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Thermostat for boiler heating

For the purpose of uniform heating and efficient energy consumption, were developed and introduced special device for the heating boiler – thermostat. The principle of operation of different models of equipment are very similar, but there are important differences. For example, a heat signal may be received by the coolant from sensors that measure the temperature inside or outside. In this article we’ll talk about the characteristics of popular thermostats for heating boiler, and know which parameters to choose them.

Thermostat for boiler heating

The principle of operation and device ↑

Usually, the modes of operation of the boiler is regulated by sensors that measure the temperature of the coolant. Actually, it’s not always convenient, as the regulator set at a predetermined temperature of the liquid, gives the boiler a command to turn on if the coolant is cold. But this is not considered an indoor temperature that varies at different times of the year. That is, the battery spring will work exactly the same as in winter, then as the thermostat, meraude temperature in the heated room allows the switching on and off of the boiler depend on these data.

The thermostat is designed so that it incorporates a temperature sensor which is put in the room where you wish to measure the average temperature. It must be done so that the sensor is not influenced by heat directly from the battery. Getting information about the indoor temperature, the controller gives commands to the boiler.

The device measures the temperature and, as necessary, disables the heating system. When the temperature drops to the set readings of the thermostat, the boiler turns on again.

Thermostat for boiler heating

The types of thermostats ↑

The determination of the place of installation and characteristics of the temperature sensor for the heating boiler must be done at the stage of designing the system. You need to calculate the parameters of heat supply and, based on these data, make the selection of individual parts of the system.

Is no exception and thermostat for radiator. But in addition to technical specifications should take into account and performance:

  • precision control. This quality allows to understand what changes the temperature of the coolant will trigger the device;
  • automation thermostat. It helps to understand how often you need to manually adjust settings to make the system functioning normal;
  • extra mode. Virtually every model can be configured to cycle daily or for the whole week – additional settings to allow work strictly in accordance with specified parameters;
  • features of installation. You need to pay attention to whether it is possible to install the thermostat in any position, as some models are set strictly in the same position.

Talk about the most basic types of thermostats heating boiler, their qualities in operation and technical data.

Thermostat for boiler heating

A mechanical device ↑

The easiest option to control heating of the section of the line and the radiator – install a mechanical thermostat for boiler heating. The design of this option is not particularly complex – it consists of the stopcock and a mechanical control unit.

This thermostat is filled with liquid coolant, which when heated expands and pushes on the rod for limiting the movement of coolant in the trunk. Reduced working diameter of the pipe helps to make the heat less severe, which leads to cooling of the batteries. Mechanical thermostats for boiler have a few features, and before you make a choice, you need to read them:

  • first of all, you need to calculate the controller parameters boiler for your system;
  • the installation of the thermostat on the radiator need to do so that high temperature does not affect the control, and did not make the wrong adjustment;
  • mounting the thermostat can be as inlet and outlet pipe. If you want to control heating of the radiator thermostat is installed in front of him. To restrict the flow of liquid from the battery – make the cutout of the thermostat after the radiator.

Thermostat for boiler heating

Two-way and three-way regulator ↑

This multifunctional device. The main difference from a mechanical alternative – no management component, which depends on the temperature of the coolant.

Mechanical thermometer for the heating boiler is able to work only in their local scope. It can not take into account the ambient temperature.

Modern automatic valves are free from this disadvantage due to its structural characteristics, power steering and special crane.

Thermostat for boiler heating

The servomechanism can be connected to any external control unit. In this role, there may be temperature sensors or special programming tools. External data to adjust the stock of stopcock, which is necessary for regulation of fluid that section of the highway in accordance with the specified parameters.

Such valves, in addition to performing the functions of the thermostat for the heating boiler can be used in other heating systems:

  • collector heating. Control of the coolant in a certain area of the system;
  • a warm floor. Included in the design of the mixing unit.

If you want to install the thermostat in the heating pump, the best option would be two and three-way valves.

Attention! Two-way and three-way regulators are not only able to regulate the amount of hot water, but also to equalize flow distribution in the pipeline.

Thermostat for boiler heating

Electronic thermostat for heating ↑

To do the work of the heating system is Autonomous, it is recommended to set the invoice electronic temperature controller for the heating boiler. Most of these thermostats are not installed directly in line, and go outside and mounted anywhere in the room.

The simplified structure of the room thermostats for the heating boiler is equipped with one external temperature sensor and a regulatory element. It is set on a certain segment of the highway, and his testimony he corrects the work of the control valve or boiler. But for comfortable and efficient operation, suitable for more complex designs invoices of thermostats of the heating system, in which function is added daily or weekly programmer.

Thermostat for boiler heating

Before choosing a thermostat for a heating boiler, is acquainted with submitted on the market options:

  1. With a timer. This additional option helps to make home heating dependent on time of day. This thermostat is suitable for a small room.
  2. With the bimetal coil. The hot air acts on the coil, it expands and the contact closes. Resulting in actuation of the adjustment mechanism, and command the valve to open or close.
  3. Programmable. In this embodiment, the mechanical part of the thermostat of the boiler supplements the electronic control unit. This model is convenient for the device of Autonomous heating.
Attention! Such a valve may be connected to the boiler, circulating pump or the power steering radiator.

Thermostat for boiler heating

Prices of thermostats ↑

To make a choice in favor of cheaper products, not to make it just right. Moreover, everyone knows that the quality and proper operation of units and elements of the heating system will depend on both maintenance-free operation of boiler equipment and reduce energy use. The failure of the settings of the thermostat can result in damage to sensitive circuit elements, but also to the violation of the microclimate in the room.

The difference in price, as well as the range of temperature is very large. Professionals do not recommend buying the thermostat for less than 1700 rubles, which is about so much is a quality item supplied with electronics. Well, the cost is more functional, versatile models that can start from 12,000 rubles.

Thermostat for boiler heating

Conclusion ↑

Optimal placement of the thermostat for the heating boiler will be living as the most visited room in the house. Carefully approach the choice of thermostat for the boiler, it is necessary in order to make the home heating quality and comfortable.

After the thermostat is chosen, it must be installed on how to install the device learn in the next video

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