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How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Constantly growing tariffs for gas and electricity, forcing residents country houses to install Autonomous boilers for heating of private houses. Such devices produce thermal energy, burning wood, coal or pellets. It is also worth noting that solid fuel units will be the best solution for arrangement of the heating system in those homes where it is technically impossible to mount the gas equipment.

The market of solid fuel boilers long burning rich in a variety of models of devices made by manufacturers from different countries. To make the right choices and get the heating appliance, ideal for your home, you should familiarize yourself with all existing types of solid fuel boilers.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

The types of solid fuel boilers for private homes ^ the

The entire range of this unit can be divided into the following types:

  1. Heating appliances in which solid fuel in the furnace is fed automatically. This so-called pellet boilers. Their work is based on the use of pellet fuel.
  2. Heating devices that require manual loading solid fuel. Their classification is as follows:
  • the boiler is of the classical type;
  • pyrolysis boilers with upper combustion;
  • the heating appliance long burning.

The most important parameter, to which you should pay attention to when buying a heating appliance, the time of combustion of solid fuel at a unit load and fuel type, which determines the maximum efficiency of the boiler.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Picking up the boiler long burning solid fuel for your home or garden is very important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the number of circuits. Double-boiler on solid fuel continuous burning can not only heat the house but also to provide continuous hot water;
  • well if the boiler has a hob, so the problem of cooking;
  • always check the capacity of the device and its efficiency. As a rule, solid fuel heating boilers with capacity up to 12 kW can heat a house which area exceeds 100m2;
  • before you make a purchase consider whether the weight and dimensions of the device the parameters that provide a fairly easy transportation and fast installation;
  • guide the heating boiler for solid fuels, based on the possibility of acquiring the necessary fuel;
  • loading of fuel and the General structure of the unit heating.
Attention! Remember, solid fuel heating devices produce only the outdoor type, so wall mounting is impossible, under any circumstances.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Classic solid fuel boilers ↑

To date, this is the most popular form of heating device. Typically, such Assembly is made from heat resistant steel or cast iron. The heat produced in the combustion process. The working process of the boiler is supported by burning wood, peat or heating pellets. Classic heating appliances, working on solid fuel, traditionally used for space heating and for hot water. As the wood burned very quickly, they drown most often coal. Built-in temperature sensor allows to maintain the desired degree inside the furnace and adjust the choke. If the temperature changes its operating value, the valve is opened and Vice versa.

As practice shows, one load of fuel, this type of heating appliance can work effectively up to six hours. This is a fully Autonomous device, its operation does not depend on gas or electricity network.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Modern models of solid fuel boilers have in its complete built-in temperature sensors, fan blowing, and a remote control. All these elements make the management process easy and convenient.

Attention! You should always remember is that coal is slowly going up, but typing the desired degree, keeps it at this level for a very long time.

Wood burns very quickly, so they should not immediately fill the entire space of the furnace. This can lead to a rapid but brief release of heat and overheating of the boiler, and it is very dangerous.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Pyrolysis solid fuel boilers ↑

Pyrolysis boiler is an example of new technologies and developments. Applied in practice this type of heating device, such as for space heating and for water heating. It includes two combustion chambers. In the first compartment burns solid fuel in an artificially created shortage of oxygen. In the combustion process are highlighted in a special volatile substances that undergo combustion in the second chamber.

As a rule, the work of pyrolysis boilers is provided by firewood, briquettes, pellets, coal and even coke. It is important to consider the quality of solid fuels. It should be dry, as in the case of getting a pair of the second cell, a situation may arise interrupt burning.

Some models have built-in thermostatic air regulators and devices, which protect solid fuel boiler long burning from boiling. In a situation when the device is heating to boil, the thermostatic valve will dump water by opening the valve, and as a result, the internal temperature of the boiler will decrease.

The Council! The pyrolysis copper of heating on solid fuel continuous burning can be installed in almost any room in which there is a constant flow of air. Chimney mounted both inside and outside the building.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Pellet solid fuel boilers ↑

This model of heating is very popular in Europe. They usually are used for home heating and for heating tap water. Such solid fuel boilers long burning stoked pellets (pressed wood chips, sawdust).

