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Instructions for the cleaning of ventilation in apartment

In any building or structure shall be provided in the ventilation system, which is laid in the construction process. The ventilation system needed to remove contaminated and moist air, which forms in the human of sanitary ware and household appliances. Ventilation is a key element of a favorable microclimate in the room. The quality of the air depends on your vitality and well-being.

By way of moving air flow there are natural and artificial ventilation. Also it is supply and exhaust.

Instructions for the cleaning of ventilation in apartment

Types of ventilation ↑

Natural ventilation provides air circulation which is created due to the differential temperatures on the street and in the apartment, and atmospheric pressure. This is the cheapest ventilation system, so they are equipped with almost all the old houses. But the system does not enjoy widespread popularity, as it is entirely dependent on weather conditions.

Artificial ventilation provides air circulation that is created with the help of special equipment. These systems are currently used in all apartment buildings.

Ventilation supplies fresh air to the room, and exhaust – removes contaminated air using vented instruments and today is the most common system. So many questions arise such as possible to clean ventilation. For those who have not experienced this, it will be difficult to perform this procedure, but the following information will help you.

Sooner or later, but any air circulation system clogged and poorly functioning, and the main signs that you need to clean the ventilation in the house are:

  • air embolism;
  • a large amount of condensation on the Windows and damp in the apartment, the darkened corners;
  • education web around the entrance to the system;
  • excessive dust and debris.

Causes blockage of ventilation ↑

The most common cause of clogging of the air channels is the deposition of large amounts of dust and dirt in the mines of these channels.

Instructions for the cleaning of ventilation in apartment

The second reason is the failure of the ventilation devices.

All the houses in a General engineering system is a special service that has access to similar works, so it becomes clear who needs to clean the ventilation in an apartment building. But every tenant has a right to clean air duct of his apartment. Why you need to learn how to clean the ventilation in the apartment itself.

Methods of cleaning ventilation ↑

  • cleaning materials at hand. To do this, carefully remove the grid and with a special detergent to remove all grease, dirt and debris from your channel;
  • cleaning with dry ice, which removes the grease and then evaporates, leaving no smell.
Attention! With self-cleaning never reach into the mines air ducts dimensional objects and the use of chemical reagents.

If you live in an old building, and you’re wondering how to clean the ventilation in the building, a mechanical method of cleaning will not be enough. For this you need to care about such things:

  • on a new Windows install valve-ventilator, restoring the natural flow of air;
  • install supply and exhaust device that eliminates the moisture from the premises and provides the ideal ambience in your apartment. Such devices can be installed in window or on wall.

The most likely locations of pollution ventilation in the apartment is the bathroom and kitchen. So many people wonder how to clean the ventilation in the bathroom. Suitable for this mechanical cleaning method – 15 minutes and your air channel is clean.

Instructions for the cleaning of ventilation in apartment

The ventilation system in an apartment building ↑

All the modern apartment building is equipped with two types of ventilation system:

  1. Vertical ventilation channel is displayed in the attic of the horizontal box – in this system, air masses from the building is directed in the horizontal box and out.
  2. Vertical air channels are displayed in the attic – in this system, air masses through the only vent going to the roof.

But these modern ventilation systems do not always cope with its functions. In the first case, the air masses with horizontal boxes can get in the apartment in the last floor. To avoid this, you must do the following:

  • two times to increase the diameter of the horizontal boxes, such work to perform better with a specialist, so as not to disturb the engineering design;
  • air channels of the upper floors to get into the ventilation shaft above horizontal boxes.

In the second case, to improve ventilation enough to extend the height of the air channel, a single meter with a normal pipe.

How to unclog the vents ↑

When we know everything about air circulation, now you can learn how to unclog the system. This process consists of five stages:

Before you begin, you need to examine and verify. To do this, hold a lighter or a match on fire to vent out. If the flame is drawn into the channel, it can be nothing to worry about, but if it is to stand still, so your mine is clogged and it’s time to learn how to clean the ventilation in the apartment.

It is important! A large gathering of the web to use another fire-safe verification method.

Instructions for the cleaning of ventilation in apartment

Mechanical cleaning ↑

During this need to take a large ruff or steel cable and clear the air channel, try to clean as much as possible. Cleanse it from dirt, debris and grease. If this does not help, you need to take items more and clean again. When cleaning air ducts need to be careful not to run into a wasps nest or other nasty insects.

Instructions for the cleaning of ventilation in apartment

Air circulation ↑

To verify natural circulation of air, you can use the scraps of paper and open wide the doors. If the piece of paper does not react, it is necessary to improve the circulation. It is enough to set the gap between the door and the floor at a distance of 4 cm.

Air flow ↑

Natural ventilation provided by open Windows and doors. But in the winter especially they can’t open it, so you need to resort to additional methods of air flow in the room. Today, almost every house are plastic Windows that securely hold not only heat but also air. Therefore, all modern Windows steel to provide the supply gap. Cold air comes from cracks and mixes with warm air from the battery. Winter is an effective way to establish the optimum microclimate in the apartment.

However, there are areas in which the supply of slots may not be enough. In this case, put wall inlet valves to further saturate the room with fresh air.

Additional exhaust system ↑

If after installation, supply of equipment need air circulation, you can install additional exhaust system. That is, in the ventilation channel is mounted an electric fan which pumps air. Thus, provides your room a sufficient amount of fresh air.

To finally understand how to unclog the vents in the apartment by myself, video will best help to understand this:

If you are suddenly not working special equipment, it helps to know how to clean the ventilation of the crankcase. Maybe the reason for this. To do this, disconnect the battery and remove the air intake pipe. And then disconnect the throttle actuator and hose. Only then can we begin cleaning all the other parts.

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