to perform and requires the least amount of material. However, this option gives the least amount of space;
    The device and installation of rafter system roof roof
  • angular. Rafter system broken mansard roof implies the existence of corners at the top of the roof. Species very much, and you can select the most suitable for you. Such structures include a gambrel and poluvalmovaya model of the premises. Gambrel attic will consist of two trapezoids in length, and two triangles wide. Truss system poluvalmovaya mansard roof will have two additional fracture in the upper part of the end walls. The advantage of such options is a big area of space, but they are the most costly and difficult in the execution;
    The device and installation of rafter system roof roof
  • dome. Very rare scheme of the truss mansard roof system, as is used to cover round areas.

The next step in the calculation – determine the area of your roof, the dimensions of the proposed placement and the width of the overlapping layers of material. To determine the dimensions of the attic need to know the following information:

  • the width and length are the basics – the size of your home;
  • the level of precipitation (snow and rain). Must be known to accurately determine the tilt angle slope;
  • the width of the joint overlap pieces.
It is important! When specifying the overlapping layers of coating, do not try to save money, as this will allow you to protect the interior from rain.

An example of the calculation of the height of the gable roof. By condition, house has a length of 12 meters and width of 3. Precipitation allows you to choose an angle of 40 degrees. The calculation is by the formula Hk=L*tgA

The device and installation of rafter system roof roof

As can be seen in figure Hk – height, L – half the width of the house. tgA is the tangent of the selected angle.

Thus we get the following:

Hk= 3/2*0,84=1,26

The proposed roof height is 1.26 metres. Be careful when making all measurements, it will serve as a starting point for your calculations.

After the calculation of the rafter system of mansard roof and purchased all the materials, comes the next stage – preparation.

Dismantling the old structure and preparing the roof ↑

If you decide to perform this phase of the work yourself, you should remember that the right start is the key to a quality future design. Should consider several factors when carrying out the dismantling:

  1. The duration of the works, the most important factor. All preparatory work should take no more than two or three days, because your house is not protected from rain and other precipitation.
  2. Weather forecast. Repair is best to do in the dry summer months, precipitation is not then so terrible, and impregnating the materials will dry out faster.
It is very important! Weather can best be found on multiple sites to rule out any probability of precipitation.
  1. Preparation of the floor. Before you put the supports necessary to consider the type of fastening of roof mansard roof system. Any type requires special places for the rafters.
  2. The replacement flooring of the attic. Not a mandatory stage, but preferable, since the attic floor is the ceiling of your room. An additional insulation layer will not prevent in any room.
Please note! Do not proceed with finishing of the floor until the rafters are installed, as during installation, you can damage them.

Installation of roof system roof roof ↑

After completion of all preparatory work, comes the most important and responsible stage. The construction of the truss mansard roof system shall be carried out with strict observance of all technological stages. The surface will carry a serious load, when snow or strong winds, so avoid even the slightest deviation in construction.

Different designs of mansard roofs and truss systems imply the use of different materials. Carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying.

It is important! All the supports of the roof are made of wooden boards, so when buying, check all the documents and appearance.

Installation of roof system roof roof begins with the installation of supports, which will then bear the entire burden. If your home does not allow you to install heavy construction, don’t try to make the walls of the attic of brick, it is better to apply «sandwich» system. The use of lightweight materials, allow the use of lighter support, which will give you the opportunity to choose a better design of your room.

The device and installation of rafter system roof roof

The options of materials for the walls of the attic ↑

All the nodes of the truss system roof roof made of wood, which significantly diversifies the options for the walls:

  • brick. Reliable and popular material, the only drawback of which is the excess weight of the structure;
  • foam concrete blocks. Many types allows you to choose the ideal option for any client. The disadvantage is the appearance. The walls will require finishing, both inside and outside. Plus the material itself is quite wide and take up a lot of space.
  • OSB plates. The most optimal option. The plate is very sturdy and lightweight. No problems amenable to treatment and allows you to perform additional wall insulation between the two plates. The device roof system attic roof will allow you to apply two layers of plates and to hide all the communication in the wall. The disadvantage is a high cost and the need for additional finishing and impregnation. Do not be afraid that the material is lightweight, and made of wood shavings. The fortress and the mechanical strength is not inferior to the rest.

The choice of material for the walls depends on the specifications of your project and your financial capabilities.

Truss system attic roof with his hands ↑

If you decided to do the work yourself, you should soberly assess their strength. Truss system roof roof with their hands must be done on a professional level, otherwise difficulties may arise in the process of operation. Independently perform such work, you can not. Call a few assistants, it is desirable that at least someone had experience in such matters.

The device and installation of rafter system roof roof

The advantages of building with his own hands:

  • cost. Services of professional builders are expensive, so the execution of the work itself, will significantly reduce their price;
  • purchase quality materials. Buying materials yourself will allow you to check their quality and compliance with estimates.

Disadvantages of self-installation:

  • the tightening process. The lack of experience in work of this kind, may lead to delay of repair for a long period, that will significantly hinder your stay in the house;
  • the wrong choice of material. In the case of incorrect selection of material, you may have to pay more to eliminate the consequences;
  • the lack of professional tools. To buy expensive tools for one time – it makes no sense and the lack thereof, may significantly hinder the construction;
  • the rejection of complex structures. If you do the room with their hands in most cases your choice will be traditional with no frills. Truss system attic gable roofs with their hands almost your only option.

Stages of the DIY repair:

  • familiarization with the design. Truss system roof roof blueprints which you can easily find on the Internet, requires a careful examination before beginning work;
  • the choice is simple option. Diagram of the truss system gable roof the roof is the perfect option to complete on their own;
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