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How to make ventilation in the apartment

Human psychology is arranged so that most normal working of things is not enough attention. But should something go haywire – begin to look for reasons, which takes care of that earlier. And so with the ventilation of the apartment: after installation of glazing and insulation of the apartment was somehow uncomfortable after the fact you need to take action.

A modern apartment building, no matter the old Soviet variant of the 70-ies or new building, the system of ventilation provided by the building project. Good or bad, but it always works if the designer is not allowed gross errors when it is tailored to the climatic zones and the direction of the wind rose. But in some cases it is necessary to make changes in the ventilation system of the apartment with his hands.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

To make changes in the ventilation system of the apartment is only for good reasons:

  • A sharp decline in the level of comfort, feeling the heat, the increased humidity of the apartment;
  • Systematically in the bathroom, the kitchen or bathroom of the apartment there are pockets of dampness or condensation, the Windows misted glass;
  • In the apartment there were uncharacteristic and unpleasant odors.
It is important! If you are planning to conduct a major repair of an apartment with the insulation of external walls or replacing old wooden Windows with new, you should consider further testing of the ventilation, and how to make upgrading ventilation in the apartment.

Why is it necessary to upgrade the ventilation ↑

To feel «at ease», a person needs not just a minimum amount of air, not just 30 cubic meters per hour, he needed microclimate. And to ensure it is more difficult than to get rid of condensation on the tiled floor of the bathroom or the Windows of the apartment. Under standard 21% oxygen in the air will feel good, under 20% of the time, but already at 18% will be severe headache, instant fatigue, then nothing can be done, the person loses consciousness, with a 7% dies.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

The climate is, above all, comfort of breathing, warmth or coolness, and the desired level of humidity. Tampering with ventilation of the apartment leads to the violation of any of the three components.

How to make ventilation in the apartment ↑

In most cases, the host first addressed the problem of how to make the ventilation in the kitchen in the apartment. This is understandable and quite logical. The kitchen, especially with a gas stove, require good ventilation and air conditioning systems, or the products of gas combustion and evaporation «strangle» the apartment within the hour. The second, equally important decision is the question – how to make the ventilation in the toilet and bathroom in the apartment.

Often the vent craftsmen and manufacturers of different ventilation belongings propose to radically make maximum changes of ventilation. This is the other extreme in the organization of the quality of ventilation of the apartment is not required such considerable cost.

Recommended scheme of work ↑

The most simple and affordable way to make the existing scheme of ventilation of the apartment can be effective about the same amount of work:

  1. Installed new devices of ventilation in the apartment. This is the main and only right method to make the flow of fresh air into the room. You can’t take the air to the apartment from the service zones – kitchen, toilet / bathroom, especially from the entrance. In this sense the door to the apartment must provide complete sealing from the outside world.
  2. Bedroom, children’s room – especially room equipped with independent air sources;
  3. In the service premises (this will be the kitchen, bathroom and toilet) if necessary to make the installation of additional equipment forced ventilation. The very system of ventilation channels we don’t touch.
The Council! Any alterations, before making the forced ventilation in the apartment more efficient, start with monitoring the performance of exhaust ventilation. It is possible that the channels do not provide the necessary performance for the removal of air. As the thrust of air in ventilation in the kitchen should be controlled carefully.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

How to make ventilation in the apartment, preparing ↑

To make the testing of exhaust ventilation is easy. Open the window and attach to the lattice of the channel a few strips of plain paper. Under the action of the traction strips are pressed to the bars, which confirms the normal operation.

Otherwise, you should try to make the cleaning of the exhaust channels:

  • Remove the grill and seal the hole with strong plastic film and double-sided construction tape, pasted in the centre of the cross a couple of extra strips of conventional adhesive tape;
  • In the center of the glued tape will make a small hole with a diameter of 20-25mm in the made hole to insert the metal cable, diameter 8mm, with «fluff» end;
  • Pushed the cable to its maximum height and collaborative translational and rotational movements to remove dust and dirt from the walls of the ventilation channel.
  • Vacuuming gather all that will be removed from the walls of the ventilation.

Cleaning of channels have to do «dry», without water and detergent.

The installed system of forced ventilation ↑

Usually the role of the fresh air supply performed gap window frames and doors. After the elimination of drafts will have to find a way to make an additional forced ventilation in the apartment.

