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Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

In regions remote from the centralized heating, before each house was equipped with solid-fuel boiler. Stoked it with coal and firewood. Unfortunately, this design was not without drawbacks. The main one was the inconvenience in use.

Attention! Quite often, people install electric heating devices, but we have to admit that to heat with their help, the house is a rather expensive venture.

Fortunately, there is a decent alternative in the form of a gasification boiler which can be done by hand. Basic diagrams and drawings will be presented in this article. A device of this class can produce heat by burning wood or special briquettes. Moreover, you can use the waste from woodworking factories.

What is pyrolytic boiler ↑

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Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

With diagrams and drawings of the heating system of pyrolysis to understand the basic principles of its work. But to create that device with their hands, it is necessary to understand in more detail.

The process that occurs within the pyrolysis boiler, hand made drawings and diagrams presented in the paper, operates through dry distillation. When the temperature reaches 500-600 degrees Celsius — the decomposition process begins. It is two substances — natural gas and coke.

Created inside design of the gas is mixed with oxygen atoms. Thanks to it starts burning. Of course, it’s scheme — inside the camera, made by hand from drawings and diagrams needs to be a corresponding temperature.

The pyrolysis gas generated in the boiler, made by hand, interacts with carbon. This, in turn, triggers a reaction. But to make this possible, the device must be done precisely according to the drawings, and schematics.

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

The result of the pyrolysis process that takes place in the boiler long burning, hand made for popular drawings and diagrams, producing smoke but it does not contain any harmful compounds. Poet harm to the environment is minimal.

An important advantage of gasification boiler made by hand according to drawings and schemes, is that it generates almost no waste. This releases a considerable amount of thermal energy which can heat a considerable area.

Pyrolysis process belongs to a class of exothermic. In General, the so-called all processes resulting in the release of heat. But not so simple. The fact that this heat is necessary in order to provide additional heating and drying of fuel.

The advantages and disadvantages ↑

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

There are important nuances to be aware of before you make the pyrolized boiler drawings and diagrams. To begin with advantages and disadvantages, which is the design.

The advantages of pyrolysis boilers, made by hand, could be considered:

  • Maintenance of the set temperature of the coolant over a long period.
  • Large volume filling chamber.
  • High efficiency.
  • The possibility of utilization of waste wood pyrolysis boiler made according to the drawings.

However, pyrolysis boiler, made by hand, worked as need requires that the fuel was not more than 30 percent additional components.

Any design has its drawbacks, in this case can be attributed to them:

  • large size,
  • dependence on the network availability,
  • demands on the fuel.

Also the disadvantages of the pyrolysis system could be considered high purchase price. But it can be significantly reduced if you create the device with your hands on the drawings, and schematics.

In the pyrolysis boiler, made by hand for diagrams and drawings is not to put unseasoned timber. The fact that at high humidity the pyrolysis reaction does not occur. Even if a small percentage falls sharply efficiency. This is because the thermal energy converted to steam.

The need for a network connection due to the fact that the device must have a fan. It allows to provide a forced draught, pyrolysis boiler, hand made according to drawings and diagrams.

Create pyrolysis boiler ↑

Analysis of the diagrams and drawings ↑

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

To create a pyrolysis boiler with their hands, it is important to carefully study the plans and drawings. That is what you will be able to choose the design and accurately determine the amount needed for construction materials.

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

On the diagram, and the pyrolysis drawing of the boiler showing the main elements, without which it is impossible to build a structure with your own hands:

  • regulators,
  • flues,
  • air holes,
  • pipe for water supply,
  • pipe for water drainage,
  • the combustion chamber,
  • fan.

It is very important in the manufacture of pyrolysis boiler with your hands to adhere to drawings and diagrams. The fact that this is a complex device, which will occur by high temperature processes. So the slightest error can handle an emergency situation.

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

For private houses will be sufficient gasification boiler capacity is 40 kW. It is not necessary to aspire to great power. The fact that in this case, the design becomes much more complicated. Moreover, the final cost is also increased.

The choice of capacity gasification boiler you are about to create affects the size of the key parts in the drawing or diagram. The proper selection of the size depends on the normal functioning of the device.

The Council! If you are the owner of a small house, then you can opt for the boiler with capacity of 30 kW. This is more than enough.

The tools needed for the manufacture of the boiler with their hands ↑

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

To their own hands to do the design based on a pyrolysis reaction according to drawings and diagrams, to stock up on some inventory. For an idea embodiment in life, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Bulgarian,
  • welding machine,
  • grinding wheels,
  • electric drill,
  • electrodes,
  • pipes of different diameter,
  • strip steel,
  • the temperature sensor,
  • fan,
  • metal sheets.

This is a basic set that is required to create a pyrolysis system with your hands on the diagrams and drawings. Of course, in the process, you may need additional tools and materials.

Attention! The thickness of the steel for the hull should be 3 mm, and preferably 4.

Subtleties of Assembly ↑

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

Once you select the appropriate schema, you can begin to assemble. It is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  1. The opening through which the furnace will be to get firewood and briquettes should be placed a little higher than conventional solid fuel designs.
  2. Don’t forget the limiter. Its main task is to control the amount of air. To create it needs semidesyatiletiyu pipe in cross-section. Its length should be larger than the body.
  3. The Rev limiter is welded to the disk. The element must be made of steel. Spot welding on the bottom of the structure. In result, you will have a gap of 40 mm. Below the limiter became possible it is necessary to make holes in the appropriate places on the cover.
  4. The best shape for the opening through which you will load the firewood is a rectangle. It is important not to forget about the door. It should have a patch for better fixation.
  5. Also in design is necessary to provide a hole through which will be disposed of ash.
  6. The pipe for the coolant have to do with bending. This will increase the radiant heat.

Another important element according to any scheme and the drawing is the valve. With it, you will be able to control the amount of coolant flowing inside. Therefore it is best to place it in a convenient and easily accessible place. The algorithm of creation of pyrolysis boiler with your hands on the blueprints you can see in the video below.

After the Assembly is of great importance first run. Only after you make sure that the products of combustion, no carbon monoxide, can be argued, that everything is done correctly. It is better to use special equipment.

Pyrolytic boiler with their hands: drawings, diagrams

The results ↑

To establish the boiler working on the principle of pyrolysis can with your hands. But before starting work you must write the project. The main role in it will play a pattern with a chart of products and sizes.

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