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Repair boiler in your own hands

Holders of individual heating systems occupy a favorable position compared to users of district heating. But caring for the smooth operation of the boiler is entirely on their shoulders. Resolve complex breakdowns by specialized companies, but in some situations, repair and preventive maintenance of gas boilers it is easy to clean.

Faulty heating equipment ↑

Modern models of boilers have approximately identical circuit devices and structural modules performing similar functions, regardless of the power source and the arrangement of the heating system. This provides an opportunity to study the General situation of breakdowns and repair options boiler, not focusing on the type of equipment. Therefore, in simple standard situations the problem of repairs decide personally, and in specific cases assume the challenge of skilled workers. The design of the boiler, regardless of the embodiment, partially or in full contains the following modules:

  • the power supply system and its connection;
  • control devices;
  • protective system (in the absence of thrust, the attenuation or burner overheating of the heat exchanger);
  • unit, providing automatic control of all systems;
  • the mechanism of connection to the heating;
  • the body, with the connecting mechanisms.

The process of operation even the best quality boiler is periodically interrupted due to breakdowns. The reason for the need of repair may be the following factors:

  • The heating system design and installation work was carried out with violation of standards.
  • Boiler operation was conducted without compliance with the rules.
  • Damage of valves.
  • Failure of the heating system due to low pressure.
  • Clogging of the heat exchanger.
  • Excessive pollution of the chimney provoked the activation of the sensor.
  • Failed solenoid.
  • The deviation in the power supply: low voltage mains or its complete absence, the pressure in the inlet gas and other.

Repair boiler in your own hands

Injuries classification ↑

All boiler breakdown, leading to the fixation klassificeret by the following features:

  • Periodic and final. Intermittent crashes due to out of bounds of the specified range for one of parameters, ensuring operation of the boiler. For example, when the voltage is below a specified level in 180-220V, gas supply is terminated. The restoration of the required parameters ensures trouble-free resumption of operation of the boiler. Significant deviations (sudden jump) in the absence of stabilizer can lead to serious damage requiring expensive repair with replacement of individual structural modules of the boiler.
  • Primary (independent) and secondary (dependent). That is, the secondary breakdown cannot occur without the primary factor.
  • Gradual, resulting from physical wear of individual elements of the heating boiler, forthcoming repairs can be foreseen. Sudden failures occur without apparent reason, to plan the date of repair of the boiler impossible.
  • Explicit and implicit are characterized by ease of detection. To identify the leaking heat exchanger is much easier than to set the capacitance change of the capacitor.

The increase in period of heating the water, the presence of extraneous sounds in the process, or other clear deviations indicate the need for diagnostics and repair of the boiler.

Warning! Timely action by increase the chance to return the equipment for further use, and the final failure would lead to the meaninglessness of the repair of the boiler.

Repair boiler in your own hands

The process of diagnosis and repair ↑

Analyzing the data on completed repairs, appears the following picture:

  • Visual inspection allows to detect 90% of faults boilers.
  • Cleaning, lubrication and broach pin helps to eliminate another 9 % damage.
  • Full repair and reconstruction procedures are performed only in 1% of cases.

The ultimate goal of the organization of repair of the boiler – the restoration of his health. The failure of any device requires analysis with the establishment of the reasons, behind the failure of the boiler. Spontaneous action could only aggravate the situation. If you experience regular power surges, and the stabilizer is absent, the weakest point in the boiler heating will be the control module. And until you correct the root cause, the repair or replacement of individual items of equipment will occur with enviable regularity.

Diagnosis and analysis of causes of failure of boiler is a serious problem. The lack of professional skills – a good reason to seek help from a qualified service technician boiler. Before the repair you should analyze the economic feasibility of recovery procedures. Often the failure of a low-power unit wall type will require a financial cost comparable to the purchase of new equipment. The solution to repair practical if buying a new module impossible or significantly exceeds the cost of the recovery process.

Comment! The importance and moral deterioration of the boiler. Modern equipment condensation type allows significant savings in fuel consumption compared to traditional models.

Repair boiler in your own hands

Recovery options operating state ↑

There are several types of boiler repairs heating:

  • Restorative procedures include washing and cleaning of the heat exchanger, eliminating clogging of the chimney, other actions, not involving replacement of structural modules.
  • Repairs associated with the restoration of the health of individual parts of the boiler of heating and maintaining their technical characteristics.
  • Preventive (scheduled) procedures organized in accordance with the established time period. This is accompanied by the replacement of individual components and elements whose resource is produced before the whole Assembly in General. Regular carrying out of such actions reduces the risk of unscheduled repairs as a result of the failure of wearing parts.
  • Overhaul is accompanied by a full analysis of the boiler with the aim of detecting hidden defects and the assessment of the degree of wear of the individual elements. His conduct is accompanied by significant financial and labor costs.

Organization of regular maintenance and preventive repair of the boiler can significantly reduce the risk of equipment failure. In contrast to the process of repair and maintenance can be arranged for a serviceable system, although this procedure does not preclude the replacement of individual parts of the boiler.

Repair boiler in your own hands

Structural features ↑

Causes of failure of the boiler are numerous, the most common:

  • damage to the expansion tank;
  • the presence of low-quality sites and individual elements;
  • violation of the rules of operation.

Before you start to repair the boiler with your hands, you should familiarize yourself with the basic security groups of units:

  • Sensors thrust plates designed for 75on. The purpose of the device control status traction. If the fume extractor is in a failed state, the overheat sensor is triggered. In addition, it is recommended to purchase the gas alarm.
  • To protect the turbo boiler from inadequate removal of products of combustion is installed monostat. The need for repairs occurs when the pollution of the chimney or heat exchanger.
  • Control of the temperature of the water in the boiler provides the ultimate thermostat. When it is boiling sensor shall stop the operation of the boiler. Why may cause such a situation? The process can cause the speeding of heating water in the boiler above the rate of loss of heat in total heating system.
  • An ionization electrode monitors the presence of flame. Often the initial stage of the repair includes a check of the electrodes, since the absence of flame by a gas boiler is a direct threat of explosion.
  • Monitor the pressure valve called subversive. With races of pressure in a big way from the established standard, the boiler equipped with such protection, relieve dangerous excess.

Repair the control Board is capable of exceptionally trained professionals with experience in addition to special equipment.

Attention! The main reason for failure of the control panel voltage drops in the mains. To prevent such troubles is capable of voltage stabilizer.

Repair boiler in your own hands

The nuances of carrying out repairs ↑

Any boiler is a complex system, to understand which a person without a technical education rather difficult. Therefore, experts are unanimous in the opinion that repairs should be performed by trained professional. However, some problems in the boiler can be removed independently. Among the reasons for flame failure note the following points:

  • Contamination of the throttle. In this case, you should check the thrust of the chimney and make sure there was no smell of gas. For admission of combustion products into the room to operate the boiler it is forbidden to repair you need to call professionals.
  • Cause actuation of emergency valve may be contamination of the heat exchanger or failure of the automation. Here you will also need the help of professionals.

Most of the manufacturers in the instructions accompanying the boiler, indicate possible causes of a failure. A careful study of the recommendations will help to identify the source of the problem, and in some cases to carry out the repairs yourself. But the lack of basic knowledge is a compelling reason to trust the repair work specialist.

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