The Council! Pay attention to the installation of new plastic Windows in the window opening, with a significant thickness of external walls it is possible to encounter a situation where internal glass is covered with condensation, or even be covered with ice.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

This situation is a symptom of insufficient air movement in areas of condensation. In the summer, this situation is not as common, and in winter commonplace. To make a prediction of the occurrence of such phenomena is very difficult, because often, cracks in old window frames played the role of holes for air flow. In some cases, the wizard, installing new Windows, I propose to make a special device – by-pass valve ventilation. To do this, at the top of the window frame is milled a special valve that allows air to freely enter the premises. In this way air intake eliminates the break-in rain and dust.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

If Windows was already installed without the valve, you can advise for ventilation and demisting Windows to make part of the rubber seal at the top of the window frame removable. If necessary (in heavy rain or wind), fragment of seal can be installed in place than to ensure its normal tightness. But to make reliable such a system difficult. It is unlikely that such rationalization may be deemed reasonable.

Installing a wall ventilation ↑

In homes with brick walls is to use a quite simple and effective scheme of flow of air through a special module. The principle of operation of such a system is simple and convenient. Used as a rule-driven fan devices, allowing you to make the exact amount of charge air, depending on weather conditions and the volume of the room. Thus, you don’t need to calculate and match the performance of the ventilation system of the apartment.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

For installation we need two annular drill, extension cord, nozzle size in wall thickness and an electric rotary hammer or a drill.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

Installation and setup are reduced to the implementation of the holes in the wall and holding the wiring to the module:

  1. Make marking places for holes at a height of about two meters from the floor, preferably not less than half a meter from the window opening or structures on the outer surface of the wall.
  2. The ring drill bit and an extension nozzle to make a hole in the wall. The channel openings shall have a small negative angle of the entry wound on the outer surface of the wall must be lower than output in the room by 2-3cm to 50cm length.
  3. Mark on the wall the line laying wiring from the outlet to the place of installation of the module ventilation. With a punch line wiring should be done in the wall of the channel. Laid out the wiring, leaving the necessary supply of wire at the ends for connecting the switching contacts. Close the channel using the plaster.
  4. With a vacuum cleaner remove dust and dirt, apply adhesive to the inner surface of the punched ventilation channel.
  5. Put insulation and mounted input device module on an exterior wall. Install the internal module of the device, carefully patching up the cracks.
  6. Plug-in forced ventilation for the laid wiring and custom work ventilation.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

Despite the higher price and the need to power such a device of forced ventilation much more efficient, makes no noise, no freezes, keeps dust and consumes power on the order of less than conventional light bulbs.

Work with exhaust ventilation ↑

As a rule of upgrades is sufficient for normal air conditioning and ventilation of the apartment. For a more rational use of heat of exhaust air is increasingly in ventilation systems installs heat exchangers of heat. But installing them requires knowledge and special skills of installation, so in this case, as a rule, resort to professional help.

If there is a need to make the ventilation performance is higher in the grate of the ventilation duct, you can install an exhaust fan with a parallel bypass valve. The fan valve is blocked and the main flow air is exhausted through the diffuser. When you turn off the electric motor such a device works by bypassing the fan, without autorotation, and the additional resistance from the blades.

If you plan to replace in the apartment of the old interior doors with new, for the normal movement of air is necessary in the construction of doors or walls with special bypass valves.

How to make ventilation in the apartment

Attention! For the stable operation of ventilation between the room with the point of the air supply and place the suction device should be no more than two doors.

How to make ventilation in the joint space ↑

Before installing supply and exhaust devices in a large room is required to take into account the specifics of the location place of the main air intake and exhaust system of channels. What kind of ventilation do in the Studio apartment. Schematic arrangement of the system of conditioning and ventilation is not fundamentally different from the usual apartment, but it is worth considering the following:

  • Hole for supplying an air flow into the room to make a distance of 1-1,5 m from the place of primary residence people, sofa, beds, armchairs and a maximum distance from the exhaust channels;
  • To make the air valves on the Windows;
  • For sanitary areas studios should make their own paints, or use one fan unit with ducting taking the air in the area of toilet and kitchen plates.

If the radiators are located at a great distance from the plane Windows, it is necessary to provide a ventilation grille in the window sills, allowing the warm air to freely rise and wrap around the cold glass Windows. This will make the window unit dry and warm.

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