Heating and ventilation

Ventilation in the apartment

The ventilation in the apartment — an important factor for a comfortable life. Lack of fresh air could significantly affect the activity and health of a person, his or her mental condition. It is therefore important to ensure a regular flow of air from outside.

Ventilation in the apartment

If this factor was not so important, then over time, the insulation of the apartments all the more worsens the air. Although it helps to preserve heat, additional layers of film, plastic Windows and other elements reduce the flow of air into the room. So need good ventilation, able to provide a person with the necessary oxygen.

The ventilation in the apartment ↑

There are many types of ventilation with different characteristics and features. Informed classic the apartment was shared ventilation through the duct. However, individual solutions are increasingly popular, being considered the optimal choice for each.

Ventilation in the apartment

A good option for apartment is the forced ventilation. It allows to increase the air flow by means of special devices. Note several types of mechanical ventilation:

  • Exhaust;
  • Supply;
  • Supply and exhaust.

The first option is simple and reliable, but does not provide sufficient ventilation. It provides a fence of bad air from rooms, which is handy in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In other rooms it is ineffective.

Next is ventilation. It provides a gradual flow of air into the rent and cleaning and heating it. It is served in the bedroom, living room and other places where people is often. Out the air via standard vent channels located in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Requires additional reconstruction of the ventilation system.

Last option is the most effective supply and exhaust system. It provides not only a constant flow of purified and heated air, but also has the advantages of exhaust ventilation. As a result, the air is constantly circulating and not stagnant in the premises.

Among all these options the latter is the most effective. Although its cost high, such a choice will provide fresh air in the apartment and eliminate any unpleasant odors in just a few seconds.

Ventilation — features and benefits ↑

When you install such a system all ventilation completely mechanisims. This ensures regular air circulation and allows you to adjust it on your own. Although the system is difficult to install and has a very high price, it is the most convenient and practical method in such decisions. In addition, the feature of such ventilation is the possibility to install heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is an element that allows to transfer heat from the outgoing air to the incoming. This approach reduces heat loss by 80%, saving on space heating. Although the design overall, it may be located above the suspended ceiling or in any other secluded place, remaining invisible to others.

Ventilation in the apartment

Interesting! The advantage of this heat exchanger is that it can work in the opposite direction. In the summer it will significantly save on the air conditioner, cooling the incoming air by leaving the.

The installation of such ventilation though complex, but can be carried out independently. The main difficulty here is to create a preliminary plan and a seamless installation of the whole structure. This solution is practical and comfortable, because its installation is no more difficult the same installation of air conditioning.

Signs of weak ventilation ↑

However, any ventilation tends to be clogged. Various dust and dirt stick to the filters and the walls of the ducts, which leads to a decrease in throughput. Over time, this happens everywhere.

Ventilation in the apartment

There are several signs which can determine the effectiveness of ventilation. Among them:

  1. The presence of unpleasant odors in subventricular areas.
  2. The appearance of mold on window frames.
  3. The increase of dust.
  4. Misted window.
  5. Reduced activity and constant fatigue.

As regards the influence of oxygen deficiency on humans, there is a lot more features. So if you feel unwell at home should pay attention to airing.

To check the efficiency of ventilation is a simple and reliable test. You need to take a sheet of paper and attach it to the outlet through which the air comes out. If a leaf falls or ventilation increases the revs to hold it, it is a sign of clogged channels.

If the test showed that the ventilation efficiency is greatly reduced, it is necessary to take measures to clean it from dust and dirt.

For a more effective test use a wind gauge. It is a device that determines the velocity of air in pipes. To determine the effectiveness of the duct with it much easier.

Methods of cleaning ventilation ↑

To clean ventilation there are many different methods. They have different effectiveness, and are used depending on the operating conditions of ventilated rooms. Note the following methods for such tasks:

  • Mechanical;
  • Chemical;
  • Combined;
  • Blasting.

The first option uses a cleaning machine and vacuum pump. The machine is equipped with a flexible shaft with brushes that allows you to run it in a duct. On the other hand connects the pump, which eliminates all of the removed dust. In the process, brush simply remove the layer of dust, sending it along with the air in the pump.

Ventilation in the apartment

This method is useful against dust, but if the walls are body fat, it is ineffective.

It is important! Body fat is typical for kitchen hoods where grease particles and oils into the air.

Next is the chemical method. The ventilation is sealed, it connects the vacuum pump. After that, the inlet is sprayed a cleaning solution that eats away the dirt and eliminates all the deposits. This method is effective against any dirt, but requires full encapsulation. In addition, its price is quite high.

The third method combines the previous options and is suitable for cleaning the started cases. Initially, the ventilation starts cleaning the shaft, then sprayed reagent. This option also requires sealing and has a high cost.

The last method is rarely used. It clears the walls of the system through dry ice, spraying it to the surface under pressure. As a result, the ice removes the top layer of dirt, but does not affect the duct. It is an expensive and complicated method, but cleanses it from all impurities.

Which option to choose — the decision of the owner. Methods are diverse and designed for different tasks, but most of them prefer the mechanical option. It is inexpensive, easy and quick enough.

How to clean the ventilation in the apartment ↑

For apartment the best method of cleaning is mechanical. It is simple and does not require sealing system, removing all the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Small problems can be only with kitchen area ventilation, however, this problem can be solved by additional reagents.

Ventilation in the apartment

Before cleaning the ventilation will be pre-training. If the specialist has the equipment to test duct, it determines the place of blockage. Often used by optical devices or cameras. After determining the location of the blockage begins the process works.

Next, connect the unit with a cleaning brush, which is triggered in the ductwork. Gradually clearing all channels, the master removes dust grime in the system. After that, he re-checks the ductwork for obstructions and test air speed.

Cleaning of ventilation much more difficult, because without the necessary tools to carry out its difficult. If the structure can be disassembled in sections, the task is greatly simplified. Otherwise, the only possible cleaning of the exhaust duct. To work with the primary shaft corresponding equipment necessary.

For self-cleaning will need the following tools:

  • A long wire with a metal or plastic brush;
  • Brush on a long handle;
  • Respirator;
  • Gloves;
  • Vacuum cleaner.

You first need to shut it down. The process consists of several stages. Among them:

  1. Eat grill, netting and fencing;
  2. Cleaning inlet;
  3. Channel cleaning;
  4. Collecting dust.

The first step is to remove the grating and mesh. Need to access ventilation, but this protection interferes with it. This process is simple and needs no explanation.

The Council! These items also need cleaning. It is recommended to wash them before the subsequent setting.

Then you need to clean the intake vents. Often there is most dust. It is important to determine the presence of the fat before further work. Entrance is cleaned with a brush.

Then begins the cleaning of the ventilation channel. It is held by the brush on the wire. Slowly rotating and pushing it, you need to eliminate all visible areas of contamination. If possible, you need to clean and the first turn on the system, because often these sites have blockages.

Ventilation in the apartment

Further through the vacuum cleaner all the dust is eliminated. The installation of fabric and mesh, ventilation is tested for performance. If the result is still bad, you should contact the experts. It is possible that the contamination is much deeper, where no special tools to get.

It is important! We can not forget about regular changing and cleaning of filters of ventilation. In fact they are taking most of the dust out of the air.

For a better understanding of the cleaning process filters ventilation it is recommended to watch this video. Here is described the process that will allow you to do the work yourself:

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