The main advantages of using this type heater for full autonomy. The combustion temperature is automatically maintained by sensors, and all that is required of man, it is time to load fuel boiler with the necessary material. Some models of these boilers has a built-in auger, who independently went to the furnace pellets. The disadvantage of this boiler is that in addition to pellets and other fuels cannot be used.

Attention! The use of unsuitable, low-quality solid fuels leads to increased consumption of materials and may even cause a failure of the heating appliance.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

The long burning boilers ↑

This version of the instrument heater can work efficiently on coke, coal, firewood, wood chips and even sawdust. Those models of units that are designed specifically to work with wood to be significantly different from the air supply system and the materials of manufacture of the combustion chamber.

Practical experiments proved that if a one-time load in the furnace of 45 kg of fuel, the burning time will be an average of thirty-six hours. If the outside air temperature began to rise, there is no need to heat the boiler. To do this, simply lower the boiler capacity and rate of combustion of fuel.

The heating appliance of continuous burning is the boiler of the new generation. It has good tightness. The solid fuel in the burn, starting from the top to the bottom. This ensures maximum combustion duration of one boot. The fuel starts to burn immediately, but gradually, 1-2 cm download. Air which gets into the furnace, heated and then enters the combustion zone with heat exchanger.

The air distributor is always at the level of combustion of solid fuel.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

The selection criteria for boilers for solid fuels ↑

After reviewing the types of solid fuel boilers, does not want to learn on what criteria you should pay attention to, making a purchase.

Fuel ↑

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of fuel will operate the heating appliance. It is better to leave the choice on the kind of fuel that is easy to buy and bring home. If there is a possibility of firewood, then the best option would be solid-fuel boiler burning wood. For the owners of houses in the district which do not grow trees, it is best to buy a unit running on wood pellets. Devices generating heat from coal are suitable for those who have the opportunity to order and purchase a quality coal. The solid fuel boilers long burning, running on sawdust, as a rule, are installed in those houses which are located near facilities that process wood.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Power boiler ↑

To correctly determine the optimal power to heat your home, you need to spend not very complex mathematical calculations. The most important thing is to calculate the volume of space that you want to drink. The result will be the starting point of choice for future heating boiler.

The Council! Always consider some reserve power, in case of abnormally low temperatures in the house it was possible to maintain a comfortable temperature.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

The weight of the boiler ↑

Choosing a heating appliance combustion long, its weight will be an important indicator, especially if you plan on mounting on the wall. According to the state standards, wall mounting is allowed only if the volume of the boiler does not exceed 100 litres.

The chamber volume of the load ↑

It is the ratio of the volume of used solid fuel and the capacity of the heating appliance. The more fuel can be loaded into the camera, the less you will need to replenish the supply of solid fuel. For example: the index of the volume filling chamber for steel heating devices should not exceed 2.5 l/kW, this figure is for cast iron boilers – 1.4 l/kW. The estimated volume of the filling chamber helps to assess the capabilities of the units. After all, at 100% boiler load you are unlikely to succeed, and to know what the actual amount of firewood can be downloaded will be very useful for the planning of the reserves of solid fuel.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Manufacturers of solid fuel boilers ↑

Going buy, it is better to be aware of the main producers of solid fuel boilers in order not to get lost in the abundance of brands and brands on the market.

Consider in more detail the best solid fuel boilers for home heating:

  1. Brand Stropuva has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable and high quality heating devices of continuous burning. The products of this company are of high efficiency and long service life.
  2. Solid fuel boiler long burning Russian production company «Hearth» produces boilers with integrated heat exchangers. The products of this brand differs high productivity and quality.
  3. Polish company Wichlacz has established itself on the market as a reliable manufacturer of heating units, whose operation is based on layer-by-layer burning of fuel.

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for heating

Conclusion ↑

Operation of heating solid fuel boilers for the arrangement of the heating system of a private house is justified, as there is a high efficiency operation of the device at minimum cost for solid fuel. The installation of such heating devices do not cause special complexities, and the maintenance can be carried out not only specialist, he and an ordinary person.

How to perform the installation of solid fuel boilers in a private house can be found in the following video

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